How to Create Positive Air Pressure in Your House

How to Create Positive Air Pressure In Your House

The purpose of positive air pressure is to get quality air. Another purpose is to separate the inside air from the outside air of the house.

But the question is, how to create positive air pressure in your house? I guess you don’t have enough ideas on it. Even if so, then nothing to worry about.

Here you will find a complete and proper guideline on creating positive air pressure. Moreover, you will get a clear concept on this topic.

So, let’s explore the steps of creating positive air pressure in any type of house.


What is Positive Air Pressure?

In a very simple word, the inside air pressure is greater than outside. It maintains the higher pressure in your house than in the outside environment.

You can say that this is the process of air purifying. Because in this process, a polluting or poisonous substance will not enter your house. So your house will remain protected from any kind of contaminants.

However, you have to maintain some steps to create positive air. Moreover, you have to follow some steps to make your house free from contaminants of the environment.

Let’s explore more about it.


How to Create Positive Air Pressure in Your House?

The main reason for positive and negative air pressure is the imbalance between the inside and outside air of your house. You can easily create positive air pressure by sealing airways into or out of the house. But the process can be hard for you.

To make it easy, you can install a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). By installing HRV or ERV, you will be able to create positive air pressure in your house.

Let’s jump to the steps of installing ERV and HRV.


Use a Heat Recovery Ventilator.

To create positive air pressure, you can install a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) in-house. It will help to maintain the humidity level of the house.


Now you can ask how to install an energy recovery ventilator? Let’s describe the process.

  • Fix the location to install the ERV.
  • Shorten the duct if it is needed.
  • Cut your metal ducts and required parts.
  • Join the parts in the metal duct.
  • Create two holes in the exterior wall.
  • Install it perfectly.

It helps to get out warm air from your home and getting in cool air. And your home will be more airtight.


Use an Energy Recovery Ventilator.

The ERV will transfer outgoing air humidity to the incoming air. It will also reduce the load on the air conditioner. The ERV contains two fans. One is for pulling fresh air to the home. And the other is for getting out the moldy air.

On the other hand, it will help you to exchange the air and help you to remove the heat energy from home.

Moreover, the ERV will control the odor, moisture, and ventilation. And your home environment will be comfortable and healthy.


Follow the described processes very carefully to install an energy recovery ventilator in your house.

  • Examine the perfect location to install the energy recovery ventilator. Choose a place that has sufficient stability and strength.
  • Try to install it near the kitchen.
  • Prepare your ERV materials to install.
  • Install the suspension bolts.
  • Fix the duct connecting flange.
  • Install the unit that is free from any external materials.
  • After installing the unit, it is high time to connect the duct.
  • Now examine the working system of ERV.
  • Fix the electricity connection.

Now, your ERV is ready to use. And it will protect your house from the contaminants of the environment. And you will feel like positive air pressure in your house.



Hopefully, the process will help you a lot to create positive air pressure in your house. You can use a monitoring system that will allow you to adjust pressure when necessary. Never forget to maintain your safety while installing the ERV or HRV.

I hope you have a clear concept now on how to create positive air pressure in your house. You can make your house risk-free from condensation by following the described process. And thus you will get controlled and correct airflow.


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