Loft conversion Ideas Low Roof and Small Spaces

Loft conversion ideas

If you have a loft that is not in use then you are so lucky. you are thinking to convert your loft but you don’t have loft conversion ideas on how and where to start from because you are not a developer.

Well. But trust me you can do this very well without hiring a developer.

Another good thing is how much bigger or smaller your loft is, you can easily convert then in the bedroom, bathroom, home office or even a living room. Besides looking for space, you need to look after your budget also and the most important thing is the plan. Without a proper plan, you cannot get this work done. You have to think also where the window will be and the loft must be energy efficient also.

Though it is easy to build, it is a lot of energy and time-consuming task. You must have the patience of a high level to complete the work properly. There are lots of hidden costs of converting a loft. So you have to prepare yourself so that you can bear the cost.

Loft Conversion Ideas: Steps To Follow 

The following steps will help you to decide and convert your loft into a bedroom, dining room,  reading room and so on. Steps that you need before and after your loft conversion. Most of the loft builds in small spaces and need to well decorated to make it liveable and also eco-friendly.

Checking the Compatibility:

You are thinking to convert your loft into a perfect bedroom but after starting work you realize that your loft is not suitable for convert or there may be another reason for stopping your conversion. The first step is to check the compatibility of your loft that it is either convertible or not. Try to keep the minimum of 2.2m head heights to convert the loft.

This height is suitable and perfect for normal height. I am not saying that you cannot convert if the height is less but it needs to upper your loft roof and it will be so costly. Another thing is to remember check if there is any water tanks or any stair or any others then it will cost more and another obstacle. You should keep in mind all these things before start working.

Utilize the Small Space:

Like our living space and home is not the same as others similarly our loft space is not the same. Some people have bigger loft space some have smaller. Suppose your loft is smaller but it doesn’t matter because how can you use the space only that’s matter. You can drive your small space of loft a smaller bedroom, bathroom, dining or reading room whatever you want to.

Openness and Color:

Make sure about the openness of the loft because of a smaller space it will feel bad when you are inside. Make it proper lighting and openness to feel like natural. Without proper air and brightness, you can’t stay a long time in the converted room. Take your time and add one or two windows where the air can pass properly and also use a table fan.

The mirror will work best here to provide reflected light and make the room appear bigger. When it comes about the color you don’t need to think twice to add bright color as white or off white. Feel free to make your room brighter. Overall open window, fan, mirror, and brighter color will create a healthy environment of the room.

Prepare the Design:

Though you can start work anytime when you are able to invest but you cannot get proper work without preparing the design of the loft. You need to prepare a proper plan for the loft design first to last and start working according to this.

You may think about what types of designing plans you should do. Well, you can plan where to put the furniture, basin, table, chair, shelf, and another thing according to space. Preplanning to set up these things will make your work faster.

Make Storage:

You need to make sure that you making storage according to your space. Small rooms are really hard and tricky for conversion. If you are thinking to fill the space full with storage or furniture then it will go to be your great mistake because you need to cut out some extra space from these small space.

When you fill the room with storage then you cannot feel comfortable and you become unstable in a few moments. All you need to apply tricks to get the storage space. You can make storage under your window and use it as a cupboard. On the other hand, beds which are boxed and storage under the bed, table, etc.

Increase Lighting:

Lighting is one of the important facts for the loft conversion. Thus our it is a small place so we need to make the room shiny and brighter. Considering your small loft you may not able to add a table and other bigger furniture but you can use the smaller size and portable also. The daylight plays a significant role in the brightness of the room.

So as I talked earlier about adding windows to the loft will help you to get natural daylight. But if your room fails to get proper daylight and room seems dark then you have to take advantage to an extra bright floor lamp. There are so many floor lamps found which help you to cover the shortage of natural daylight. But you need to do this according to the shape of your room.


Finally, you have learned how you can convert your loft with a suitable environment. With proper planning and design implementation, it will be easier. Though it’ll be a little bit costly for you moving to another place and building a liveable place it will cost huge. So you can bear the conversion cost than moving cost. Enjoy your new converted room and try to use it properly.

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