6 Ideas on How to Decorate Living Room Without Furniture

How to Decorate Living Room Without Furniture


A living room with a small space is always a hassle to decorate. You even cannot decorate your room with enough furniture according to your choice.

However, in this situation, you can utilize the space with some unique decorating ideas where you will not need any furniture, not even a sofa. Now, this might be really confusing, right?

Well, to lessen your struggle, I have come up with a few ideas about how to decorate a living room without furniture. Do not worry, I will explain to you every possible way to get the minimalist look for your room.

How to Decorate Living Room without Furniture: Some Unique Ideas

Are you familiar with the term ‘minimalist’? It refers to the person who likes to keep things simple. You can go for a minimum look to make your living room more attractive and decent.

You really do not have to buy expensive furniture to decorate your living room in a classy way.

Remember, your way of room decoration says a lot about your personality. So, let us not waste any time and look for the best solution of your problem.


Hang a hammock at a corner

The hammock is more like a swing that is made of fabrics or rope. This can be an option to decorate your living room without any sofa because it will bring a bohemian look to your room.

Besides, it can be used for sitting arrangements as well. A hammock can be used for multiple purposes; thus, it can be a good investment.


Floor pillow for your room

Floor pillows are great when it comes to decorating your room in a simpler way. It also brings a cozy and comfortable look to your living room.

Moreover, it can be a replacement for the sofa. You can get thousands of options to choose your desired floor pillow for the room. It comes in different designs and sizes.

You can get yourself one of these floor pillows and spread it over the floor and you are good to go.


Minimal look for your small room

To achieve a minimal look for the living room, you can simply throw away all the furniture you have there. Replace the furniture with small seating arrangements like stools, mattresses, blankets, etc.

You can take help from the internet to get some wonderful arrangement ideas to get the perfect sitting arrangement without including any sofa.


Floor seating like ancient Japanese

The Japanese used to put pillows around a small coffee table for their living room. You can follow them as well.

This sitting arrangement can be troublesome to people who have joint pains or arthritis. Hence, any young adventurous person can go for this look. It is bohemian yet classy looking for any small living room.


Bean bags to the rescue

Bean bags are not only for kids. Thus you can also use this to decorate your living room perfectly. There are many types of bean bags in the market. You can choose any of them according to your choice.

If you want to avoid using any sofa or other furniture because they are not easily movable or changeable, then bean bags are the perfect solution for you.

Bean bags are very cozy and flexible. You can put it anywhere inside your room anytime. Moreover, you can get a minimal look at the room.


DIY recycled tire chair

Recycle tire chair- you heard it right. You can make your own recycled tire chairs for your living room. It will save your space and bring a vintage look to the room.

Basically, to get this tired chair, you will need an old tire, plywood, ropes, and glue. You can look for the tutorials on YouTube. Following the instructions, you can easily make tire chairs for your room.



To decorate your living room without using any furniture is quite a hard job. You have to think of new ways of sitting arrangements for the room as well as how to decorate the room with them.

To reduce your struggle, we have come with this article where you have got the idea about how to decorate living room without furniture. Here, we talked about all the possible ways you can decorate your room with simple sitting arrangements.


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