How to improve balanced sitting posture for healthy back

improve balanced sitting posture

Balance sitting posture is the position that makes you comfortable while you sit in a place on supporting your muscles and weight. When you sit in a place your bone and joints must keep placing correct sitting position to avoid joint or back pain.

Sometimes you can feel yourself that your sitting position is not good enough to adjust your muscle and bones but you have to sit in adversely for a long time study, office or home gaming.

Nowadays there are lots of gaming chairs which are providing several extra opportunities like back and neck cushion, armrest and footrest to make your neck and back adjustable as you want.

These chairs can adjust your body shape easily because they made this chair keeping in mind of long sitters who play the game and read a book or do other things for a long time. It is necessary to use things which make you comfortable.

Proper posture will help you to decrease the unusual wearing of joint surfaces that could result in arthritis. It will also decrease the stress on the ligament bearing the joints of the spine together and also prevent the spine from proper fixed in unusual positions.

There are some steps to improve balanced sitting posture for healthy back:

1. Chair position:

You can just adjust your chair where you are working. If you need footrest and armrest then put it in a comfortable way. It will better if you buy a chair included footrest and armrest. That will help you to not use the extra material with the chair.

2. Back support:

While sitting in any place make sure that there is a support for your back and also try to use a back cushion to the back side that will reduce the chances of back pain. Our muscles are used more efficiently when we use proper posture and that prevent exhaustion and use less energy.

3. Take rest after long time work:

Working for a long time reduces lots of energy and we need to take rest for some while and that will make our blood circulation into normal and muscular pain recovers immediately and increase the strength for working again.

So don’t work simultaneously when your body doesn’t support for work to prevent strain or overuse problems. That will contribute to a good appearance for your body.

4. Try to move after long sitting:

When sitting on a chair you need to sit up your back straight and shoulder back and your fundament should touch the back of the chair. Try to sit at the end of the chair properly. If the chair has a tilt function that will work great as you can adjust your position.

5. Weight distribution:

Distribute your full body weight into several parts like legs, backside, shoulder, neck, and head separately in the chair. If you load your whole body only on your hips or legs then the other parts will start pain and that’s going to very disappointing for you.

7. Sitting position:

Your knees should feet flat on the floor also try to keep your knees level with your hips and you can use a footrest or other stool but don’t cross your legs. Avoid sitting in the same place for more than 30 minutes.

8. Keep your eye level straight:

If you are working with a laptop or desktop always try to put your laptop or desktop at your eye level and this will help you to prevent eye strain.


Hope this information could help people who are suffering from back pain and don’t understand what to do. If the above information does not work to you then try to contact with a good physician as soon as possible.

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