7 Interior Decorating Mistakes You Should Never Do

interior decorating mistakes

No matter how much you try to decorate your home but still it may look imperfect. Are you going through this problem? Well, most of the people do interior decorating mistakes because they just set up their furniture and other accessories without knowing where and how to set them.

Frequently ask yourself whether you have set the accessories to the right place. If your answer is yes then it’s okay.  But still, if it’s not and you feel need some improvement then set them to their desired place. Think about your choice before considering what people will think and don’t copy other people’s decoration idea because your home and furniture’s is not similar to them, just keep in mind.

Believe me, you can also do it much better than they did. You should just apply your own idea. But before that take some idea about how to decorate home.

Interior Decorating Mistakes You Should Never Do.

1. Matching Colors:

Matching color of two or three items is good but when you add more than 3 matching things then it will look odd. For example, if your room wall color is blue, blue tiles and other blue colored accessories will not highlight your room. Try to add different color accessories to make your room eye-catchy.

2. Over-Sized Furniture:

If your room is small and you bring giant furniture then which covers the maximum place of your room then it will not look good to your room. Most of the people want to buy big and costly furniture but after inserting them it does not fit to their room.

So when you are thinking to buy new furniture, plan for it carefully because if it doesn’t suit your room then all of your decoration will go ruin. For example, you can use portable gaming chair instead of a normal chair because gaming chair is easy to move and decorate.

3. Poor Lighting or Too Bright:

You may know that poor lighting cannot highlight your room though if you have decorated other accessories very perfectly. Here poor lighting means using the old lights which stream yellow and dull light or using different color light in a different room also make your room fainted.

On the other hand, too bright lighting in every room is not a good idea because too bright light or too many lights can be blow out your space though not for every space. You can use a floor lamp with a led bulb to get the bright and natural flow of light.

4. Too Much Pattern or Stripes:

Well decorating with the pattern or stripe design accessories such as curtain, area rug, wall, sofa cover or any other item can be best but when you add more than three items with pattern or stripes will make it peculiar look. In case you want to add them try to add in a separate place or different room.

5. Incompatible Artwork:

Sometimes incompatible artwork create an odd situation to the people and it is not so easy to choose suitable artwork for your home. Alongside hanging of the artwork to the suitable wall is also hard. There is a measurement of the artwork should sit and most of the people add in the middle of the wall but you can try a different angle.

6. Blocking the Sunlight and Air:

Blocking natural light and air with your furniture can make your room dull. Natural light is essential to highlight your decoration but sometimes we cover the windows with furniture because of short space or purposely which is a bad habit. Natural air and light will keep your mind and room fresh.

7. Cushion Overload:

A cushion is also part of the decoration for the home but when the cushion overloaded to the sofa can ruin the beauty of your sofa. Most of the people think that cushion and pillows are the same but it is not. You just need to add cushion according to the sofa space and try to add some eye-catchy color cushion that will attract the user.


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