Best Shelf Liner for Under Kitchen Sink – Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Shelf Liner for Under Kitchen Sink

It’s the unorganized under-sink cabinets that hamper the hygiene condition of the kitchen. With undetected leaks, the cabinet turns into a breeding house for mold & mildew. With a shelf liner, it becomes quite easy to deal with the spillage coming out of leaks. Following the installation, it’s possible to avoid an unhealthy kitchen circumstance.

Unfortunately for you, the market is loaded with lots of options. Making a successful purchase may seem quite a difficult task. Right here, we brought 10 best shelf liner for under kitchen sink. Considering a reasonable budget, we reviewed the most reliable ones.

Each of the picks has superior quality to induce a satisfactory performance. Through the best under sink liner, you can certainly maintain a healthy condition.

Let’s check out all the key considerations involved in getting the ultimate gear.

Shelf Liner Name 
Xtreme Mats Under Sink Kitchen Cabinet Mat
Xtreme Mats Under Sink

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Drymate USMC2429 24" x 29" Under The Sink, Premium Shelf Liner
Drymate Under the Sink Liner

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Under the sink mat
Under The Sink Mat

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CONVELIFE under the sink mat
CONVELIFE Under The Sink Mat

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Sensko Under The Sink Mat
Sensko Under The Sink Mat

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Easy Liner Under-the-Sink Liner
Easy Liner Under-the-Sink Liner

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KALASONEER Under The Sink Mat
KALASONEER Under the Sink Mat

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B4Life Under Sink Mat Kitchen Cabinet Liner
B4Life Under Sink Mat

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S&T INC. 512401 Plastic Under Sink Mat
S&T INC. S&T Under Sink Mat

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SthAbt - Premium Under The Sink Mat
SthAbt - Under The Sink Mat

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10 Best Shelf Liner for Under Kitchen Sink

Following the buying guide, you better start looking for the best shelf liner for under kitchen sink. By taking all the important factors into consideration, we made our picks. Start scrolling to reveal the complete review on the best 10 shelf liners within a reasonable budget.

1. Xtreme Mats Under Sink Kitchen Cabinet Mat

Product Description

For dealing with undetected leakage, Xtreme Mats can give the best performance. Containing the leaks, it prevents the moisture from pouring out. The waterproof undersink liner comes with a low-density polyethylene that is quite eco-friendly. It is suitable for cabinets sizing 30-5/8” x 21-7/8” & above.

The construction features rear wall & angled sides to ensure a snugging fit. In case of leakage/spillage, it can hold 2.8-gal liquid at once. You can even install a water sensor following its additional purchase. With multiple textures on the surface, the placed items remain safe over the mat.


  • Proper, snug-fitting under cabinet.
  • Durable, eco-friendly plastic built.
  • Excellent design for water sensors.
  • Pliable mat without VOC/off-gas.
  • Flexible sidewall, textured surface.


  • Not exactly a collecting mat.
  • Labor-intensive installation.

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2. Drymate USMC2429 Under the Sink, Premium Shelf Liner

Product Description

Trapping all under the sink mess, Drymate USMC2429 mat does the job really well. The absorbent mat design gives the utmost protection against spills/leaks. And the mess can’t pass through its waterproof-backed fabric. The premium mat size measures 29” x 24” to initiate a universal fitting.

For a perfect fitting, it’s easy to make cuts using scissors for the polyester. Containing the liquids, the undersink cabinet protector helps to wick away all moisture. The slip-resistant surface retains its placement. Simple scrubbing or machine washing is enough to clean out the dirt off its structure.


  • Easy installation with cuts & no frays.
  • Waterproof backing, highly absorbent.
  • Cleanups with scrubbing or washing.
  • Premium fabric of high-quality polyester.
  • Moist wicking over liquid containment.


  • Folding requires flattening out.
  • Certain issues with proper fitting.

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3. Under The Sink Mat

Product Description

Keeping under the sink dry & clean is simple with the Missstore Mat. Lying beneath, it prevents possible spillage of stain & liquid. The dark color retains an excellent appeal even with lots of dirt. It measures a reasonable 36” x 24” size. Of course, using scissors for cuts can let the mat fit easily.

With the featured fabric layer, the surface absorbs the spillage. Meanwhile, the waterproof back restrains the penetration of liquids. Through a compact structure, it ensures excellent anti-tearing performance. The cleaning of eco-friendly shelf liner requires just a simple water wash or vacuum clean.


  • Great fabric with higher durability.
  • Excellent fitting & reasonable size.
  • Reusable mat over multiple cleanups.
  • Good absorption yet no penetration.
  • No bad smell or toxicity problem.


  • Slightly disproportioning edges.
  • Cutting may seem a bit difficult.

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4. CONVELIFE Under The Sink Mat

Product Description

Protection for the cabinet from gross spills gets at its best with the CONVELIFE mat. The high-end fabric induces a superb layer to deal with the leaked liquids. It ensures no water, smell, toxicity or moist prevails the sink beneath. With a measurement of 36” x 24”, the mat fits most kitchen sink cabinets.

The fabric layer of undersink cabinet mat absorbs all the spilled out liquids. Thanks to the waterproof back, the absorption can’t reach the bottom surface. It’s rather easy to clean the mat with a simple watery wash or vacuum soak. The overall design stands against repeated use for years.


  • Excellent quality, better performance.
  • Darkish outlook without dirty spots.
  • Machine/water wash & vacuum clean.
  • Proper absorption yet no penetration.
  • Durable, eco-friendly fabric design.


  • Certain issues with packaging.
  • Fabric feels somewhat thin.

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5. Sensko Under The Sink Mat

Product Description

With a metal structure, Sensko Mat is well-qualified to handle the spills & leakage. The quality aluminum sheet lets you place it almost anywhere. No obliteration/corrosion; it’s a lifetime solution to messy spills from leakages. With a 15.7” x 196”, it’s possible to place in multiple layers.

Thanks to the thin sheet, it’s easy to wipe out the spills. Also, the under sink metal shelf liner sheet allows making easy cuts to get the required shape. With a metallic texture, there’s no way for the spills to penetrate. The foil comes with self-sticking adhesive property, allowing full sticking to the surface.


  • Metallic texture, durable service.
  • Easy placement & cutting facility.
  • Simple cleaning without hassles.
  • No corrosion or damaging effect.
  • High resistance to temperatures.


  • Foiled sheet is extremely thin.
  • Pores or holes may take place.

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6. Easy Liner Under-the-Sink Liner

Product Description

No more scratch, stain or water damage to experience for the cabinet with Easy Liner. Its white color easily matches the cabinet beneath the sink. The non-adhesive liner induces a great surfacing to trap all the spills. For the 27” x 4’ lining sheet, the pack includes an additional measuring tape.

Its smooth top with no adhesion triggers a quick & simple cleanup. The surface allows easy sliding of different objects. For the back, the bottom is quite gripping to ensure excellent cushioning without glue. Using cold water, it’s possible to wash the waterproof non-adhesive shelf liner in a machine.


  • Great lining cloth of good quality.
  • Extremely smooth upper surface.
  • Gripping bottom for sticky place.
  • Larger size for multiple layering.
  • Proper fitting with included tape.


  • Very thin, not for heavy use.
  • Slight stretch may take place.

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7. KALASONEER Under the Sink Mat

Product Description

Whether it’s the drawer, kitchen sink or normal cabinet, KALASONEER mat can handle all. Through an eco-friendly built, it simply ensures no harmful effect. It comes in the universal size of 36” x 24” for fitting. The compact felt structure of the kitchen sink base protector withstands all the common rigors.

There occurs no spilling out with its highly absorbing top layer. For the back, it’s fully waterproof. Therefore, no penetration of liquid or stain will ever take place. The sheet can go rolling for easy carriage & transportation. Both watering & vacuuming are equally suitable for washing the mat.


  • Excellent durability, quality materials.
  • Anti-tearing & wearable performance.
  • Absorbent upper without spilling out.
  • Watertight back prevents penetration.
  • Repeated usage over regular cleaning.


  • Issues over poor packaging.
  • Top layer is slightly slippery.

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8. B4Life Under Sink Mat Kitchen Cabinet Liner

Product Description

Counting every drop of spillage, B4Life Mat eases your anxiety about cleaning the cabinet. With heavy-duty lining, it comes with a solid, thick built. The absorbent fabric wicks away moisture, taking in liquids & spills. The size measures 22.5” x 34.25” to initiate a custom fit for standard 36” x 24” cabinets.

For the back, the custom fit undersink mat features a waterproof layer to prevent soaking of liquids. The PETG back without adhesives does just fine for a non-slip surface. The felt fabric is quite durable for repeated use over regular washing. Acting as a protector, the rubber border restrains liquid flowing off.


  • Quality fabric with high longevity.
  • Rubber protective striped border.
  • Custom-fit for standard cabinets.
  • PETG backing for waterproofness.
  • Safe absorption up to ½ gallon.


  • Edging seems slightly difficult.
  • Somewhat loose rubber binds.

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9. S&T INC. 512401 S&T Plastic Under Sink Mat

Product Description

It’s no longer difficult to wipe out the spills & clean the surface with S&T INC. mat. The plastic mat lets you enjoy a decent time tackling the leakage/spills. The undersink plastic shelf liner also prevents future cabinet damage triggered by scuffs. Measuring a convenient 24” x 48”, it suits well for larger surfaces.

Its design focused on simplifying the operation while meeting the expectations. There come to no harmful & toxic ingredients to cause health issues. Of course, the thin plastic requires simple scissor cuts to make it fit. Thanks to its water resisting property, the mat is rather easy to clean within seconds.


  • Durable plastic with surface texture.
  • No harmful or polluting ingredients.
  • Extremely simple for cleanup, wash.
  • Zero penetration of liquids or spills.
  • Easy cutting for a custom cabinet fit.


  • Partial soaking may take place.
  • No particular borders on edge.

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10. SthAbt – Premium Under The Sink Mat

Product Description

With high-quality fabric, SthAbt mat certainly gives a collective relief from leak/spill mess. Through moisture wicking, it prevents cabinet damage. The absorbent fabric retrains the growth of mold & mildew. The packed size measures 36” x 24”, allowing universal fitting for most cabinets.

It’s quite easy to trim using scissors, no hassle while installing the premium under sink shelf liner. The waterproof bottom prevents liquid/contamination soaking. For a highly durable material, it withstands against rigors or cleanups. The multipurpose mat can even protect your patio from adverse effects.


  • Premium fabric with a longer lifespan.
  • Absorbing surface for moist wicking.
  • Easy cleaning with water & machine.
  • Watertight layer without penetration.
  • Perfect fitting with simple trimming.


  • Not a perfectly squared edging.
  • Surface color fading may occur.

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Buying Guide for Shelf Liner:

While making the purchase, it’s important to have some certain considerations in mind. There are particular factors contributing to the quality of the best shelf liner for under kitchen sink.

  • Shelf Liner Type:

    There are different types of liners available. You can find specific ones for fridges, kitchen sinks, wire racks & stoves. With material, the classification gets expanded.

There are mats of suitable fabric, sheets of specified plastic or even lightweight metal. It’s important to determine the number of spills you’re about to deal with.

  • Cabinet Décor:

    Apart from saving the cabinet surface, a shelf liner can induce an excellent décor. You can store some cleaning liquids or other bottles/items over there.

With some borders or defined edging, the liner can enhance the overall appeal. It’s better to pick a reasonable color that won’t look dirty with contaminants.

  • Liner Adhesion:

    There are liners with self-adhesive character to act more like a sticker. It’s rather good over slippery surfaces, but repositioning may require tricky means.

For a thicker liner without adhesion, it’s easy to reposition, remove & clean. But it may give some trouble over slippery or very wet cabinet surfaces.

  • Surface Texture:

    It’s important to consider the entire texture, particularly for kitchen sinks. Most of the best-quality liners have an absorbent top with a watertight bottom.

Soft textures can restrain scratching on the surface which harder ones can’t. Based on your intended use, you’ll have to make the choice.


All you need is to take the measurements & match your demands. Without breaking the budget, you can install a durable, fitting & protective surface cover.

Knowing all the best options, you can save time & money as well. By now, it should become a matter of time to get your hands on the best shelf liner for under kitchen sink.

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