Best Bar Stools for Kitchen Island in 2020 – Buying Guide

Best Stools for Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is more like a convenient brunching option for dining rooms. Modern islands now integrate dining tables & even breakfast bars. Counter-height seating becomes an essential part to enjoy the time there. Apart from a comforting feel, you can add up the modern kitchen décor.

You’re going to need a number of stools to accomplish the lovable purpose. But finding the right stool for an indoor kitchen is more difficult than it may sound. There are lots of options with immense varieties to mess with your purchase. But not anymore. You can easily pick the best stools for kitchen island from here.

Stool Name 
AmazonBasics Classic Solid Wood Saddle-Seat Counter Stool
AmazonBasics Classic Counter Stool

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Angel Line Cambridge bar stools
Angel Line Cambridge Bar Stools

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Linon Home Decor Keira Folding Counter Stool
Linon Home Decor Counter Stool

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Homall Modern PU Leather Adjustable Swivel Barstools
Homall Modern Swivel Barstools

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Winsome 24-Inch Square Leg Counter Stool
Winsome 24-Inch Counter Stool

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Leopard Shell Back Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools
Leopard Shell Back Bar Stools

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Furmax Bar Stools Modern Pu Leather Swivel Adjustable Hydraulic Bar Stool
Furmax Modern Hydraulic Bar Stool

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7 Best Bar Stools for Kitchen Island Reviews

Now you know what to look for while buying stools. It preferably concerns with your personal comfort & interior décor. The right one can add up the overall value of your kitchen. Let’s get into the detailed review on kitchen island with stools underneath.


1. AmazonBasics Classic Solid Wood Saddle-Seat Counter Stool

AmazonBasics Classic Solid Wood Saddle-Seat Counter Stool

Add a perfect touch of casual sophistication to the kitchen island. AmazonBasics comes with the ultimate stool set to match nay counter-height surface.

Solid wood construction for the backless counter height stools allows a variety of finishes. Of course, the built boasts one A-frame design through steady square legs.

Contoured wide top surface with uniform distribution induces outstanding comfort every time. Even prolonged seating won’t get you any painful strain on the back.

You can easily maintain a physical balance using the 24” sized black stool. The heavy-duty structure can withstand up to 220 pounds of weight.

Its timeless appeal is ready to fit any classic & modern interior décor. The saddle-seat pack includes a pair of Foot Plate to grow your confidence.


  • Stable metal footrests.
  • Invaluable classic design.
  • Simple stool assembly.
  • Even weight allocation.


  • Metal plate corrosion.

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2. Angel Line Cambridge Bar Stools

Angel Line Cambridge bar stools

Adorn the kitchen island through a sophisticated stool with its practical design. Angle Line gets you the ultimate set to match the kitchen décor.

The whole appeal seems incredibly satisfactory from its top to bottom. There are several color variations available to match your preference.

It contains a pair of 24” sized stool to fit your available counter space. Though the name suggests bar use, you can use it for any high-top table.

Each stool comes with a greyish upholstery towards a comfortable seating. The soft cushion inside lets you enjoy the meal without causing back pain.

Assembly remains simple enough for anyone familiar to the basic mechanics. Just use a clean damp cloth to wipe out all the aggregated dirt.


  • Nail trimming for head.
  • Durable wood structure.
  • Balancing back support.
  • Easy maintenance task.


  • Weak upholstery stitches.

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3. Linon Home Decor Keira Folding Counter Stool

Linon Home Decor Keira Pad Back Folding Counter Stool

Stylish seating with folding convenience is available through kitchen island ideas with stools. Linon Home Décor introduces one classic but highly practical option right here.

Rich, premium espresso finishing throughout the surfaces imparts an incredible outlook. It’s standard 24” size can cover the counter spaces with elegance & beauty.

Wooden structure comes with stabilizing support on front & back. Again, weight capacity measures a whopping 250 pounds for the wood.

The featured seat includes soft vinyl padding to enable superb seating comfort. All you need is one damp cloth to keep the upholstery functional & clean.

Collapsible folding lets you store the system for freeing up kitchen spaces. Fully assembled construction definitely saves you the hassle of putting together.


  • Durable vinyl upholstery.
  • Premium espresso wood.
  • Foldable storage facility.
  • Excellent weight balance.


  • Quite limited foldability.

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4. Homall Modern PU Leather Adjustable Swivel Barstools

Homall Modern PU Leather Adjustable Swivel Barstools

Dense sponge is to hold your back by the side of kitchen island. Homall brings in one state-of-the-art premium barstool to meet the needs.

Commercial PU leather surfacing imparts a great value for the brilliant structure. Its definite class of style from head to toe accentuates the interior décor vibrancy.

Functional quadrate cushioning can help you back to recover from long-term strain. Even the bonded leather takes part in skin protection over prolonged seating.

Seating upholstery includes extra thick sponge towards excellent breathability. A boxed pattern for the padded seat encourages the appeal unlike any other.

The mechanism lets you enjoy a full 360° swivel for better accessibility. Meanwhile, the durable frame can hold up to 280 pounds of weight with ease.


  • High-quality leather surface.
  • Extra padding for easy seating.
  • Incredible holding capacity.
  • Customizable pneumatic pole.


  • Metal finish may peel off.

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5. Winsome 24-Inch Square Leg Counter Stool

Winsome 24-Inch Square Leg Counter Stool

Enjoy your favorite meals on the kitchen island with an extended seating space. Winsome comes with one particular set of stools to fulfill your desire.

Classic design features a rounded solid top without any padded upholstery. In fact, a complete wood framework initiates excellent beauty along with unrivaled quality.

The stylish black exterior is ready to match the whole kitchen décor. Simple yet incredibly practical measurements get you some extra holding space.

One package includes one homogeneous pair to occupy counter height tables. Not to mention, the structure is specifically suitable for indoor uses only.

Fully assembled arrival eliminates all the hassles involving time wastage. You just have to get the comfortable stools for kitchen island out & put into position.


  • Throughout wood frame.
  • Premium black finishing.
  • Stable bottom square leg.
  • Full 12 rounded top seat.


  • No padding or cushioning.

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6. Leopard Shell Back Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools

Leopard Shell Back Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools

Get the ultimate sitting experience through the stool on kitchen island. Leopard promises to amaze you with its seat from the very beginning.

The appeal seems more like a premium commercial chair with a metal outlook. Stylish frame design initiates superior elegance for any passionate kitchen enthusiast.

Its seat along with the backing portion includes extended padding upholstery. You’re guaranteed to have optimum convenience with unrivaled comfort all along.

Usability remains incredibly wide here, ranging from household to commercial bars applications. Lots of colorful choices let you match the existing décor perfectly.

Likewise, each pack includes a pair. But you’ll have to assemble the frame by yourself. Thanks to the simple design mechanism, it merely takes some minutes for the task.


  • Airlifting height adjustment.
  • Metal base with chrome finish.
  • High-quality PU leathered seat.
  • Built-in swiveling mechanism.


  • Metal may catch rusts.

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7. Furmax Modern Pu Leather Hydraulic Bar Stool

Furmax Bar Stools Modern Pu Leather Swivel Adjustable Hydraulic Bar Stool

Let the appeal take care of your back & kitchen décor at once. Furmax pushes the possible limit of best counter stools for white kitchen right here.

Modern design with an advanced mechanism delivers unsurpassed excellent from every aspect. From the head to toe, each targeted stool represents a heavenly appearance.

Foamed cushion comes with leatherette cover to ensure maximum user comfort. Uppermost leather surface prevents damaging facts to initiate further durability.

The built-in swiveling stool lets you access the surrounding over a 360° rotation. Aside from the gas lifting action, there is one mid-backrest to promote its suitability.

Chrome finish over metal framework easily fits into any existing contemporary design. Thanks to detailed instruction, you can complete its assembly within 20 minutes.


  • Durable leather-foam combo.
  • Unique white throughout look.
  • Enjoyable sitting experience.
  • Stable structure of metal core.


  • Leather easily catches stain.

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Buying Guide – Kitchen Island Stools

It’s not easy to choose the ultimate one among the overwhelming number of options. And you’ll have to pay attention when it concerns with elegance & service. Following key considerations can help you to narrow down the list. The facts will lead you to find the best stool for kitchen island easily.

  • Dimension

You’ll have to determine the required size for stool. The measurement mostly focuses on height or vertical length. You can rely on standard 24” stools to satisfy the average adult physique.

  • Appeal

One essential fact is the matching outlook. Take the kitchen as well as island appearance into account. Try to choose something that seems simple yet looks outstanding.

  • Material

Almost all residential stools feature wooden construction. There are certain models with steel or metal frame. For strictly kitchen island use, you should get wood than anything else.

  • Seat

Wide seating surface is preferable for balancing back support. And there are stools with padded/cushioned upholstery. You’re free to make the choice based on personal preference.

  • Backing

There are stools with & without solid backrest option. If you want to relax sometime or take a rest, it’s better to get one having backrest. Otherwise, the top seating surface should get the job done.

  • Usability

You can manage stools to use literally anywhere. But you need to choose something designed for indoor use only. Outlook, durability & budget – everything meets the pace right there.



The simple furniture can encourage overall functionality for your kitchen activities. You can even take some rest from meal prep over tiredness.

Only the best stools for Kitchen Island can meet the satisfaction from your intended perspective. And its excellent service is definitely worth a roll.


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