5 Best Oven Gloves with Fingers for Small Hands in 2023 (Buying Guide)

Best Oven Gloves with Fingers for Small Hands

Several injuries like burning are the most common thing that happens in our kitchen. And here, oven gloves are the savior to protect your hands from burning while carrying anything hot from the oven.

For your hand safety, there are many types of oven mitts with different colors and quality that are available in the market. But among so many options, getting the best oven gloves with fingers for small hands is quite difficult.

However, after going through several kinds of research, we are reviewing the top 5 oven mitts for small fingers. And here we are going to provide you some details to consider before buying a pair of oven gloves.


5 Best Oven Gloves with Fingers for Small Hands

If you have small fingers, there is more chance to get burnt while cooking. Hence, to make your cooking more enjoyable and safe, we are reviewing the top 5 small oven safety gloves.

Here we go!


1. RAPICCA 14 Inches Mitts for Oven

RAPICCA 14 Inches,662℉,Leather Forge/Mig/Stick Welding Gloves Heat/Fire Resistant, Mitts for Oven

To give ultra protection to your hand, RAPICCA mitts come with the high-end quality that guarantees to withstand any temperature up to 350℃. In fact, its soft cotton lining provides extra protection and best for gripping any hot material.

The 14-inch oven mitts are perfectly suitable if you have small hands. Moreover, the additional 5.5-inch length will surely give protection to your forearms from hot flames, coal, and sparks. Thus, you will definitely feel safe and secured when doing welding jobs.

The high heat resistant oven gloves with fingers are designed with reinforced double layer wing thumb to handle any types of high heat risky jobs.

For doing any types of risky home tasks, fireplace, grilling, camp firing, BBQ, and others, you can put your trust in RAPICCA 14 inch mitts.


  • Extreme protection against high heat
  • Soft and flexible
  • Secured up to forearms
  • Long-lasting
  • Includes leather hanging loops


  • Not suitable for machine wash

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2. Ove Glove, Heat Resistant, Hot Surface Handler Oven Mitt

Ove Glove Hot Surface Handler Oven Mitt Glove

If you really need a pair of oven mitts to open a hot plate or to pull out a tray quickly, just go with ‘Ove’ Glove without any second thought. The design and quality are so premium that it gives outstanding protection to the first blast of steam.

This pair of oven mitts are made with kevlar materials that can handle heat up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, if you are looking for durable heat-resistant gloves, certainly it is the best oven mitts 500 degrees.

 These oven mitts are designed with five-finger flexibility that can be worn by both left and right hands. Furthermore, it is ideal for anyone who has small size hands.

Its flexibility, build quality and high flame resistivity is definitely worth buying.


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Forms thermal isolation barrier
  • Includes silicon non-slip grip


  • Cannot handle extreme heat
  • Thin gloves

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3.  932°F Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Oven Safety Gloves

932°F Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Oven Safety Gloves

These small oven gloves with fingers come with shell material along with high resistance aramid fibres that aim in protecting your hands from any kind of hot object. The cotton and polyester lining of the inner side will make you feel super comfortable.

If you are worrying about whether it can fit in your small fingers, don’t worry. The size and length of the oven mitts are perfect for small fingers. For BBQ, baking, grilling, oven work, carrying hot objects you can easily use this pair of oven gloves at any time.

You will be surprised knowing that these simple safety gloves can handle heat up to 932°F. Amazing! Right? Hence, for any kind of high heat cooking, these safety gloves can be a lifesaver in your cooking environment.


  • Withstand extreme heat up to 932°F
  • Superb grip
  • Convenient and skin-friendly
  • Easy to wash
  • Multi-purpose


  • Not so long

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4. BIG RED HOUSE Oven Mitts


Are you searching for a pair of oven mitts that will give you more than protecting your hand? Well, check out BIG RED HOUSE oven gloves that come with top-notch quality and design.

The 12.5-inch length is enough to protect your small forearm and wrist with the highest heat protection. Besides, the gloves are designed with silicon stripping, making it possible to hold any hot objects securely.

Surely, it satisfies the consumers who are looking for a pair of oven mitts small hands. Also, the build materials of the mitts make them comfortable and easy to use.

So, for convenient use, if you are looking for something affordable without sacrificing your safety, you can’t get better than RED BIG HOUSE mitts.


  • BPA free mitts
  • High build quality
  • Different color options
  • Includes non-slip lines
  • Good in length


  • Damaged when used in water

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5. XLNT Extra Long Oven Mitts

 XLNT Extra Long Oven Mitts

To handle all the kitchen work with your small hands, XLNT oven mitts will never let you down. Additionally, it is textured with premium silicon that offers a strong grip and easily fits in small hands.

These Teflon insulated oven mitts will definitely satisfy you with its durability and longevity. Aside, the ample length will cover your hands up to your wrist. Therefore, whether you’re using oven mitts for your restaurant or home kitchen, these double oven gloves for small hands will serve all your purpose.

With the premium design and textured pattern, these safety gloves will let you control the hot plates without any difficulty.  And the silicon surface makes the gloves water-resistant which ensures that your hands are dry and safe.

So, choose XLNT extra long oven mitts for getting high-end quality mitts that will last long.


  • Non-slip traction
  • Comfortable inner
  • Metal ring for hanging
  • Extra-long for full coverage


  • One side silicon layer
  • Might have sewing defect

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Buying guide- 5 Best Oven Gloves with Fingers for Small Hands

 To make the proper use of your money, it’s necessary that you purchase the right safety glove that is suitable and long-lasting. However, the following guide will help you to know the necessary facts before purchasing a pair of gloves.

  • Size:

Just imagine your mitts don’t match your hand’s size and the hot plates may slip while carrying. So, it’s crucial to match the size of your hand and mitts.

  • Material:

The quality of material determines the heat resistivity of the mitts. Silicon has a better ability to resist heat than rubber. So, make sure you choose the right oven mitts for you.

  • Durability:

If the oven mitts get useless just after one wash, it’s totally not worth it. So, be careful and try to buy a strong and long-lasting mitt for your kitchen.



After a long discussion, we are at the end now. To find the best oven gloves with fingers for small hands might be very challenging. But hopefully, our 5 top picks haven’t disappointed you.

Think about the size, material, design, pros, cons, and for which purpose you’re using the safety gloves. Therefore, buy a pair of oven mitts that meet all your needs.

Be safe and enjoy your cooking.

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