How to Make Fabric Stain Resistant and Waterproof in Simple Way

How to Make Fabric Stain Resistant

Are you searching for how to make fabric stain-resistant? Then stay with us till the end we are going to explore the topic.

You need it to keep your furniture safe from any kind of stain, especially fabric furniture that has a chance to get dirty soon.

Here are some good tips to keep your furniture safe from stains. Moreover, you will get some good ideas on how to make your sofa or futon look good.

By following described steps, you can even get comfortable and stain-free furniture in your house or office. Let’s explore more.


What is Fabric Stain-Resistant?

Generally, fabric stain resistance means preventing liquid from the furniture. It can be held by using the natural substance of different fibers. On the other hand, some effective stain-resistant coatings can be applied to accomplish it.

A fabric stain resistant never loses its original colors. It is comfortable to use. Moreover, it is looking very good.


How To Make Fabric Stain Resistant

Stain-resistant fabric is very easy to say. Making a fabric stain resistant is not an easy job at all. But if you follow a complete and well-arranged process, you will get comfortable and stain-free upholstery.

However, here are some useful stain-resistant coatings that will be helpful for you.


  • Choose a Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic or polyester fabric is more useful compared with other fabrics. That’s because the synthetic fabric is easy to wash. Moreover, it is naturally resisting stains.

So if you want to keep your futon or sofa safe from stains, you can choose one that is made from synthetic fabrics.


  • Choose a Microfiber

Microfiber is also made from synthetic materials. So it is very soft and comfortable to use. The liquid becomes drops when it falls in the microfiber.

So microfiber materials or furniture can be used instead of cotton fabrics.


  • Choose Deeper Colors

When buying a piece of furniture or upholstery, try to choose one which contains a deep color. It will hide your unwanted stains.

Dark-colored materials are safer than light-colored ones. Because it remains the blur’s secret. If you are highly interested in light-colored upholstery, then you can buy patterned pieces. It is also useful to keep the stains secret.


  • Use a Fabric Protection

Fabric protection is helpful to keep your fabric materials free from stains. It can provide high-performance stain protection. Here protection can be permanent stain treatment or non-permanent spray. Both are essential for fabric protection.

So you can use a permanent treatment for your fabric furniture. Besides, you can use the spray when your furniture will be ugly.


  • Clean Your Furniture Regularly

Either it is cotton fabric or synthetic fabric, regularly washing is very important. Another important matter is, wash your fabric materials as early as possible when it comes to spills.

When a stain becomes permanent, it is too difficult to remove it. Permanent stains will make your upholstery or furniture very nasty. You will never feel comfortable using it.

So, the best option is to clean your fabrics regularly.


  • Maintain Your Furniture Tags

Furniture tags are a very important matter you have to keep in mind. Furniture tags are some rules and regulations or instructions which recommend what have to do and what have to avoid.

Each piece of furniture or upholstery has its tags. You have to maintain it very strictly. Because it will provide you better performance for a long time.



If you follow the above-mentioned process perfectly, your furniture will be non-toxic, stain-free, comfortable, and safe.

I hope you have a clear concept now on how to make fabric stain resistant. Now it is your turn. Follow these steps and get a stain-free fabric.

Good luck!

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