What Causes High Humidity in a House – Everything You Should Know

what Causes High Humidity in a House

The present amount of water vapor or moisture of the air inside your house is termed as indoor humidity. It’s ideal to keep the humidity level between 30%-50% in order to maintain a normal atmosphere.

Apparently, it is the root cause of a problematic air condition of your residence. Indoor humidity is the fact that we all try to get rid of as it causes many serious health issues including, asthma, itchy eyes, skin problems, allergies, etc.

Also, problems like growing mold, condensation on window glasses, wet wall spot, damaged wall, bugs, and many more issues can be created if your house contains high humidity.

Does your house consist of high humidity? No worries we are here to let you know what causes high humidity in a house. Knowing what brings the problem can help you to get rid of the problem. Let’s dive in.

The Reasons Behind Indoor High Humidity

  • Cooking

Yes, the very regular task ‘cooking’ can raise the humidity level if you aren’t careful. It’s a must to open your kitchen window and vents while cooking and even after you are done with it.

If you cook with a closed window and keep no space to pass the air outside, the air inside will collect more water vapor produced by the food and in this way, it will raise the humidity level seriously that will affect the entire indoor atmosphere in a while.

  • Shower

Who doesn’t like a hot shower or a steam bath? But if you are going for this every other day you must know this is a reason your house has high humidity. Especially, if your bathroom and bedroom share the same wall you will find a wet wall spot and wall paint damage soon.

When you take a hot shower, normally you do not open up the vent and that is how the water vapor remains inside and increases the humidity level and soon affects the wall, glass and other stuff in your bathroom.

Moreover, when you open the bathroom door the water vapor enters your room and affects the atmosphere over there.

  • Pipe Leakage

It’s important to check if there is any pipe leakage. Especially, in the water source rooms because this can be a reason for high humidity as well. Long term water leakage can damage the wall and also is a leading cause of growing molds.

The air around your room will soak leaked water in the day time and this is how it welcomes the humidity problem. In admission, the left unsoaked water will grow molds the carrier of harmful germs.

  • Poor Ventilation System

Not only to prevent the high humidity but to improve the indoor air quality maintaining a good ventilation system is strongly necessary.

We do so many works at home that produce water vapor and increases the moisture level in the air but just by opening a window once a day and keeping an eye on proper ventilation can sort out the problem of high indoor humidity and poor air quality as well. Let the air inside out and welcome the fresh air every day for a healthy indoor atmosphere.

  • Drying Laundry

Many of us prefer drying clothes inside and when you do so for a long time the air of your drying laundry room increase the humidity level.

Because a wet cloth contains a lot of water that need much air to get dried. Except that, using machines like- coffee makers, water boiling machine, hairdryer and anything that produce water vapor causes high humidity in the air.

  • Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a very good idea to improve the air quality inside but if you plant a lot of them know that these plants are increasing the humidity level of your house.

Plants release moisture and the air around receive them. And that is how the level of humidity increases. In addition, when you water the plants they also cause humid air.


We have known so many major causes of high humidity inside the house by now. In fact, many of us didn’t even have any idea that these very common activities are responsible for the humid air.

Are you one of them? If you are, hope now you can easily fix the high humidity problem. There are lots of clocks that show the temperature and humidity amount in the room to measure the humidity that cuts adding of extra device expenses.

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