How to make your dark room brighter

make darkroom brighter

If you want to make your dark room brighter then you must think to do it naturally. Bright room much depends on the place the home build in, right? Yes exactly. If your home placed in an open place then the sunlight will direct light up your home. But it’s quite hard to find such types of place and if found it will be so costly. Because most of the places are overcrowded and people are increasing rapidly and homes are building around each other. So it’s hard to find a better place for a brighter home.

There are several things to make your dark room brighter:

1. Use white or bright colored furniture:

The furniture is the main thing that a home needs to decorate. So the furniture must white color rather than dark to make your dark room brighter. Because white color will show up this furniture and make your room bright and also use an off-white area rug to focus the selected furniture.

2. Try to keep high and lengthy item away from the window:

If there is any plant, bookshelf, rack or any furniture that is blocking your natural light coming from the window you must move them from the window. That will enable natural lights to enter the house and make your house natural bright.

3. Bright bulbs:

There are plenty of lamps which are offering bright lighting. Your house needs a bright floor lamp which will transform your room natural bright look. White LED bulbs will maximize brightness coming from the lamp.

4. Add some mirror to across the window:

Mirrors make a reflection of the sunlight and also make your room appear larger. So try to keep some mirrors across to the window of the room to make your room brighter and double the light power. Mirror will also make your room to larger look.

5. Use bright and heavy curtains:

The thick and Ivory curtain will make your room dark. So use a white curtain to make your dark room brighter and believe me it will work.

6. Use bright color paint:

If your home painted with dark color, it will give you dark feel. Try to use light color as white, off-white or light gray color to make your room brighter.

7. Trim the trees outside of the window:

If there is any tree or bushes outside of your room try to trim/prune the tree. Make sure the sunlight direct reach to your home without any obstacle. Because sunlight is the natural source to make your room bright than artificial look.

8. Clean your window:

Simply try to clean your window regularly because everyday dust accumulation will decrease the lighting power slowly. The fewer amounts of dust and dirt will create more sunshine to your room.

9. Be considerate for painting:

Painting is an art which will increase the room beauty. Put your large art in a room that is not short in the light. Cover walls with painting where absorb little sunlight streaming on your room rather than reflect it.

10. Try to exchange the position of your furniture:

When you exchange your one furniture with another one this will make your room new look and your family member will be satisfied also. Though it is easy to say need to hard work but it will definitely work.

11. Paint your older wooden furniture:

It is necessary to paint your older furniture because after using their paint got damaged and became ugly look. By painting, this will make your older furniture to newer look. You can also replace with new one you have the budget.

12. Use small furniture:

Always try to use small furniture if possible. There is a lot of small furniture updating regularly and also there are many foldable materials. When you use small furniture like chair, table or sofa you can bring that or fold them up.


Hope above information will help you to make your dark room brighter. Try to keep your and floor and window clean regularly. That will give extra shine to your dark room.

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