10 Best Bright Floor Lamps of 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Best bright floor lamp

Choosing the best bright floor lamp is challenging but the most challenging is to trust a lamp you never used before. You probably one of them who wants to make their home and room bright no matter how much effort it needs and the good thing is you can easily do so.

The best floor lamp buying decision is important because it is connected with your home décor and also you can impress your guest. A lamp also creates a new atmosphere in your room and offers you strong bright light to the entire room to focus on your task.

You really don’t need to think about the space to set the floor lamp because it is very easy to fit any corner or back of your sofa, foyer or table. In a room, a floor lamp can set for several purposes. The first one is to add more light to the room for a better view.

Wall light may seem so bright and hard when watching TV or reading a book, so it will be better if you have a floor lamp to adjust its brightness according to your task. The best floor lamp with an attractive shade can help frame couch or enlighten a dull corner of the room. A shaded lamp will diffuse the light power at eye level while rotate light upside or downside.

Types of Best Floor Lamp to Light a Room:

You may get confused while you select the lamp for the first time and you really don’t know how good or bad the lamp is. But when someone recommends you some lamp that they used before and satisfied then you will feel free to buy the lamp. Trust it happen with me so many times while buying something important. Take a look shortly the types of floor lamp:

  • Classic Lamp:

The classic floor lamp has a single setting directly above the pole, and it’s also a common lamp that people use. This type of lamp gives sharpness in lighting if a lampshade is added.

  • Arch / Adjustable Lamp:

Arch or adjustable floor lamp means the position of the light can rotate to your desired place. This type of lamp got curved pole which is

  • Tree Lamp:

The tree style floor lamp is a new design that has a single pole that leads to different small branch poles and each of them contains light fixtures. In the tree style lamp light can be separately controlled and the curve can be moved.

  • Torchiere Floor Lamp:

The floor lamp provides light to the upward and defuses the light through its bowl shaped shade and also enhances the rooms ambient light.

Selecting the Best Bright Floor Lamp :

Selecting a good floor lamp is easy to process if you know how to use them and their features. You need to get a good floor lamp with perfect brightness and color temperature to create the desired effects and also the light should also energy saving. There are several things need to consider before choosing a floor lamp. These are:

  • The Height of the Lamp:

Good lamp flow brightness across the room when its height is much longer. If its stand is smaller then it will serve brightness to the specific area and that is good for the reading. So it depends on you what type of lamps you need. But it’s not necessary always that all taller lamp covers the whole room, not all. It will depend on the brightness and lighting capacity of the lamp.

  • The Base of the Lamp:

The base of the lamp is the most important part because a lamp with a wider base will stand stronger than the smaller base. There are several bases found in the market like glass, wood, metal, and steel and more. If the base of the lamp is wider then your child and the animal cannot move the lamp from the place and it will stand strong.

  • Lampshade:

Though some modern floor lamp doesn’t use lampshade, you can also add custom shade with different color and design. The lamp shade also decreases the strength of the light as it shades your eyes from the light bulb. Lampshade helps the lamp to provide brightness to the focused area otherwise the light will be spread out.

  • Structure of the Lamp:

The structure of a lamp usually carries a different thing like pole, socket, and The finishing of the lamp should be pure. If the pole, socket, and base are not strong then it could be dangerous for the user. So always check out the lamp if it is built with strong and good quality cable and socket.

  • Energy Saving:

Sometimes we need to use lamp continuously long time because of dull weather or windowless room and energy saving lamp will help to reduce the electricity consumption of a home. Most of the floor lamp found now are operated with an LED bulb which is energy saving. There are so many ways we can save energy.

  • Slim and Lightweight:

Most of the floor lamp found in the present is slim and lightweight than the traditional lamp. Slim and lightweight lamps are easy to carry and move from one place to another. But you need to keep in mind that the base of the lamp should be strong enough to settle in a place otherwise it will fall while tilting. On the other hand, a slim lamp takes smaller spaces which is good for the small space house.

best floor lamp to light a room

Review of The 10 Best Bright Floor Lamps:

  1. Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp.
  2. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp.
  3. Revel Akira Light Arc Floor Lamp.
  4. Brightech Madison Bedside Table with LED Floor Lamp.
  5. Stone & Beam Deco Black Metal Floor Lamp.
  6. Lavish Home Sunlight Floor Lamp.
  7. Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp.
  8. Simple Designs SVL Floor Lamp.
  9. Boston Harbor 3 Light Tree Lamp.
  10. Brightech Maxwell – LED Shelf Floor Lamp.


1. Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp.

Brightech Litespan Led lamp is one of the best modern floor lamps. This lamp has a cool white light that contains minute color contrast with 6,000k. The lamp is good for reading, sewing, cutting cloth, art, craft and any other work it will always support you.

This LED lamp is easily moveable so you can keep this lamp anywhere of the house such as the backside of the sofa or any corner of the room as you want them. The light can generate 6000k natural daylight spectrum bright white light which output is 2,000 lumen.

This bright lamp has 12-watt power saving super led light which has a 20-year life that you don’t need to replace it. You are getting energy saving opportunities so it won’t produce much heat.

The LED light remains cool though after long time uses. So these will avoid the brush burn or overheating of light or wire. This bright floor lamp can be also used in the office and there are 5 colors and that adds a nice touch so you will concentrate on any kind of work. The night light setting will provide you orange glow to keep your mood on.

You can adjust the gooseneck where you will work because it’s angle is flexible up and down or side to side. The light range adjustable high to low and also dimmable. The lamp is safe for the kids because the base of the lamp is heavy and study for the kids because they can’t knock over them so easily.

Weight 11.6 pounds, Assembled height is 61 inches, length 10.25 inches, and width 9 inches. Voltage 110 volt, steel material used. Luminous flux is 2000 lm, wattage is 12 watts, bulb type LED.


  • Energy saving lifelong LED bulb.
  • Natural brightness.
  • The adjustable light range is high to low.
  • Minute color contrast with 6,000k.
  • 3 years warranty.


  • Some user complained that the bulb got damaged after using a few


2. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp.

Brightech Sky LED light is one kind of mood and task light. You can use this best floor lamps for bright light both home and office purposes. It has dimmable super brightness to 30 watts LED which is equal to 200-watt incandescent. Brightech Sky stands upright to solve your home and office darkness problems.

It has an integrated LED which generates 1660 lumens and blazes bright only to the lighting needed in your bedroom, living room, children’s room, craft room or your office. You can turn the power on and off easily because it has a touch switch and dim with a built-in dimmer.

Provides warm light in your home or office and its heads easily move to shine in any direction according to your needs. The light included with the lamp is energy saving like fluorescent, compact fluorescent which life is 20 years, so you don’t need to replace the light. The color of the light is 3,000k warm white light.

The LED will remain always cool and never overheat and cool to the touch that’s why it will not burn you when you touch it to reposition the light. This lamp is one of the safe and last longer bulbs in the market.

Weight 8.9 pounds and the dimension is 10 x 10 x 63 inches. Assembled height is 63 inches, the length is 10 inches and the weight is 10 inches. The material used is metal and the voltage is 110 volts. Light direction up light, the power source is corded electric and switch style is touch.


  • Reasonable price.
  • The lamp produces lots of brightness and its energy saving.
  • Nice looking and stylish lamp.
  • Touch buttons.


  • Some user complained that switch gets damage soon.


3. Revel Akira Light Arc Floor Lamp.

Revel Akira is a modern arc floor lamp that has an elegant bronze finish and three beige sown burlap drum shades. This lamp is easy to operate with its four-way switch which allows for optimal dimming ability.

There is plenty of similar product exist on the market but this bright floor lamp is UL listed that allow you to enjoy this product with the comfort of mind and they are really concerned about your safety first. UL means Underwriters Laboratory which is the world’s largest and respected consumer safety organization to check and test the product before consumer purchase.

This is the best floor lamp for living room, bedroom, kitchens, dining rooms, offices, foyers, kid’s playroom, and entryways. The 3 light used in the lamp charms your home with its warm lighting. It includes a mechanical rotary knob/switch on the pole that will make 4 ways of lighting to optimize dimming preferences.

The lamps dimmer, wall switch, timer and smart plug compatible for the room. Used LED, CFL or up to 100W traditional incandescent bulbs which are sold separately. You can brighten up your favorite décor with this tall and elegant fixture. The weight of the lamp 25 pounds and wattage power 100 watts.


  • The light has dimmer brightness high to low.
  • Makes your room to the modern look and focus on your desired place.
  • 4 way light switch.


4. Brightech Madison Bedside Table with Floor Lamp.

Brightech Madison floor lamp is one of the fashionable floor lamps with a modern touch. Moreover, the floor lamp is attached to a side table and you cannot separate the table from the lamp.

The lamp has two USB ports with this you can charge your mobile devices or plugin with your computer. The standing lamp and shelve has got the modern look that you can display any of your favorite things like vases, art, Images, black and white pattern or rustic Havana brown and diameter of the table is 12 inches.

This lamp works with a smart outlet which is Alexa, Google Home Assistant or Apple HomeKit enabled to turn on and off (Requires smart outlet separately sold). You can put this lamp beside a couch or reading chair. It is a small size and fits in any tight space such as narrow guest bedrooms, hallways, small offices or any other small places which space is not enough the lamp will fit there.

You can use this as 2 in 1 lamp as well as a mini table also. It is one of the secret designs that make Asian design popular because of saving space. The lamp includes 20,000 hours LED bulb which is 9.5 watt LED bulb equal to 60-watt luminous offering 800 lumens of warm white (3000k) light with the E26 base.

The bulb will last 20,000 hours which is about to 20 years with 3 hours of use per day. The LED bulb is energy saving and no heat produced. The bulb used is not dimmable. The lamps weight 21 pounds and the dimension is 18x18x56.4 inches. The voltage is 120 volts and the wattage is 9.50.


  • Affordable price.
  • 2 in 1 features a mini table with a lamp.
  • Two USB ports to charge a mobile or use a computer.
  • An LED bulb with 20 years life.


  • Some users complained that the quality of the lamp is not good.


5. Stone & Beam Deco Black Metal Floor Lamp.

Stone & Beam Deco Lamp is designed especially for a home to enlighten with soft brightness. This lamp featured a boldly designed with four-legged bases with an outstanding white linen shade. It will give you a beautiful view and unique style addition to lighting your room wherever you need.

The lamp is Art Deco-inspired. It is manufactured with metal legs with a black finish and also a white linen shade upside of the lamp. This lamp will make your room very attractive to a contemporary.

The dimension of the lamp is 59.5 inches H x 18 inches W x 18 inches D and the weight of the lamp is 8.6 pounds. The material used for the lamp is Metal and Fabric. Wattage is 9 watts and switches style socket. The lamp is simply assembled and only use for indoor.


  • The lamp is sturdy and gives a proper amount of brightness.
  • Makes modern look to your living room.
  • Saves a lot of energy.


  • Some users complained the price is overvalued than the lamp.


6. Lavish Home Sunlight Floor Lamp.

Lavish Home Lamp is Natural full spectrum sunlight therapy best floor lamps for reading that generates pure bright white light which makes colors appear more resonant and reduce eye strain and exhaustion. Superior and natural lighting that is made with modern lighting technology.

The lamp has an attached 27-watt bulb that delivers as much light as an ordinary 150-watt bulb delivers. It is one of the best natural light floor lamps to light up a dining room or living room over 300 sq. ft. That means the bulb is less electricity consumption and save money.

The bulb lasts up to 5,000 hours which is 5x longer survival than another bulb available in the market. It has a flexible gooseneck adjustable to any angle or direction of the room according to your needs.

The lamp is good for any room for reading, writing, working, sewing and many more works. It gives natural brightness to your home or office and attracts the viewer’s attention. The color temperature of the light is 6500K and 1300 lumens.

The dimension of the lamp is 7 x 9 x 22 inches and the weight 10.5 pounds. Plastic and Aluminum used in the lamp body. Power source corded electric and wattage 150 watts. Types of bulb used Fluorescent.


  • Good for the eyes and reduce eye strain.
  • The bulb is 5x longer survival than another normal bulb.
  • Superior and natural brightness.
  • Affordable price.


  • Some users complained the light is not bright enough as it needs to be.


7. Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp.

Brightech Sparq Arc LED is a stylish futuristic curved design best reading lamp for eyes. You can keep this mood light behind the couch, table, and bed. The lamp looks so stylish and natural brightness that will catch the viewer’s attention. You just have to put the heavy base behind the couch and enjoy the floating lights over your desired place such as bedside table, nightstand, and desk or workbench.

The light has 3,000K warm white color temperature and 2,000 lumens which are 100W incandescent equivalent and it’s good for your sensitive eyes for reading, writing, artwork, and studies. This floor lamp has a built-in dimmer that grants you to adjust the brightness.

Lights are adjustable to three different levels ranging from super bright to soft and ambient mood lighting so that you can obtain complete lighting for the desired place. The light can be dimmable to get the required glow in a different time. That means when you need a brighter light you can adjust to high and when you need lower light you just need to adjust to low.

The warm LED light has 20 years life that is almost 20,000 hours and LED is power saving. That means you never have to replace the light and also save up to 90% against halogen or incandescent light.

Weight is 7.05 pounds and the dimension is 50 x 20 x 30 inches. The plastic material used, switch style: Tap. Voltage: 110 volts, wattage: 15.00.


  • Stylish slim and cool look.
  • Affordable price.
  • Dimmable brightness up and down.
  • 3 years limited warranty.


  • Some users complained the light get damage soon.


8. Simple Designs SVL Floor Lamp.

Simple Design is a desirable, inexpensive and effective bright floor lamp that will cover all your basic lighting needs. This mother/daughter floor lamp has reading light features a painted finish and plastic white shades.

This lamp is best for the bedroom, office, kid’s playroom, library, college dorm or any other place which needs enough lighting. This is an energy saving lamp that consumes less energy through long use. The light has painted finish and white plastic shades.

The floor lamp used 1 x 100W 3-way type A medium base bulb (not included) and reading light uses 1 x 60W type A medium base bulb (not included). The light generates natural brightness which can use as room lighting and also extra light as the reading capability of users. The metal material used in the lamp and the style is traditional. Power source corded electric and wattage is 100 watts. The switch style is Rotary and the lamp is adjustable.

Length, width, and height of the lamp are L: 15.5 x W: 11.35 x H: 71.5 inches, weight 10.45 pounds, and dimensions are 10 x 10 x 71.4 inches.


  • The lamp is adjustable.
  • Affordable price.
  • Painted finish and plastic white shades.
  • Warranty 1 year against manufacturer defects.


  • Some users complained about the design of the lamp is poor.


9. Boston Harbor 3 Light Tree Lamp.

Boston Harbor 3-light adjustable tree is the bright floor lamp to enlighten any room of your home. It is easy to assemble, complete instructions included and it is also the safest lamp than any other tree lamp. You can rotate the spotlight 350 degree and pivot 45 degrees to light in your desired place. So you can set the lamp in your living room, dining room, kid’s playroom or you can focus on your antique décor also.

There is a separate switch for each light. In this lamp, there used 3 spotlight which is 60 watts maximum A19 incandescent bulb (bulb is not included). The lamp doesn’t get hot even used for a long time. The height of the overall lamp is about 65 inches. The base of the lamp is heavy. This lamp is good for reading, sewing, cutting wood or any type of work which needs proper light.

The dimension of the lamp is 12.2 x 13.5 x 65 inches and weight is 10.9 pounds. The lights direction is adjustable to any corner and switch style rotary, on the other hand, the shades are made of metal.


  • 3 spotlight each of them 350 degrees rotatable and pivot 45 degrees.
  • Build quality of the bottom plate and tube is good.
  • Awesome design and a separate switch for each light.


  • The bulb has no dimming option.


10. Brightech Maxwell – LED Shelf Floor Lamp.

Brightech Maxwell is 2 in 1 stand up wooden Asian lamp and the shelves. This bright floor lamp can use both selves and floor lamp together. This lamp refers to soft ambient glow to simultaneous spaces with 3 tired display shelving for the added opportunity.

The floor lamp will brighten your room and provide storage or display area for books, vases or your picture frame. The main focus of this floor lamp suited in your bedroom, living room, guest room or office.

Brightech Maxwell lamp and shelves work with a smart outlet that can be control power turn on and off works with Alexa, Google Home Assistant or Apple SmartKit. Its off-white shade softened the brightness of the light and opens at the top of the light into a diffused glow.

The LED bulb attached with the lamp has 20 years long life. So you can use this lamp in your office, Meditation room, den, dining room, bedroom, foyer or any place where you need a soft warm light and shelve. It contains a 9.5-watt power saving LED light that has a 20,000-hour life or about 20 years using capability. The lamp saves 85% costs of luminous bulbs.

The weight of the lamp is 11.8 pounds and the dimension is 10.2 x 10.2 x 63 inches. The wood material used and shape is square. Power source: corded-electric and voltage are: 110 volts. Bulb type: LED.


  • 2 in 1 use wooden lamp and shelves.
  • Works with a smart outlet that can control power turn on and off.
  • The lamp has 20 years long life and 3 years warranty.


  • Some users complained that the frame used for the lightbox is just cheap and thin plastic.
  • The bulb is not dimmable.


Congratulations, finally you have finished research for the best bright floor lamp and hope got some idea about different lamps and their unique features. Now you have to take the decision which lamps suit your home best according to your price and choices. I have tried to review the best lamps among the various types of lamps.

After using one of the lamps you will gather more experience about the floor lamp and there are also some interesting lamps that will create your home colorfully but that lamps only used on the occasion only. I will review them later for you. Hope this article able to choose your desired lamp and make your room brighter.


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