6 Best Wall Sconces for Bedrooms in 2020 – Buying Guide

best wall sconces for bedroom

Something is spellbinding about wall sconces. In other words, installing these mere lights can drastically change the appearance of your room.

However, you do not want to spend on something that does not have any performance value whatsoever. So, how do we know which has the best balance among elegance and performance?

Well, nothing to worry because we are going to discuss some best wall sconces for bedrooms. Also, by the end of this, you will get a thorough understanding of these sconces and learn everything you need to know to get the best deals.


Best Wall Sconces for Bedrooms Reviews

Well, we just learned what to look for in our wall sconces. Now, let us proceed onto the product reviews to see some of the best wall sconces for bedrooms. Accordingly, here are our 6-top picks for you.


1. Plug in Wall Sconces Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Plug in Wall Sconces Lamp, YEEQIAN Swing Arm Wall Lamp

This lamp is a brilliant choice for master bedroom wall sconcesThe black and white appearance makes it perfect to set a soothing mood. Again, it is easy to carry and easy to install at the same time.

Not just that, the lamp offers you a 59-inch cord. As a result, it is simple to install. And you can also use this elegant piece for a long time.

Not to mention, these lamps work perfectly as the best bedside wall lights as well. Moreover, you can pair it up with halogens, LEDs, CFLs, and any other type of bulbs you like.


  • Flexible adjustments
  • Elegant monochromatic design
  • Super-easy installation
  • User-friendly and long-lasting
  • Compatible with a lot of light sources


  • A bit too expensive

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2. LED Wall Sconces Wall Lighting for Bedroom

LED Wall Sconces Set of 2, Sconce Wall Lighting

These LED wall sconces work perfectly to set a calm environment in your bedroom. As they are free from harsh reflections, you get a cozy set-up for your room. Moreover, you will get a 3000K soft-warm illumination without any glaring.

With these lights, you get a pleasant brightness. So, these are ideal as bedroom wall sconces for reading books. This way, you can use it instead of the wall mounted bedside table with light.

As a result, it will save up some space and give you a much better appearance. Again, these best wall sconces for living room use eco-friendly white plasters. Therefore, you can easily paint over it to match with your interior.


  • Compact-size and modern-looking
  • Does not leave a harsh beam
  • Gentle and warm brightness
  • Versatile usage
  • Made of eco-friendly components


  • Pretty small in size

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3. Pauwer Industrial Plug in Wall Sconces

Pauwer Industrial Plug in Wall Sconces

If you are looking for some bold-looking wall mounted desk lampsthese could be the perfect match for you. Firstly, the sconce leaves an elegant shine and serves for a long time.

Secondly, this elegant wall sconce includes sturdy metals like brass and irons. Thirdly, these also work as best bedside lamps for reading for their large heads and concentrated illumination.

Lastly, they will offer you the best angles so that you can adjust it according to your needs. In total they cover up all the aspects and make themselves overwhelmingly charming.


  • Superb durability
  • Long-lasting hardware
  • Comes with all mounting goods
  • Includes adjustable angles
  • Great price point


  • A bit difficult to install
  • Has a bulky lamp-head

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4. HAITRAL Adjustable Swing Arm Wall Sconces

HAITRAL Adjustable Swing Arm Wall Sconces

The HAITRAL wall sconces are nothing like the ordinary bedroom wall lights battery operated. They are compatible with almost 26 types of bulbs and offer you an adjustable arm of 270 degrees.

Not just that, you cannot resist yourself from getting these beautiful wall mounted bedside lights because of the combination of ivory-lien fabric and baking-varnish metals.

Again, this is the best bedside wall sconce with switch. Moreover, the optimum size and cozy lighting make it perfect for your office or living room. In total, the sconce is a perfect-package.


  • Compatible with E26 types of bulbs
  • Includes a 270-degree adjustable-arm
  • Best for formal appearances
  • Easy fixtures to adjust lights
  • Beautiful outlook


  • Does not provide sufficient instructions
  • Do not come with bulbs

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5. TRLIFE Modern Wall Sconces, Bedroom LED Wall Sconces

TRLIFE Modern Wall Sconces

The TRLIFE best wall mounted reading lights are the perfect definition of grace. These charming lights are slim, sleek, and sturdy. Besides, the combination of acrylic and brushed aluminum give these sconce a chic and modern outlook.

And so, you will get a contemporary vibe with these lights. Again, the sconces offer you a cool tone beam. Not to mention, they are energy-saving and bright.

Even so, it does not leave a harsh impact on your eyes. And so, you can use it as small bedroom wall sconces to match up with the fresh ambiance of your room.


  • Contemporary and modern design
  • Bright and cool-toned illumination
  • Saves a lot of energy
  • Easy to install


  • Does not leave a warm glow
  • Not suitable for traditional appearances

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6. Pauwer Plug in Wall Sconce Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Pauwer Plug in Wall Sconce Set of 2 Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Are you looking for stylish reading wall lights for bedroom? Well, the Pauwer Plug-in lamp might be the best one for you. This wall sconce will brighten up your space and give you the most charming look.

Because of the lamp-design and powerful bulbs, your bedroom gets a bright and contemporary outlook. On top of that, the elegant coffee shade adds to the grace and blows your mind away.

Again, these led wall lights for bedroom have flexible swing arms and adjustable tops. So, it becomes easy to install and manage the sconce.


  • Flexible swing-arm
  • Impressive brightness
  • Easy angle-settings
  • Compact size and formal look


  • Does not go with large rooms
  • Slightly confusing to install

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Buying Guide Best Wall Mounted Bedside Lamp

You don’t buy wall sconces every day. And so, it is always a better approach to study and analyze the factors that your sconce must include. Therefore, let us learn more about these factors with the help of our buying guide below.

  • Material quality:

Of course, there is no telling that appearance is a factor in choosing the best bedside wall lamps. However, the material quality is more important. Therefore, check the materials and get through the information carefully before purchasing one.

  • Style and light-directions:

Whether you buy those wall mounted task lighting fixtures or any adjustable bedside lamp, it is necessary to choose the right style. Again, your selection will depend on either you want an up-light one or a down-light one.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

You would find modern bedroom wall sconces of different price ranges. It might cost you from 20 to even 1,000 dollars, based on the quality. However, check several stores and compare the prices to get a good deal.

  • Harmony with your room:

No matter how much you pay for those bedroom wall string lights, it would not look nice if it doesn’t go with the pattern and color of the walls. And so, choose the one that compliments your room best.



In our everyday lives, we do not get to see many wall sconces. Nevertheless, getting hands on the best wall sconces for bedrooms becomes even more difficult. That is why you should make the best use of these reviews.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend you to go for the Plugin or the LED Wall Sconce lamps. However, the decision remains entirely on your preferences. So, explore your ideas by experiment yourself.


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