10 Best Lamp Shade for Brightness in 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

best lamp shade for brightness

Want to bring a special ambient in your room? Then a good lamp shade can be handy for you. I know, you want it and that’s why you are looking for the best lamp shade for brightness. A lampshade offers you a glowing and ambient atmosphere even in the night. Most of the time lampshade controls the lighting power which can be the cause of irritating.

Well. Then how to get a good one? Frankly speaking, to get a perfect lampshade, you have to toils a bit as lots of options will appear before you while you will go for purchasing.

But nothing to be worry. You can be the winner if you just know the features of the best products. And what if the topmost product list is before you? Yes, you are going to find it here. We have reviewed here the topmost lamp shades available on the market now.

Let’s explore more about the world of lamp shade!


Lamp Shade Name 
Imperial Collection Creme Bell Lamp Shade

Imperial Collection Lamp Shade

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Wellmet Chandelier Shades,ONLY for Candle Bulbs,Clip-on Drum Lamp Shades

Wellmet Mini Lampshades

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Royal Designs BSO-701-16EG Flare Bottom Outside Corner Scallop Basic Lamp Shade

Royal Designs Lamp Shade

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Lamp Shade IMISI Linen Fabric White Lamp Shade

IMISI Linen Lamp Shade

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Sydnee Satin Medium Blue Drum Lamp Shade

Sydnee Satin Lamp Shade

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Levtex Baby - Bailey Table Lamp - Fox Lamp - Nursery Lamp

Levtex Baby Bailey Lamp Shade

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Royal Designs Shallow Drum Bell Billiotte Lamp Shade

Royal Designs Shallow Lamp Shade

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White Drum Lamp Shades

White Drum Lamp Shades Set of 2

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Ivory Linen Knife Pleat Lamp Shade

Ivory Linen Knife Pleat Lamp Shade

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Coppery Gold Bell Lamp Shade

Coppery Gold Bell Lamp Shade

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Best Lamp Shade for Brightness



1. Imperial Collection Lamp Shade

Imperial collection crème bell lamp is the lighting solution for dark rooms that comes with superior cream fabric and got the best possible look. The quality hardware used to make it more quality and spider fitting.

Most importantly in this lampshade, there are wrapped with attractive crème fabrics that are heavyweight and polished brass. Size of the lampshade is Top: 6 inches x Bottom: 12 inches x Slant: 9 inches x High: 8 ½ inches.


  • Quality material and heavy.
  • Wrapped with gorgeous crème fabrics.

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2. Wellmet Mini Chandelier Lampshades

If you want to make your home more delicate which will create diffuse lighting and provide a soft and warm atmosphere in the room then Wellmet could be one of the best lampshades for the brightness.

The lampshade colors are white with fabric easy to tie in with other furniture. It can be set in a good place where the individual has a rest, on the other hand, it will make you feel comfortable with families.

Well, met are able to create a new look to the environment while your room is a little trivial. Thee lampshades are able to support you without purchasing new lighting fixture.

The size of the shade is 5.5 inches bottom, 5.5 inches top and 4 inches tall, as a result, it can create a contemporary look atop any luminary. You can add this shade to any room of the house and it will mix because it is crafted with fabric.


  • 5 inches top and bottom, 4 inches tall.
  • easy to tie in with other furniture.
  • It will make you feel comfortable.


  • Some user complained the product is cheap.

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3. Royal Designs Lamp Shade

Ryal design is the flare bottom outside corner lampshade that is very good looking basic shade collection. This is one kind of traditional lampshade with an upgrade scalloped flare at the bottom.

The Royal design is hand-tailored with silk type fabric and the linen is softer off white. This is the best lampshades that will be perfect for any room.

It will suit any type of old updating or repairing lampshade and the company is serving for a longer time with their multiple shade lines that is good quality and looking.

The height of the lampshade is different than another lampshade because of the slant height top to the bottom front face of the shade. Size of the lampshade 9 inch Top x 16 inch Bottom x 12 inch Height


  • The height of the lampshade is 12 inches.
  • Royal design is hand-tailored with silk type fabric.
  • It will suit any type of old updating or repairing lampshade.

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4. IMISI Linen Lamp Shade

IMISI Linen Fabric lampshade is the best lampshade for brightness that is easy to install. On the other hand designs of the lampshade is simple and practical.

The lampshade creates a natural, soft and warm atmosphere in any room because the cloth art lampshade is able to diffuse lighting. Durable linen used in the lampshade which is pure natural white fabric, low profile but luxurious look.

You cannot imagine that the shade can create a delicate and also recreational corner in any bedroom or guestroom and also easy to tie up any other furniture.

The dimension of the lampshade is 9.3-inch bottom x 5.3 inches top x 7-inch tall x 0.27-inch screw thread x 0.25-inch screws tall.


  • The dimension of the lampshade is 1 x 6.9 x 9.2 inches.
  • Perfect brightness and easy to tie up any furniture.
  • Cloth art lampshade is able to diffuse lighting.


  • Some users complained the lampshade’s light glow become pink/purple after turning on.

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5. Sydnee Satin Lamp Shade

Are you trying to add a new look to your home? Yes, then Sydnee Stain is the best lampshade for brightness and decorates your home through perfectly versatile medium blue drum shade.

Its dynamic design brings Lustrous satin that is paired with silver gray trim with the matching liner. On the other hand, its convenient chrome spider fitting creates a great experience.

You can refresh your lighting with color and elegance. The satin polyester material used to create the lampshade and main fact it will make your floor lamp into the best floor lamp for the darkroom.

There is also silver piping trim detail along the top and bottom and they’re also accurate size hart free with this shade.


  • Dimension is 14 inches top x 16 inches bottom x 11 inches slant.
  • It has a chrome spider fitting.
  • The satin polyester material used.

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6. Levtex Baby Bailey Lamp Shade

Best light shade for darkroom made with Polyresin/PVC. Another feature is the bailey charcoal and white crib bumper that contains four-piece of the bumper that runs with the Levtex Baby Bailey Charcoal along with white nursery bedding that company sold separately.

To make it a more attractive company made the shade of the lampshade like a fox shaped base. This is the reason the shade is different and unique. To make your room glowing and unique the diffusion of the light works great.

For the nursery, it will be a fabulous and best decision because it is one of the durable lampshades and so easy to install that you will not feel bad after purchasing and using the shade.


  1. Charcoal and white crib bumper that contains four-piece of the bumper.
  2. The shade of the lampshade like a fox shaped base.
  3. The diffusion of the light works great.

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7. Royal Designs Shallow Drum Bell Billiotte Lamp Shade

Despite its conventional outlook, Royal Design Inc. ensures maximum functionality for the lampshade. With handcraft quality, the timeless perfectly exemplifies the value.

The heavy-duty metal of 1.5 mm thickness induces stability & rust resistance character. A pleasant lighting performance with a maximum of 150 Wattage bulb compatibility. The 6-way shallow drum-shaped bell measures 13” top x 19” bottom x 11.25” height.

The integrated V-notch fitter is easy to use with a 6”/8” reflector bowl. For the exterior, the fabric is of hand-tailored shantung which bears similarity to silk. Regarding the interior, the fabric comes with off-white softback lining.

A matching gold liner prevails for burlap & faux rawhide. Using the featured finial, the brass-finished spider fit fastens the shading performance.


  • Stunning functionality for classic design.
  • Perfect blend of quality fabrics & lining.
  • Additional adjustment with proper fitting.
  • Balanced stability, shading performance.


  • Color seems somewhat lighter.

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8. White Drum Lamp Shades Set of 2

The classic appeal teams up with outstanding functionality to light up your space. Brentwood delivers a great pair of white-ivory shades to take your lighting experience to the next level.

With amazing white linen, the shade is built to fit & therefore, enhance your home décor. Using the 2-unit pack, you can induce a contemporary lighting style to your room.

The perfectly rounded construction comes with a reasonable measurement of 10” top x 12” bottom x 8” height. Being lightweight, it’s easy to position the drum-shaped shades along with the light.

The featured spider fitting system includes a chrome metal finish. With the package, there comes one 7” harp along with a ½” drop.


  • Classical design with a rounded shape.
  • White-ivory lining offers great décor.
  • Finial & harp inclusion for the package.
  • Spider fitting for a contemporary style.


  • Certain issues with base compatibility.

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9. Ivory Linen Knife Pleat Lamp Shade

Here comes another Brentwood shade with quality & satisfaction to light up your room. The integration of this classic design can easily spice up your existing floor or table lamp.

Having knife pleat detail, the ivory lining initiates a great décor for your home. In fact, the shade offers a perfect blend of a unique style & superb functionality. With a reasonably large size, it induces an outstanding distribution of the bulb light.

The 9” top x 14.5” bottom x 10” height construction imparts an eye-catching sight on the corner. For the unlined interior, there comes spider fitting having brass finishing. The package includes the right sized harp with an additional finial for a complete setup.


  • Superb appearance for classic design.
  • Great décor with ivory exterior pleat.
  • Even glowing for compatible lights.
  • Package includes a free finial & harp.


  • Edges may seem rough/sharp.

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10. Coppery Gold Bell Lamp Shade

The conventional construction meets with an outstanding exterior color for glowing the lights. With a bell-shaped design, the exterior is ribbed in coppery gold. Therefore, you’ll certainly get a rich, copper tone to light up the surrounding.

It measures about 7” top x 14” bottom x 10.4” height. The white shaded liner includes a perfectly matching spider fitter. The coppery gold appearance easily imparts royalty with reasonable luxury. Not to mention, you can spice up the table lamp using the colorful shade.

The gold fabric lends a stylish & rather effective illumination. Likewise, you can get the free harp in the right size & one finial with the package.


  • Decorative appeal with bell-shaped design.
  • Rich & luxurious coppery gold appearance.
  • Both horizontal & vertical self-trim facility.
  • Right-sized harp with matching brass polish.


  • Somewhat overwhelming for smaller base.

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Factors that Need to Consider to Choose Lamp Shade:

  • Room Space:

    You should consider your room space and atmosphere first because the lampshade will focus your room. So try to match your lampshade according to your room color and decoration. There is also some best ceiling lamp shade for brightness found that can enhance more brightness.

  • Consider the Light:

    Consider the lighting capability because your lighting will decide which types of lampshades you should install. Because some lampshades will turn your lighting color and ability to lower and some will turn more bright. So take a decision according to your lamp.

  • Brand and Product Specification:

    Choose the lampshade that is a well-named brand and will support you for longer. Branded products may cost a little higher but will give you the best support.

Final Words:

You must know to choose a lampshade for your lamp is so easy but sometimes it’s tricky because there is a huge amount of lampshade found in the market. But you should focus on the branded product. Though some new product is also good but you must follow the customer review. Hope this list will help you find your expected lampshade.

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