Best Ceiling Lights for Bedroom – Buying Guide & Reviews

best ceiling light for bedroom


The bedroom is the ultimate place of living inside a house. A ceiling light can add up the overall ambiance of your bedroom. In this regard, the very first thing is to attend the perfect bedroom ceiling light.

There are lots of varieties with different designs & functionalities here. Arriving at the market, it seems too difficult to make the final decision. So, how can you pick up the most suitable light?

For your convenience, we enlisted the top ceiling lights. Within a reasonable price, you can take those into account for the bedroom. Covering the details, you can save time going through our best ceiling light for bedroom.

Shelf Liner Name 
Airand 5000K LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount

Airand 5000K LED Ceiling Light
Flush Mount

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New Round Flush Mount Thin Ceiling Light

New Round Flush Mount Thin
Ceiling Light

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Surpars House Mini Style 1-Light Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier

Surpars House Mini Style Flush Mount
Crystal Chandelier

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Hykolity 18 Inch Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light

Hykolity 18 Inch LED Ceiling Light
for bedroom

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OSTWIN 14 Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Light

OSTWIN 14 Inch Flush Mount
Ceiling Light

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Premium 14" Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light

Premium 14" Flush Mount LED
Ceiling Light

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Ridgeyard 25.6 x 35.4 Inch Modern Luxurious 10 Lights

Ridgeyard 25.6 x 35.4 Inch Modern
Luxurious 10 Lights

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Youtob LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Youtob LED Flush Mount
Ceiling Light

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OSTWIN 18 Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Light

OSTWIN 18" Flush Mount
Ceiling Light

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LightInTheBox Modern Art Deco Fabric Chandelier Pink Pendant Flush Mount Ceiling Fixtures Light

LightInTheBox Modern Art Deco
Fabric Chandelier

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Best Ceiling Lights for Bedroom Reviews:

Following the buying guide, it’s time to check out the top picks. We enlisted the most suitable one without breaking the budget. Scroll down to discover all the 10 best ceiling lights for bedrooms.


1. Airand 5000K LED Ceiling Light Flush

Product Description

The square, surface mounting LED is more like a lampshade. Adopting 240 LED chips, best ceiling light for master bedroom enlightens 172 – 215 sq. ft. space at 2050 lumens. Its premium quality initiates an outstanding 30000 hours of longevity. Unlike incandescent bulbs, the 24W lampshade can save up to 85% of electricity bills.

With ABS + PC construction, it achieved an IP44 rating. Therefore, the frame delivers utmost proofing against water & splash. The non-dimmable bright gives super bright beads every time. Through an eye-protecting design, it restores real & original colors. The illumination remains uniform without the slightest flicker.


  • Reduction of re-lamping frequency.
  • High durability, premium materials.
  • Quite suitable for different rooms.
  • Optimum protection without glare.
  • Excellent appeal, great economics.


  • Loose connectivity may occur.
  • Too bright for smaller rooms.

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2. New Round Flush Mount Thin Ceiling Light

Product Description

Although it’s low-profile, the almost flattened disc light gives the perfect beams. With a modern design, the best flush mounted ceiling light requires no recessing or exterior drivers. The 12W LEDs induce 840 lumens to provide an outstanding 50000-hrs of lifespan. Therefore, your electricity bill is likely to come quite short.

It offers beautiful linings, accurate color all the way. You’ll get an even distribution for the entire room. Unlike the fluorescent alternatives, the light induces a warm feel through 3000K temperature. The LED features conventional dimmers that come without any UV, mercury or flicker.


  • Flush mounting, a compact frame.
  • Disc design & brushed nickel base.
  • Greater accuracy with uniformity.
  • Easy installation, superb longevity.
  • Highly suitability for entire house.


  • Mounting hole size may not match.
  • Certain issues with silicone gaskets.

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3. Surpars House Mini Style Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier

Product Description

For inducing luxury to the bedroom, it’s the ultimate choice. Likewise, the mini lighting system is flush mountable. Unless brightness is a major concern, the overhead chandelier is okay. The illumination is suitable for 10 – 15 m2 space. Also, the assembly is suitable for hallway, passway & living/dining rooms.

With an elegant design, it imparts great style to the overall home décor. In fact, the crystal shading comes with a transparent fixture color. In addition, the best flush mount chandelier for bedroom features modern chrome finishing on the exterior. The E12 base can support a maximum of one 40W bulb.


  • Classic & contemporary design.
  • Suitable for decorative lighting.
  • Transparent color with mini size.
  • Fully crystal fixture for shading.
  • Excellent distribution of lights.


  • Quite low level of brightness.
  • Energy consumption is high.

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4. Hykolity 18 Inch LED Ceiling Light

Product Description

The high-end performance of Hykolity light comes with a unique Triac dimming system. With the built-in driver, it remains compatible with most LEDs. Therefore, a smooth & fully flicker-free dimming occurs to light up space. The 30W unit can replace 240W bulbs, triggering an 80% reduction in electricity bill.

You’ll have a long-lasting 50000 hours of maintenance-free service. The best ceiling LED light for bedroom is quite suitable for different rooms. For the low-profile design, it features a contemporary brushed nickel finish. Through the white lens, it ensures a uniform diffusion of the illuminating light.


  • Excellent dimming with different LEDs.
  • Durable output without maintenance.
  • Protective exterior with brushed nickel.
  • Flush mounting light can suit all rooms.
  • Safe to use with no shock/fire hazard.


  • Overtightening causes lens to crack.
  • Dimmer switch can induce flickering.

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5. OSTWIN 14 Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Product Description

With a modern lighting fixture, the OSTWIN LED lamp can cover the entire house. With the built-in chips, the light imparts an incredible 50000 hours of lifespan. For the 21W unit, the best ceiling light fixture for bedroom generates 1470 lumens. Therefore, enhanced lighting prevails while reducing high electricity consumption.

The stylish Saturn design features a steel base with an acrylic shade regarding a perfect distribution of the lighting beam. There comes no glare, flickering or noise throughout its lifetime. Through a convenient system, it’s easy to set the dimming between 10% – 100%. Thanks to a hardwiring fixture, it requires no switching or plugin.


  • Stylish design with Saturn-like disk.
  • Eco-friendly design, economic life.
  • Superior durability with steel base.
  • Full resistance to dust & moisture.
  • Brightness & dimming preference.


  • Thin metal easily bends/wraps.
  • Not suitable for bright uses.

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6. Premium 14″ Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light

Product Description

The flush-mounted ceiling light provides premium quality for spaces. For the lamp, the lighting color is dimmable & adjustable for a better experience. The 14” best premium LED bedroom light covers a generous range in both cases. You can have 10% – 100% intensity while choosing your preference from 2700K to 5000K.

It features a built-in automated shut-off timer facility. The system includes 4 different timings at 1, 5, 10 & 30 minutes. There comes an ambient sensor for saving your electricity bill. In fact, no turning on following any detection of relevant motion during the day.


  • Classic style for the plastic LEDs.
  • Adjustable brightness, temperature.
  • Timer options for auto shut-off.
  • 4 different motion-detecting options.
  • Night mode activation with a sensor.


  • Sensor remains clearly visible.
  • Poor brightness on open space.

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7. Ridgeyard 25.6 x 35.4 Inch Modern Luxurious 10 Lights

Product Description

With a luxurious shape & design, the chandelier certainly brings in a beautiful appeal. The frame features a K9 crystal work with greater sparkles. For the best, it’s fully compatible with common light types. Whether it’s halogen, incandescent, LED or energy-saving – the best luxury ceiling light works out with everyone.

Installing 10 different types of light will impart a variable effect on the overall lighting. And the installation process is simple & easy. The lighting base has silver metals while the crystal initiates cognac aesthetics. The color is neither golden nor transparent here. Aside from bedrooms, it’s suitable enough for hallway/passway/dining.


  • Fully compatible with common bulbs.
  • Simple installation & maintenance.
  • Beautiful frame with sturdy metals.
  • Luxurious pipe design for elegance.
  • Superb sparkling effect with crystal.


  • Not suitable for reading purposes.
  • Dimming adjustment isn’t available.

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8. Youtob LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Product Description

When it gets to brightness, only a few can outrun Youtob ceiling light. It comes with a wide & modern design. The lamp offers even distribution of light with smooth, large shades. For the disk construction, it initiates a full 360° beams. With a 4000K color temperature, the ultra-bright LED induces 1200 lumens.

The high-quality lamp simply withstands for 30000 hours without issues. For the 15W LED, it replaces the traditional 100W to save 85% of electricity bills. The installation is incredibly easy with the bracket & hardwires. Through a brushed silver color & white light, the affordable bedroom ceiling light enhances the overall décor.


  • High-quality, long-lasting design.
  • Round & slim frame, silver color.
  • Optimum brightness of 1200 lm.
  • Enhanced décor, modern appeal.
  • Reduced consumption of energy.


  • Switching response seems slow.
  • Plastic material feels quite cheap.

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9. OSTWIN 18″ Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Product Description

With a contemporary design, OSTWIN 18” can light up almost any space in the house. The LED fixture easily provides 50000 hours of service life. For the stylish Saturn design, the budget-friendly ceiling light for bedroom has brushed nickel finish over the steel base. Replacing 180W bulb, the 28W lamp delivers 1960 lumens for saving electricity.

With a low-profile design, the light requires easy installation & operation. The standard LED has a dimming system, from 10% to 100& intensity. Through the 5000K temperature, the illumination gives no flicker or glare. The hardwiring installation eliminates the requirement of switching or plugging.


  • Superb uniformity in light distribution.
  • Low energy consumption, economical.
  • Easy installation for simple operation.
  • Optimum resistance to moisture, dust.
  • Protective nickel finish over steel base.


  • Only one color option is available.
  • Cover holding ring seems thinner.

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10. LightInTheBox Modern Art Deco Fabric Chandelier

Product Description

Through the magic of quality crystal, LightInTheBox chandelier lights up with glamour. The flush mount lamp comes without blur or streak. Its luminous color with radiant spectrum induces mind-blowing sparkling refraction. With LEDs, stylish ceiling light for bedroom can cover 10 – 15 m2 space perfectly.

Only 3 LED bulbs seem sufficient with brilliant craftsmanship. Not to mention, the lighting source here is white. The single-tiered frame has a chrome finish for better aesthetics. Apart from the bedroom, it suits the dining room, hallway & kids’ room. For the plastic shade, the fixture has light plastic construction.


  • Excellent aesthetics, elegant design.
  • Luminous color, sparkling refraction.
  • Simple frame with chrome finishing.
  • Quite sheen, lighting color spectrum.
  • Easy install of flush mounting light.


  • Plastic may seem quite cheap.
  • Not for bright light necessities.

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Buying Guide – Bedroom Ceiling Lights:

Choosing the most suitable ceiling light for bedroom isn’t easy. However, knowing the essential factors can help in this regard. There are certain considerations you need to remember while buying.

  • Light Type:

    Mostly, two particular types are popular among commoners. One is flush-mounted while the other is hanging chandeliers. Flush mounting lights have a versatile design with safe functionality. For a luxurious option, you can rely on chandeliers.

  • Performance:

    For bedroom use, you’ll need to know the overall efficiency & performance. If you read before going to sleep, you may think of brighter ones. Somewhat different patterns are preferable for decorative purposes. While making the choice, check out the light color.

  • Energy Consumption:

    Almost all modern lights are available for LEDs. It’s elegant, beautiful & above all, energy-saving. In fact, having LEDs can save your bill by 75% – 85%. For some chandeliers, you may require traditional incandescent lights.

  • Room Size:

    It’s obvious to take the space into considerations. Without reasonable lighting, space will remain dark or get over-brightened. You need to measure the room area & height along with the bulb spacing.

  • Material Quality:

    Without good material, your purchaser won’t last long. Aluminum, steel & even plastic is suitable enough for a sturdy lighting frame. For most LED lights, the service life varies from 30000 hours to 50000 hours.

  • Installation & Maintenance:

    Some tend to take hours to install which isn’t acceptable. With easy installation, most of the modern lights arrive ready to go. The focus on the maintenance is also important. LED light requires this barely while chandeliers may need frequently.

Apart from the vital ones, you better check out some other features. It may involve adjustable color, dimmable lighting, auto shut-off & others.


With every best ceiling light for bedroom, there are more advantages than its slight limitations. Knowing the guidance, you won’t fall for any cheap, unsuitable lights. You can induce an outstanding décor for the bedroom with any of the aforementioned ones. All you have to determine the requirements & make the match.

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