How to Glam Up Your Living Room Decor in Simple Steps

How to Glam Up Your Living Room

The first thing we notice while visiting someone’s place is their living room. An organized moreover well-decorated living room can rejuvenate the entire atmosphere at home.

Besides, the living room is the place where most special moments of our life are created or celebrated. The family hours, house party with guests, leisure evenings, and many more lively activities are done in a living room.

So, re-decorating to glam up your living room is an amazing idea. Do you think the same? Well, if you are about to revamp your living room this content is absolutely for you.

How to Glam Up Your Living Room:

  • Modifying The Cushion

Usually, cushions are added to enhance the beauty of the living room couch or sofa. But do you know that it could be the opposite of what you are thinking? Yes, it does sometimes.

Start your living room glam up by changing the cushions. Add some color to it if the room looks faded. Pay attention to texture. If you have a lot of textured stuff around go for plain velvet or fur pillows.

Try adding pillows of different sizes shapes and patterns. Instead of choosing the same covers for all, choose some different colors with textures. The entire view of your living room will be vibrant.


  • Add Botanicals

Do you know indoor plants help to hold the good air quality? Add some indoor plants of your choice to improve the environment of the living room. Greenery is the best cheap decor that works with any aesthetic.

However, if you find plant maintenance troublesome you can also go for artificial plants. There are a lot of artificial flowers that look like the original. Just add plants in different suitable corners of the bedroom and you will wonder how it changes the outlook.


  • Change the Rug

Changing your rug and getting a new stylish one can be a good option. Rugs play a vital role in your living room decoration. Often the entire room looks boring if you don’t go with a perfect rug.

If your room has a lot of patterned stuff then go for a plain rug. And if the room needs to add pretty much color try a colorful rug and see how it brings the entire room together.

Also, comfort plays an important role here. Make sure to prior your comfy along with the look. Your guests must feel comfortable while being on the rug.


  • Furniture Setup

You can change your old couch with a new modern couch. Choose any style from sectional, loveseat, divan, Lawson, futon sofa, or any other styled couch you prefer. But if your wallet says ‘no’ simply modify the old one in a new way.

Changing the layout of the sofa can be a good option. Just maintain the ‘3-foot rule’ (keeping 3 feet of walking distance) and don’t put the furniture up against the wall. Maintain 12 inches of distance at least.

You can also add some floating furniture to give the room a modern touch. Instead of using tables, use floating furniture to keep vase, photo frames, books, television, and other decorating objects.


  • Changing Curtains

Most people don’t pay attention to this small thing. Trust me if you bring a suitable curtain according to your bedroom it will change the entire look unimaginably. Did you ever think of trying out new curtains?

If you didn’t yet, add this to your living room glam up to-do list now. A beautiful curtain increases the beauty of your living room doubly. Match the curtains with the background color of the room and try to match it with your sofa or rug too. The output will come very well.


  • Lighting

Fancy lights can be a good option for the living room. Also, you can try out layered lighting to make it look expensive. Besides, wall lights, hanging lamps, modern floor lamps and most importantly using the natural lighting properly can be an amazing idea.


Final Thought

So, these are some ideas to redecorate your living room to it’s best. Along with these tips, adding large paintings, changing the wall color, mirror wall hangs, adding fancy metallic showpiece, wooden sculpture or vase can glam up your living room outstandingly.


Hope the ideas were helpful. Thanks for being with us.

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