How to Make Your Room Space Feel Bigger

make your room space feel bigger

Sometimes we made mistake to decorate all the furniture and small items used in the home. That is the reasons our home and rooms space look like smaller. By doing this mistake our home looks like a shuffle.

You can decorate your small room where the accessories suit best. You can ask how to know where will be the accessories fit well? Hmm..that’s really a good question. By the way, you can use your common sense whether the furniture needs to be a store.

I know that’s will be a little harder to move large furniture but if not possible then make a plan on your holiday and try to move small accessories until it suits those places. But it’s not necessary that all large furniture kept in alongside.

Steps to Make Your Room Space Feel Bigger:

1. Place Your Furniture Properly:

Always try to keep your furniture elegant and keep some distance among them. If you try to shove your furniture with a wall doesn’t make your room larger.

Try to place them in a good angle according to your room. Because only you can understand which furniture angle will be better for your room to take a small space.

2. Add Mirror:

The mirror helps you to feel your small room larger. It will reflect an image of your home and also gives the natural brightness which will count your home as larger. Adding a mirror is the easiest and quickest way to make your room feel bigger.

3. Use Portable Furniture:

There is lots of furniture found in the market which are portable such as a portable chair, table, portable laptop stand and many more.

You can fold them up after using them and they don’t need enough space for storage. So this is the way you can also increase the space of your home.

4. Use light color paint for the wall:

The light color will make your room shiny look on the other hand dark color will exploit light and this is not your solution rather than it will make your home dull look. I know it’s kind of illogical example. But surely it will work in your small room to fell bigger. Light color means white, off-white, light blue etc.

5. Avoid tall accessories:

Try to avoid tall accessories like a tall chair, an upper bed, and a tall table. This types of accessories hide your space and smaller your room. While you place them to lower it will definitely save your space and look like a larger home.

6. Transparent look:

Keep your furniture and another decorator transparent. You can use glass on your dining table, desk, and furniture. Though they will take the same space it will make your eyes a visual impact and extra glow which is better for your smaller room to large look.

7. Add shelves and décor properly:

Attach shelve beside your bed and decorate the entire item that you use regularly. Try to keep the entire item decorated properly on the shelves. This will make extra attention to the visitor. Avoid using two or more tables beside the bed.

8. Remove excess furniture:

When your room is smaller there is no need to use extra furniture which you never use. Just indicate them and remove them. If you think that is necessary but bigger in size then you can exchange that furniture.

9. Keep simple:

Always try to keep your room simple and brighter. You can clean your window and furniture regularly. No one is going to like your room if it is dirty. Don’t make your room too much gorgeous that others got confused.

10. Small floor lamp:

Though the floor lamp doesn’t take so large space it needs to take in consideration that it will also make an impact on visualization. Get a bright floor lamp to focus on a specific area of your room.

Overall, a small room needs to tidy and focused on the used furniture so carefully. It’s not possible to maintain all the things together. But only you can and you know about your home well. Try to apply all the tricks mentioned above. Hope you will find your sweet home as look like a bigger.

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