10 Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers :Discover the Secret to Better Sleep

Considering buying the best pillows for combination sleepers is a good decision. If you are suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, or neck pain or want to get rid of this in the future then it would be really great for you because if the pain continues then it could make a huge problem in the future.

Some people don’t give importance to their sleeping pillow and they suffer in the long run. So the question is how you can identify the best pillow without using them?  Well, I am here, by the way, to help you in this regard.

I have also faced this problem several times earlier; this is a common problem most people have. I felt soreness after getting up in the morning and this was continuously happening to me, then I decided to change my pillow then everything went normal.

Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers

What is Combination Sleeping?

Combination sleeping refers to the mix of all sleeping positions. In simple words when a person sleeps on their back, on the side, or on the stomach then they are called a combination sleeper.

Because the majority of people like to move during their sleep and change their position unknowingly. It’s not bad and obviously, it’s good for our body and neck because if we don’t move during sleeping our body starts paining the next morning and that’s really embracing to us.

The whole day goes wrong. So that’s the reason why should you give priority to your sleeping position and pillow.


Benefits of Using The Best Pillow: 

  • Reduces the Chances of Pain:

A combination sleeping pillow has an extra feature that reduces the chances of your back, neck, or shoulder pain where another traditional pillow fails. Most importantly our pain started because of faulty sleeping position and wrong uses of the pillow.

When our head, neck, and shoulder are failed to get proper support it started to pain. A maximum of people don’t give priority to their sleeping pillows and they thought their pain starts because of their stress.

They are not conscious enough to take care of their neck support; as a result, they suffer in the long run. Even they don’t know about their mistakes. So if we feel that our pillow doesn’t suitable for us we need to change it immediately to avoid these types of problems.

  • Minimize Snoring:

Though it’s not a major problem too you can avoid this problem by using a proper pillow that is suitable for you. How pillow relate to snoring? Well, when our neck is not in the correct position and we can’t breathe properly that means our airways are blocked and that is the reason for snoring. A good pillow can reduce these types of problems and provide suitable airflow.

  • Good Sleeping Posture:

A good pillow is not only reduced pain or minimizes snoring, but also maintains your posture. Posture is the position which way you use while sleeping. Proper posture helps you to sleep comfortably.

Though posture can’t change overnight, it’s the position you are used to for a long time. But with a good pillow, it will automatically control the best posture for you. Besides this, you should also maintain a balanced sitting posture for a healthy back.

  • Comfortable Sleeping:

If you are not satisfied with the pillow that failed to give you the comfort you must change the pillow as soon as possible. Because we don’t sleep just for sleeping, it’s also attached to your comfort.

Without comfort you cannot sleep with interest, if you do then it will forcefully sleep. Please don’t do this, it will be harmful to your health and could make you depressed. So think twice before buying a pillow that makes you comfortable.

  • Use Your Own Way:

Using the best pillows for combination sleepers serves you several opportunities. That meant you don’t need to abide by any rules that you cannot do with other pillows.

Such pillows are suitable for any position and any type of sleeper.

  • Cooling Pillow:

Some pillow uses bamboo material that keeps you cool during the night. Many pillows use different things to make the pillow cool.


Types of Pillow for Combination Sleeper: 

  • Memory Foam Pillows:

One of the favorite pillows to people is the memory foam pillow. This pillow keeps your body in a natural shape. These types of pillows can be a combination of different layers to adjust the pillow according to its user.

  • Feather Pillows:

Feather pillows are too soft and comfortable that it gives much comfort to the user. In feather pillows, there use of spring that makes your head in the right position. Feather is strong enough like carbon fiber.

  • Down Pillows:

Another greatest invention is a soft, fluffy, light, and cozy pillow popular among people. Down pillows are filled with synthetic fiber and have fewer chances to lose their shape.

  • Buckwheat Pillows:

Buckwheat pillows are less pricey than other pillows found on the market. This pillow is loaded with buckwheat hulls. The more you fill it the more you will get support. This pillow is very flexible with your neck and shoulder.

  • Latex Pillows:

The latex pillow helps to keep you cool by removing the heat faster through ventilation. This pillow supports you during your sleep and gives you much comfort. It is a perfect pillow for the warm climate and also the best pillow for people who have allergies.

  • Gel Pillows:

The gel pillow refers to the combination of foam and latex pillow. For making it extra flexible for you this pillow is used gel and its primary material is memory foam. You can mold it around you and use it as you want.


What to Consider for Choosing a multiple sleeping Pillow? 

  • Softness:

Most of the pillows are soft and that is good for our neck support but when it gets ultra-soft then it may cause neck and shoulder pain. Soft pillows are dangerous sometimes because an ultra-soft pillow takes our head down to a level that is not comfortable for us. It will prevent moving your head according to your body.

  • Thickness:

When a pillow is too higher than your head needed to be or too lower then both of them are dangerous for you and may cause strain to your neck and head.

Take a look before buying these types of pillows if this is medium height then it is okay. Some of the pillows are offering adjustable sizes by inserting or removing foam to give you maximum comfort according to your body.

  • Used Material:

Different pillows used different materials which have several advantages and disadvantages. The density of a pillow is an important factor because our neck and spine also depend on the density of the pillow. Some pillow uses foam some use cotton and some use buckwheat, feather, and many more.

All the pillows are not in the same category. A feather pillow is soft and keeps you cool at night. A soft pillow loses its shape faster than other pillows. On the other hand a latex pillow.

  • Washable Pillow:

There are a variety of pillows found and most of the pillows cannot wash in the machine if you wash the pillow shape get damage. A pillow needs to wash 2-3 times a year.

  • Dust Resistant:

Some pillows offer dust-resistant features so that it doesn’t need to wash if you use the cover of the pillow.

  • Price:

Price is an important factor for some users. Most of the users search for a good pillow at a reasonable price.

  • Safe and Comfortable:

We search for a pillow that is safe to use and keeps us comfortable all night long. Safe means adjusting your neck and shoulder properly and reducing the chances of pain and strain.

Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers


1. Cervical Neck Traction Pillow for Sleeping

A cervical Neck Traction pillow is best for neck support for good sleeping. It’s pricey but such a good pillow. It is designed as ergonomic support and gives a faster result for gentle neck traction. It gives you comfort when you are suffering injury for a long time.

You can put your head to the v shape in the middle of the pillow if you are not comfortable then just turn around to another side. Easy to use both sides of the pillow gives you support. It ensures that you make proper alignment of your neck as well as improve neck posture for sleeping on the side or the back.

There are three sizes of this orthopedic pillow king, queen, and travel. Check out the chart before you order a pillow because if your pillow is too big then your neck will not adjust and it may cause neck pain and soreness.

The pillow will automatically align your neck and shoulder as a result of muscle scolding gets a release. Make you feel comfort a good position and never confrontation to your spine. There is also added massager for the best support for your neck.

If you are facing neck pain, just sleep on the pillow for 10 minutes to get a better result. So it’s a little pricey but the product quality is good so your money will not be wasted and also you can use it for long years.


  • Good work for neck and spine problems and removing the pain
  • Very comfortable feeling.
  • 2 side usable, V side and neck roll side.


  • May cause neck soreness in the beginning.

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2. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Pillow

This ultra-soft pillow is a combination of a small piece of pillow that makes it the best pillow for combination sleepers. Most people like this pillow because it doesn’t get flat even after long use.

The Snuggle-Pedic is good for the neck and posture. The cover has a zipper that is removable to adjust the shape of the pillow. You can use this while sleeping as the side, back, and stomach, and also as a pregnant sleeper.

It is soft and luxurious and also extra breathable Micro-Vented cover is made in the U.S.A. made with 43 percent Viscose of Bamboo, 56.4 percent Polyester, and 6 percent Lycra which makes you cool for all night. Pillows are washable in the machine.

So don’t you think that is a great opportunity for you? This best pillow for side sleepers is also Hypoallergenic and Dust-mite resistant as well as it is Eco-friendly.

It is rolled and vacuum sealed for Eco-Friendly Shipping for the user. The manufacturers use a combination of Bio-green and CertiPUR-US certified foam that is tested. The pillow is so supportive and comfortable that it is designed to contour your spine shape and also gives orthopedic support.


  • Hypoallergenic and Dust mite resistant.
  • This machine-washable pillow is soft and fluffy.
  • Suitable for all types of users and provides comfortable sleeping.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • Though the maximum of the user is happy with it some users complained that it doesn’t support them well.

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3. MALOUF Z Natural Pillow

Z Talalay is an eco-friendly pillow that has been created using latex executed from sustainable rubber trees. It was made to provide the proper amount of air circulation to the user.

While the milky juice transcribed from these tropical trees is lamed spend into a shape and then gives heat to make the unique foam firmness. There are a lot of holes inside it to prevent heat away while sleeping and provide a comfortable sleeping temperature.

The holes are really helpful and breathable making you feel comfortable the large holes will support your head, as well as the small holes, supporting your neck and shoulder.

Talay Latex is so elastic and compatible because of its own production. Different kind of people has body shape and different preferences. So they can choose from three sizes king, queen, and standard sizes.

It also helps with the instant movement of your body and the most accompanying support. Though the pillow is pretty thin than the ordinary pillow but adjusts with you easily.

Latex Zoned Pillow is mildew-proof and dust resistant. This pillow is 4.5loft which is good for stomach sleepers and those who love thinner pillows. The pillow is made of 100 percent Talalay latex foam rubber and the covers are 75 percent polyester and 25 percent rayon from the bamboo fill the cover can be removed easily.


  • The pillow is mildew-proof and dust resistant.
  • Three different sizes-King, Queen, and Standard sizes.
  • The pillow is made of 100 percent pure natural Talay Latex foam and the covers are 75 percent polyester and 25 percent foam bamboo.


  • Some users complained that the pillow is not wider than the original pillow.

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4. WonderSleep PREMIUM Adjustable Loft

Most of pillow got flattens after use for some days but WonderSleep Premium is the solution to your problem as it will not get flattened. It is made of 60 percent polyester.

Above all the pillow contains shredded memory foam filling inside that gives therapeutic relief to the user and the pillow is available in two sets. You can just adjust your foam by removing it or filling it to make it comfortable for you and enjoy your own sleeping experience.

The foam is too soft and molds give you better comfort. Premium fabric will keep your pillow cool and luxurious all night long. The WonderSleep pillow is made of 100 percent shaded memory foam which will support your neck and shoulder as well as remove paint and enhance your valuable sleep.

The pillow has a breathable cover that is made of 40 percent Rayon by bamboo and 60 percent polyester. Another feature of the pillow is that it is dust mite resistant on the other hand it’s also hypoallergenic as a result you can sleep undisturbed.

You are able to machine wash zipped cover and pillow both. It’s really the best pillow for back sleepers with neck and shoulder pain. Two sizes are available King and Queen.


  • Long last and doesn’t get flat.
  • Bamboo-derived rayon design keeps you cool all night long.
  • The adjustable foam you can insert or remove.
  • Dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.


  • Some users complained the pillow smells after they bought it.

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5. Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft

Coop Home Goods is a cross-cut adjustable foam memory foam coated beloved of all. It is an original pillow combed microfiber which makes you feel luxurious and blend with medium support.

This best pillow for sleeping is made of ultra-soft bamboo derived from rayon case to make you feel cool all night long and is also perfect for every type of sleeper. You can adjust your pillow as you feel comfortable because it allows maximum moldability.

Your pillow fails to support you if it is too flat and causes different types of pain and discomfort, as a result, a restless night. When the pillow is too high this is also dangerous to you because it will take your neck upward and make neck soreness.

On the other hand, the Coop pillow is unique in size and shape that will control your proper sleep position. It will give you proper support and comfort for your sleeping. The pillow is Hypoallergenic and Dust resistant and machine washable.

The cover is made in the USA as 60 percent polyester and 40 percent rayon-derived bamboo. You can add or remove the foam of the pillow to maintain the density suitable to you.

There are three sizes available for this pillow – King, Queen, and Standard sizes. King sizes are 20 x 36 inches. The queen size is 20 x 30 inches. and the Standard size is 20 x 26 inches.


  • Ultra soft bamboo-derived rayon case.
  • 5 years long warranty and a 100-night
  • Hypoallergenic and dust resistant.
  • Three sizes available-King, Queen, and Standard.


  • Chemical smell spread to first-time users and after a few days, it will disappear.

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6. Pancake Pillow The Adjustable Layer Pillow

A Pancake pillow is one of the best pillows for stomach sleepers as well as it is also best for side and back sleepers. It is a really unique pillow to others found in the market.

We all have used a pillow before whose height is too high or low this is the main reason we feel neck and shoulder pain. That’s why Pancake is a good pillow because it easily fits everyone and its height is adjustable into six layers giving you comfort at night.

Included six fluffy layers in the pillow are too soft and you can adjust them by adding or removing them to make it the perfect size for you.

The pillow is used 5 stars Luxury Premium Material that is made of 100 percent cotton case for your smooth and luxurious feel. Inside the pillow, it has Hypo-Allergenic Puff Microfiber and the case has three side zippers to open and close and adjusts the layers easily.

Different person has different choices and sleeping position but with Pancake, pillow nothing going to happen wrong because it will adjust as your shape. People love this pillow because of its ultra-luxury cotton and soft-feeling materials.


  • The pillow is divided into 6 soft layers, easy to adjust.
  • 3-sided zipped to adjust the layers easily.
  • The pillow is filled with the softest down microfiber and Hypo-Allergenic.
  • Unique design for another pillow.


  • Some user prosecutes that the pillow gets hot.
  • The pillow gets fluffy after removing the layers.

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7. Core Products Tri-Core Pillow Full Size

Another invention for people to get custom fitting Tri-Core offers two different width neck rolls which is top and bottom support for any type of sleeper.

Best pillow for a side sleeper because it provides generous taller side lobes besides this it also supports the neck to make proper alignment and also reduces neck pain. It keeps your neck in a natural position and aligns the spine accurately.

The pillow provides extra high elasticity resiliency fiver springs back while shrinking for absolute comfort and durability. Tri-Core is made in the USA. Its affordable price is to reach the maximum number of users.

This is the best pillow for combination sleepers that provides extra comfort and last longer than other pillows. This pillow is good for appropriate nerve malfunction and improves the healing of injuries.

Its cover is blended cotton made as breathable and soft that is standard and fits easily to the pillow. This pillow supports orthopedic benefits for back sleepers with the trapezoid-shaped center.

The tri-core pillow makes you feel comfortable all night by supporting the normal obliquity of the neck and spine. This pillow is available in three different sizes to cover the maximum user and all types of sleepers.


  • Affordable price.
  • Best for healing injuries quickly.
  • Blended cotton is made as breathable.
  • Three different sizes are available.


  • The neck support area has no padding or cushion.

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8. The SNÜZ Pillow. More Comfortable. Better Sleep.

The SNUZ Pillow is one of the best ergonomic pillows for a combination sleeper made in the USA. This pillow is offering you a comfortable thing at an affordable price.

This pillow will support you the whole night and gives you refreshed morning. It is a two-chambered design that will never lose its shape or flatten because it holds the fiber in place. Its ergonomic features ensure the proper alignment of your neck, head, and spine and also reduce the chances of the back, neck, and shoulder pain.

It is so soft and cuddles as well as breathable also which is made of premium cotton and silky microfiber. You have never experienced such comfort that gives you an amazing sleep. It also fits the back sleeper that supports the curve of the neck and also heads because of its unique hourglass design.

For the stomach sleeper, the cavity of the bottom is perfect which reduces the pressure on the ear. For the side sleeper, it provides proper alignment of the neck, head, and spine.

The pillow contains a dual chamber which means two pillows together joined and that makes it unique from the traditional one. This pillow keeps you cool and comforts you while sleeping.  The pillow is made of 100 percent cotton in front and back. It is hypoallergenic and also washable too.


  • Affordable price.
  • Made of 300-thread premium cotton.
  • Keeps you cool overnight and reduces the chances of pain.
  • Two-chambered design.


  • Some users complained that it has no head support and goes flat.

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SPRING BED PILLOWS are the best pillows for combination sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers, back sleepers,s and pregnant women.

The pillow is too soft and resistant that never gets flattened consequently it is much more durable. For example, after 50,000 cycles it remains 91 percent volume and 94 softs because it is a permanently soft pillow.

For the back sleeper who changes position overnight this pillow is best for them because it can accommodate any position, for the side sleeper get much support and less pressure stomach sleeper can easily toss and turn.

It was wrapped with 40 inner coils in particular that are capable of individual movement. You are free to move to any position and side as well as align your spine correctly with its springy support.

Moreover, it maintains a sleep position for the back, side, and stomach sleeper, and pregnant women also take your form and sprung sleeping pillows. It helps to recover neck pain, back pain, arthritis, stress, asthma and so many.

The cover is made of 100 percent cotton which is 3D spacer mesh fabric and Polyester microfiber filled. It has cooling breathability and so soft to make you feel cool with fresh air and relieves your pressure.

You cannot wash the pillow cover or dry clean it. Just use a pillow cover to keep the pillow dust and dirt-free. It is proving a 90-day refund guarantee if you are not satisfied and 20 years warranty. The size of the pillow is 26 x 16.5 inches.


  • Suitable for any type of user.
  • Reduces the chances of pain.
  • Cooling, breathable and soft.
  • 90 days refund guarantee and 20 years warranty.


  • Springs popped out after a few days.
  • It didn’t suit some users.

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10. Bamboo Pillow Inside & Out

The Bamboo pillow is one of the suitable natural pillows made to take care of your sensitive neck and spine as well as the best pillow for combination sleepers.

This pillow is special because its casing and the pillow is made and filled with 100 percent bamboo and which is three times softer than cotton and provides you with an extraordinary sleeping experience. You are able to adjust the thickness of the pillow and customize it that gives support to any type of sleeper.

However, it is the best pillow for stomach sleepers, back or side sleepers as well as combination sleepers. Use it as you like fluffy, in the middle, or flat whatever you want. It is also Hypoallergenic for people suffering from allergies.

The pillow provides less fluffy and more comfort. You are going to experience that you never faced because with this pillow you will sleep faster and better and also makes you comfortable through the proper neck, head, and spine alignment. Feel totally rested and refreshed after waking up in the morning.

You may use several traditional pillows but Bamboo Pillow is one of the best Eco-friendly pillows on the planet that keep you cooler than the feather, latex, or shredded memory and offers only a cool cover.

Its breathable and silky soft casing provides air circulation for a cool sleep. You can wash the casing when getting dirty because its casing is easily removable and also machine washable in the cold and toss it in the dryer.


  • Bamboo-made 100 percent natural cool and breathable pillow.
  • Zipped cover to adjust the pillow.
  • Eco-friendly and soft feel.
  • Proper neck, head, and spine alignment.


  • Some users complained the pillow doesn’t fill enough and is less fluffy.

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Final Words:

Congratulations, now you know the different features of the pillow which are going to suit you. Though it’s hard to find a suitable pillow for you until you try some pillows and know their features by using them.

Some of the pillows offering a trial option if you don’t like that you can return them in a specific time period. So nothing to worry about just select the pillow looks good and is well-used material also.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

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