How to Decorate a Bedroom without Windows

How to Decorate a Bedroom without Windows

Living in a windowless room is one of the biggest challenges for many of us. The bedroom will look so dark if you don’t know how to decorate a bedroom without windows. Don’t worry every problem has a solution. You just need to think about the alternative for doing so. You can brighten up your dark and windowless bedroom in a few simple steps.

How to Decorate a Bedroom without Windows:

  • White Painting

White paint everywhere, especially on the ceiling, works great to make a bedroom brighter look without windows. You can also use cream and light gray on the furniture to make it more eye-catchy. If you are having confusion about the paint color of your room you can go through white by closing your eyes.

White also fits your mood if you choose a particular shade of white. White also will make your space looks open and bigger than before. There are no rules for pain in your bedroom you can just apply the tricks to make a cozy bedroom than before.

  • Add Mirrors

Attach a big mirror to the wall or several mirrors in the surrounding of you because mirrors are the best way to expand any small room and also light up the room without windows. The tricks work definitely because the mirror reflects the light from one place to another and increases the brightness of the bedroom.

Several mirrors will reflect surrounding you and capture the whole room at a time. So I think the mirror is the best option for the windowless room. It’s also part of decoration because there are several designs of mirrors found in the market. Choose the mirror according to your room space.

  • Add Smart Art

Smart art and posters derive the best part of the wall as well as a room decoration. It’s really magical to see if you add bigger smart art in the windowless bedroom.

The artworks with bold graphics explore the room as open up as it is also part of the decoration. So don’t hesitate about choosing the best art for your room that also shows your attitude and decorating style.

  • Explore Hidden Lights

Lighting is always awesome for any type of bedroom especially when you have a windowless bedroom. You can just explore your bedroom with several mini lights and yes you have also the mirrors. So explore your room with perfect brightness. Place your mini lights in the wall beams, bookcase, behind the couches or corner of the wall upside.

You can also place the bright lamps to increase the lighting more. Floor lamp with additional shade will increase the bedroom’s style. There are also some lamps that can adjust the brightness depending on your mood. So I think it will make the additional decorations.

  • Add Plants to Your Space 

Green is always preferable to the bedroom. A green plant is a source of oxygen for your bedroom and also makes your bedroom cozy and romantic.

You have a pet that always plays with plants and wasted your plant then you can choose fake plants though it will not serve you oxygen but make you feel the greenery and also best for the windowless bedroom. Green plants over the tabletop or dressers will make your bedroom more attractive believe me.

Final Words:

Hope you have found the best solution about how to decorate a bedroom without windows from the above discussion. There are more options available you can just think about and do it according to your bedroom space.

Though it is so tough to live in a windowless place if you are doing this for money problems or any other problem when you can afford a bedroom with a window.

No matter how you live in any situation natural environment such as light and wind is also important for good health. So I highly recommend avoiding the windowless bedroom as soon as you can afford a bedroom with windows.

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