How to Get Cool Air from One Room to Another

how to get cool air from one room to another


In many apartments we observe that there is a limited option of alternation. That is, you can not change the window or balcony configuration to circulate air throughout the room.

Often, we see that many houses do not have the option of adding central air conditioners. Again, we observe that there is no window or balcony in the living room. And sometimes the kitchen and living rooms tend to remain warm than other rooms.

As a result, on hot summer days, one may experience hot in the room where there is no ventilation. So, you might wonder how you can get rid of this problem. Well, here is the solution.

Of course, you can get cool air from one room to another room. Now the question is how? Using some easy tricks, you can pass cool air from one room to another.

Do you want to know tricks and techniques? Well. Reading this article you will get to know how you can manage your apartment to get cool air everywhere without changing the room architecture.

 Air circulation between two rooms using a table fan

Using a variety of fans, you can easily circulate air or eliminate the use of air conditioners in your house. Among different types of fans, table fans can be efficient to pass air from one room to another.

Table fans are proven to be the most suitable fan due to its durability, flexibility, and cheap rate. This fan requires less energy and the technology of this fan is constantly upgraded.

The side to side and 180-degree movement of the table fan helps to circulate air to every corner of the room. For increasing the convenience of the users, many companies are manufacturing remote control table fans.

Benefits of using table fan in air circulation

The most important benefit is this fan is easy to fit anywhere. That’s why if you have one room with an air conditioner, then close all the doors and windows of that room except the entranceway facing the other room you want to cool. And place your table fan at the entranceway adjoining the two rooms.

The fan will suck the cool air from the colder room and pass it to the hotter area. As a result, the cool air will easily pass to the warmer room and will make you feel comfortable.

If your apartment does not include an air conditioning setup then still you need not worry. Because you can still use this technique to pass air between two rooms that link together.

Placing table fans in the room will increase the cross ventilation throughout the room.

Think out of the box

Besides, planting more trees and providing shades to both the rooms will be more effective to keep cool in summer days. Another important factor is the furniture arrangement of your warm room. You should place your furniture in a way that always keeps an open airway to circulate.

You must also check if there are any air leaks present in the room. In addition, to keep your room cool you can create an external shade by shutters, solar screens, and so on.


For getting a successful cooling room in your apartment, you should place your fan at the right layout. Due to the wrong placement of the fan, you might end up with getting a poor cooling effect.

Hopefully, the basic techniques discussed above will help you to convert a warm room into a cool room. You can also use your own idea by experimenting to find a fruitful way.

So, I think you have a clear concept regarding how to get cool air from one room to another.

Now it is your turn. Apply these tips and make your room cooler than before.  And of course, share your thoughts and ideas with your friends and family.

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