How to Clean a Room Fast a Really Messy Room

Are you bored always living in a messy room? Your room is so messy that you can’t find anything in your room at the time of your need. Actually, no one wants to go through such a situation. But for the lacking of proper technique, they have to tolerate the messy condition of their room.

Believe me, to clean a messy room fast; you just need to know the proper way. And considering all, we have brought up here the detailed process on how to clean a room fast a really messy room.

So, what are thinking about now? Let’s pack up your messy room today. Just work on the system below, and see the magic.

How to Clean a Room Fast a Really Messy Room

Make a Cleaning Plan:

Take a look at all the places in your room first.  Now take a camera in your hand and take pictures of everything in the room.  When you are finished taking pictures, sit at a table with a notepad and pen. Take a look at each picture and write down on the notepad what tasks you need to do to make this room well-organized.

Now create a room cleaning checklist according to all available furniture or staff present in your room. For example, one checklist for your wardrobe, one is for your clothes, one is for your table, one for your books, and so on.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Things:

Remove useless furniture and materials from your room. Then take the big three plastic baskets and label them, and write the required item, donatable item, and garbage item.

Then put all the items in your room into the box according to the level.

Drop the garbage items into the dustbin, and donate the donate items to any charitable organization.

Notice that, if you have anything useful but now you do not want to use them, donate such things to any needy person or ask your friends or relatives if anyone wants to take them.

If there is any item present in the room that you borrowed from someone else, immediately return it to them.

Never store any old newspapers, magazines, in your room. Take them out of your room and put them in the garbage store.

Now notice that all the unnecessary items in your room have gone out of the room.

Organized Your Furniture and Other Room Stuff Properly:

Let’s see how you can organize all the furniture and accessories in your room.  We have brought some ideas for you today; hope they will help you a lot.

1. Use a Box Bed:

Use a box bed.  Under such a bed, there is a separate box or drawer.  You can put different things in that drawer.  Such as extra pillows, blankets, books, magazines, charger lights, etc.  Or you can also use this box under the bed as a drawer for clothes.  It will also save many spaces.

2. Manage Your Wardrobe:

Never store unnecessary clothing in your wardrobe.  Keeping the inside of the closet too messy will not give you peace of mind.  Well organize all the cleaning clothes and place them in the wardrobe.  And take the dirty clothes out of the closet and put them in the washing machine.

3. Use Side Table:

Select a side table that looks smaller in size to match your bedroom.  Place the telephone, table lamp, table watch, etc. onto the side table.  Also, side table drawers will serve as a lot of extra space in your home.  In this drawer, keep a small variety of things such as your phone, laptop, glasses, pens, headphones, dairy, etc.

4. Dressing Table Management:

Instead of a heavyweight dressing table, consider buying a small dresser with a long, full-length mirror.  Hang the small jewelry and work items on the mirror drawer board wall.  And putting all the cosmetics into the drawer it will help to clean a room fast really messy room.

5. Use Simple Furniture:

Remove extra items; minimize the furniture you don’t need. Invest in some excellent and two-sided furnishings, utilize cane and plastic boxes and trays, and take maximum advantage of your walls.

6. Shelf and Baskets Can be Your Best Friend:

Colored baskets made of cane are available in various sizes and designs in the market today.  Not only are these qualitatively robust, but these beautiful baskets can also bring a touch of color to your room.  Put clothes, baby toys, and various other things into the basket.

7. Use Small Boxes or Trays:

They are perfect for organizing perfumes, cosmetics, medicines, ornaments, books, and other things.  If you can arrange your items in a specific tray or box, there is no chance of garbage in the room.  Remember that your purpose here is to make your small space spacious and functional.  Because if a room is used for a variety of purposes, it is quite easy to create a pile of rubbish or unnecessary items.  Different trays and boxes will help you to keep your room hassle free always.

8. Increase Room Storage:

A nightstand with an open shelf can make extra space for storage.  Moreover, the rack on the wall also increases the amount of storage and can be used as a display too.  The primary purpose here is to keep your messy room clean and to make a smaller area more efficient.  So beautifully organize your various unorganized items on these shelves.

9. Set Up the Desk:

You may do not have a separate study room or a different working room.  In this case, keep your reading desk or bookshelf well organized inside your bedroom.  After reading the book or watching any official documents, keep them in a proper place, and then get up.

10. Clean All Dust:

When all the furniture and other items in the room are well organized, wipe all the furniture with a thin and wet cloth.

Wipe the room (i.e., floor, wall corners, and ceiling) with clean water.

Keep the window curtains separate for washing. Clean the glass wall or the dressing mirror with a glass cleaner.

Wipe electronic items such as computers, television, fan, etc. with a dry cloth.

Check and Double-Check:

Once you finished organizing your whole furniture and room Staff properly, check manually if is there any more garbage in your room.

Take a checklist with a list of all the cleaning tasks in your room. Re-check every portion of your cleanroom and put a tick mark on that portion of your checklist.


A messy room doesn’t seem good to anyone. Even the person who always makes the room dirty doesn’t want to live in a garbage-filled place.

We all love to get our rooms clean and tidy.  But this is possible only if we know how to clean a room fast really messy room.

So, start working on the above steps, and turn your room into a neatly decorated room.

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