How to Make Soundproof Your Bedroom

After returning home from outside or at a tired moment everyone wants to get rest in a silent environment. But the maximum time we get irritated with the sound comes from outside or inside the home.

The sound may be kid’s gameplay sound, TV sounds, cooking sound, neighbors’ quarrel sound, car horns even the sounds of the clock ticking and water drops become a matter of bitterness. Is there any solution for this sound problem to remove forever from your bedroom?

Yes, there are a few steps you need to do to get rid of these types of sounds forever. But you need to work a lot to solve this. It will be easy if you do as I say. I hope you are ready to do these steps to soundproof your bedroom.

How to Make Soundproof Your Bedroom

Steps to Soundproof Your Bedroom:

1. Cover All Airways:

When you are listening to sound from the next door of your room then there must be a hole from where the air passes into your room. And that is the exact reason you listen to all the sounds from the surrounding area of your room. Because air can easily pass from there. So sound also can pass easily. Try to identify the holes connected with other rooms and cover those spaces to stop noise from passing through your room.

2. Soundproof Your Doors and Windows:

The sound will come through your bedroom door gap. Use a draft stopper to stop the sound coming from outside of your room. This may be homemade or bought from outside. The draft dropper must be elastic so that it can easily adjust and move with the door. Just place it once and you don’t need to put that again and again. To cover the gap of the window trying to use things according to the gap of your window. If there is nothing to fill the gap try to tape that place.

3. Use a Heavy Curtain:

The heavy curtain also works as soundproofing your room. But it doesn’t stop the sound in the open window. So close your window and cover it with a heavy curtain to get a better result. There are several soundproof curtains found in the market and you can choose a light curtain to get better support.

4. Reflected Noise from Wall:

When your room has furniture then there may reflect a sound from the wall and small sounds may get bigger. Try to stop reflected noise by adding wall shelves or wall covers. You can cover the ceiling also to get the proper value.

5. Use a Thick Rug:

Using a thick rug also reduces the noise in your bedroom and makes a completely soundproof bedroom. A hard floor is another reason to reflect sound. Try to fill all the spaces free from furniture. Using a rug also increases the room’s beauty and gives comfort to feel while walking.

6. Use Silent Wall Clocks:

Silent wall clocks derive your room noise-free while you sleep or take rest. At night some small sound can be the reason for a sleepless night. There are several people who can’t sleep at night to a single sound. Most of the clocks sound tick-tock at the night and this sound becomes a major problem at night. So the silent wall clock is the solution to a noise-free environment.

7. Use Noise-free Fan:

A noise-free fan will make your bedroom silent. When a fan gets damaged or maximum high powered fan makes a lot of noise. There are a lot of fans found in the market which don’t make a noise try to use them in your bedroom.


It’s not possible to make your room completely noise-free but the steps I have mentioned above will let you prevent smaller noises. But high sound cannot be prevented, how much you afford. Always try to use environmentally supported materials and silent products to keep your bedroom noise-free from the inside.

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