10 Best Silent Wall Clocks 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Best silent wall clocks (non-ticking)

Wall clock is momentous but sometimes it becomes a matter of bitterness. At night any little sound becomes a giant one for us, for example, water drops and ticking sound of the clock. Believe me, it is one of the greatest problems for people like me who cannot sleep in any single sound at night.

We are used to it, right? There are lots of silent clocks that make your room noise free. But you will be confused to decide which clock is silent and which are not because all look the same. So I have reviewed the best silent wall clocks that are quite good design and suitable for your room.

We know time is a valuable thing for every step of our life. You can realize the value of time when you are working, taking time to time medicine, meeting with some important person or watch favorite serials without watching the time you will miss everything.

There are many people who sleep very sensitive and their sleep got broken in a little noise. So the clocks ticking noise become giant for them and this is the result of the sleepless night. But nothing to worry there are several silent wall clock found for those people who cannot sleep in the single sound.

Over 95 percent of houses use a wall clock to maintain their daily activities.  So we can say that the wall clock is momentous for every person. Do you know there are different types of clocks found in the market? And yes, their features and functionality are also different according to company and price range.

You can take a look at these best quiet wall clocks to your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, garage, office or any other place and you don’t need to pull out your mobile again and again to check the time when you are at home.

Before going for the full review, check out the table for the latest clocks overview.

Clock Name 

OLDTOWN Retro Clock

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Foxtop Silent Wall Clock

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DreamSky Wall Clock

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Adalene Faux Wall Clock

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HITO Non-Ticking Clock

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Cockii Silent Wall Clock

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RELIAN Decorative Clock

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Bjerg Instruments Wall Clock

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Plumeet Large Number Clock

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Fzy.bstim Wall Clock

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Best Silent Wall Clocks Review:

1. OLDTOWN Retro Noiseless Wall Clock

The best silent wall clock that totally noise free and unique look that is the OLDTOWN wall clock. Though its price is higher enough than the other clock I have reviewed earlier. But I am sure you are going to like the clock features and the design. So let me tell you about the features of the clock.

OLDTOWN clock is available in two different sizes one is 12 inch and another is 23 inches. Both of the clocks used the same design just a smaller clock used some different shade in its number.

The clock uses the Quartz Movement feature and hand runs smoothly that’s the reason the clock doesn’t make a tick-tick noise. There are two hands in this clock. For the first time use put the battery and observe the clock hands if it is working or not.

The manufacturer used hand-painted wood, fiberboard and metal hands to the clock. So you can use the clock as wooden wall art. It is lightweight to hang any place because it is made of MDF fiberboard.

The frame of the clock is attached with two concentric circles which retain the numbers and in the middle three gear wheels are combined each other’s to make the clock more attractive looking. The gear wheel doesn’t move from the place. The clock runs with an AA battery (battery not included with the clock).


  • 23-inch big size silent wall clock.
  • Made of painted wood, MDF fiberboard, and metal hands.
  • Non-ticking silent clock.
  • Very attractive and unique design.
  • 30 days return and lifetime warranty for clock movement.


  • Some user complained that cheap material used in the clock.

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2. Foxtop Silent Non-Ticking wall clock

Foxtop is another revolution of silent wall clock for kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room, study room or office. The faux wood background introduces you to a rustic look as well as you can also use as an antique wall decoration.

Most importantly its large white numbers are easy to read for any kind of viewers and show accurate time. This clock has only the minute and hours hands and both are black color.

When you need a silent room for work or sleep and you are faded off to your older clock for noise in a quiet room then here is your solution to enjoying the undisturbed night and noiseless environment because its Quartz Movement features.

It is very easy to install the clock and easy to hang in any place through its back hook. You just need to pix the hook properly with the wall. The clock will not get dirty easily because it is cased with the flat lens so it is dust and debris resistant.

You need to use AA-size high-quality battery (not included with clock) to get longtime support with the clock. The clocks dimension is 12.1 x 1.8 x 12.1 inches and the weight 1.1 pounds.


  • Size of the clock 12-inch.
  • Quartz Movement feature dim noiseless clock.
  • Dust and debris resistant.
  • Easy to read to the viewers.
  • Adjusted with a hook, easy to hang any place.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Some users complained that the clock looks cheaper than it showed in the picture.

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3. DreamSky Decorative Non-Ticking Wall Clock

If you are looking for the best silent wall clock that doesn’t make noise then DreamSky is one of the simple and well-designed quiet clocks. The clock includes three black hands that show the hour, minute and the second color and the background is white.

It ensures a good sleeping and works environment because of its 10-inch basic dial. However, you can adjust this clock to your home, kitchen, bedroom or office. Visible from any corner of the room because the numeric indicator is a quiet large and 3D view that tracks time very clearly.

Most of the clock use cardboard in the back of the clock and easily get damaged in moisture and wet season, on the other hand, this clocks back is made of lightweight US source pure ABS plastic which is the weather-resistant case, lens, and hands, as a result, it remains dry and doesn’t get damaged in any weather.

Its classic black frame is so simple and elegant that it attracts any viewer’s attention and also well for decorating a room. In addition installation of the non-ticking wall clock target is so easy, just hang the clock to your suitable place using the hook and that’s it.

The clock is operated by a single AA battery (not included with clock), insert the high-quality battery to use clock longer. The display size of the clock is 10 x 10 x 1 inch and colors available Blue and Pink. The company assures 30 days return and refund opportunity if you are not satisfied and 12 months replacement warranty.


  • Size of the clock 10 inches.
  • Noise-free silent wall clock.
  • Black hands in the white
  • Easy to read the clock time.
  • Weather-resistant ABS plastic used, Survive longer.


  • Some user complained that cheap material used.

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4. Adalene Faux Bronze Silent Wall Clock

If you are willing to take a look a new clock that is simple and standard as well as supports you most then you should go for the Adalene Faux Bronze clock.

Any kind of person will like this clock because it is pretty cool looking. The most important fact about this clock is it runs on the Quartz Movement and doesn’t make noise. Basically, the diameter of the clock is 13 inches as it is made of elegant bronze with an age treatment clock.

The black Arabic numeral analog display used to complete the clock because anyone can easily read the numbers. The dial of the clock is eye-catchy because all the 3 hands are black color and the display background is white.

Another good thing about the clock is made with acrylic crystal cover that means it is scratch-resistant and shatters proof. Though the clock face is a bit smaller it is quite wide to adjust in any wall.

Meanwhile, the clock is suitable to hang to outdoors or indoors, your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, study room or office. However, you may use a lot of wall clock but Adalene is a modern clock that is easily adjustable to any wall color.

The clock is operated with one AA high-quality battery (not included with the clock) to get longtime support.


  • The 13-inch diameter of the clock.
  • Faux bronze frame.
  • Easy to read the time.
  • Affordable price.
  • Noise-free movement of the hand.


  • Some user complained the clock stopped working after few days.

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5. HITO Non-Ticking Wall Clock

Wall clock is useful to decorate your room wall to make more attractive besides to watch time. It’s also important to choose the clock that doesn’t make noise.

So HITO is the combination of all of them. This clock is silent because it has an extra better sweeping second hand that moves smoothly. Some of the clock time gets slow after a few days where HITO ensures the accuracy of the time and static performance.

It is one of the long-lasting clocks that exist in the present market. The weight of the clock is 1.19 pounds. Perfectly fits in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, large hall or office wall. Its design is unique that you can use it as wall art.

Added a temperature gauge and humidity gauge in this clock that made it a more stylish look but things that need to keep in mind that it doesn’t show accurate data as a professional machine. These gauges are added for the decoration of the clock hands.

The front of the clock is covered with glass. The large number and hands make this clock acceptable and easy to read for the user. It is available in five different colors and the hands color is also adjusted with its dial and body.

The bedroom wall clock is operated with one AA battery. The high power battery will support longer to the clock up-to 1 year.


  • Size of the clock 10 inches.
  • Non-ticking noise-free clock.
  • The frame is made of silver aluminum.
  • Five different colors are available.
  • Attached temperature and humidity gauges.
  • Affordable price.

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6. Cockii Silent Wall Clock 3D Numbers

This Clock comes with a perfect design and configured according to the users choice. It ensures you to a noise-free room when you are suffering from other clocks that make you a sleepless night. The clock is so simple and elegant that it attract any readers.

There included 3D numbers in this modern clock and classic minute and hour hands as well as second hands to measure every step of the time clearly. Because of the Quartz movement, the clock shows a stable and accurate time.

The main difference between these clocks is the frame that is made of ABS plastic on the other hand crystal glass lens for the better view. Most of the frame of the clock gets damaged during the winter because of humidity but Cockii clock is waterproof and fog-resistant alongside dust resistant, that’s why it’s last longer.

The diameter of the non-ticking wall clock is 13 inches. Most importantly it has provided the large white number in the black background to make the view perfect to the readers. The clock is best for the classroom, bedroom, bathroom, living room, hotel, kitchen, gym, office, and library.

Whether others some of the clocks are difficult to installation and set-up but this clock has a nail slot in the back and also a hanger, so simply hang the clock to the wall. Need a high-quality AA battery (not included) to run the clock for a long time because the clock is power saving.


  • Size of the clock 13 inches.
  • Quartz movement makes the clock noise-free.
  • Crystal glass front and 3D numbers.
  • Water and fog resistant ABS plastic material used.

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7. RELIAN Decorative Silent Wall Clock

The different clock has a different classification and different designs. RELIAN is the best silent wall clock that is different from others. Best use for your reading, working, discussion or planning because it doesn’t make tick-tick noise like other traditional clocks do.

So it ensures a disturbance-free and happy sleeping night. The frame is designed without cover and glass. Its unique design will decorate your room walls beside seeing time as well.

The view of the clock is really cool, the combination of ocean, awesome beach image and combination of blue, gray, yellow color made this clock perfect.

You can attach the clock to your bedroom, living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, office or any colorful wall. When it comes about the numbers, really they are larger that are easy to understand as well as children can also easily learn about time from this clock and the numbers are Arabic.

As you can see the clock is not framed and no glass used that’s the reason it is too lightweight that you can easily hang the clock through the hook and you don’t need to drill the wall. The clock is operated by the Quartz Movement which makes the smooth movement and keeps the accurate time.

RELIAN clock needs one AA battery to run and the high-quality battery will support the clock longer because it is energy-saving clock.


  • Size of the clock 13.5 inches.
  • No tick-tick sound, silent wall clock.
  • Affordable price.
  • Very lightweight clock.
  • Easy to install and hang through the hook.


  • Need to be extra careful because of the unframed front, hands may damage if something wrong.
  • Some user complained their clock stopped after a few

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8. Bjerg Instruments Modern Wall Clock

Stainless steel and glass front cover made the perfect minimalist wall clock that is totally unique, simple and elegant. Bjerg introduces you to a modern clock that is 12 inches diameter across the steel frame.

The clock is a bit larger so that you can set it to your bedroom, dining room, living room, bathroom, school, office or any large hall room.

The clock is non-ticking and silent because it has three hands that run smoothly. Any readers can read the time easily because its Arabic number is bigger so that it catches the reader’s attention.

Numbers are easily seen from a specific range. You can use your clock as a décoration to your wall because its steel figure and lens make its design contemporary and high quality.

These clocks are available in two colors. Though steel remains the same color background and color of the numbers are changed. In the black background back numbers are used on the other hand on white background black numbers are used.

Things need to remember that on white background those black numbers are a little bit smaller than the black one but still it is eye catchy. The clock is easy to hang in any wall, no additional efforts need to install this clock, just hang through the hook.

It is operated by one AA high-quality battery (battery included with the clock). Clock dimensions 12 x 2 x 12 inches and weight are 2.05 pounds.


  • Size of the clock 12 inches.
  • Non-ticking silent decorative wall
  • Stainless steel frame and glass front cover.
  • Affordable price.
  • Battery included with the clock.

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9. Plumeet Large Number Wall Clock

Plumeet is totally different from the other clock I have reviewed before because of its large number and black dial make it more gorgeous. The clock has a 13-inch diameter that is very easy for any person to read and understand.

This is a non-ticking silent wall clock and it has a large 3D numeric indicator that can track every minute and hour from any space and corners of the room.

The Quartz Movement Technology that makes the clock run smoothly and shows accurate time, as a result, it doesn’t make ticking sound which makes great working and sleeping environment.

The installation process of the clock is very easy because there included installation kit and there is no needed to use hammer or screw so that you can hang it any place of the room.

The clock is best for uses in the bedroom, dining room, living room, study room, bathroom, kitchen, and office. It can be best for gift someone special on a birthday, Christmas or marriage anniversary.

Clock powered and run by a single AA battery (not included with clock). The size of the clock is 13 x 13 x 1.6 inches and weight is 1.9 pounds.


  • Size of the clock 13 inches.
  • Non-ticking silent clock.
  • 13-inch diameter with 3D Large number; easy to read.
  • Easy to install in the wall.

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10. Fzy.bstim Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock

Whether there are several clocks you may use but the FZY.bstim are best decorative wall clocks among them because it has manufactured with large numbers that are easy to read and understand to its viewers.

Considering your happiness and time value the research team invented the nonstop sweep quartz movement with the latest technology to make your room noise-free and shows the accurate time. It has attached a glass cover that makes its view perfect on the other hand with its bracket you are also able to use it as a table/desk clock.

This clock has a super quality Quartz Sweep Movement that ensures and shows accurate time, as a result, non-ticking features the wall clock quiet environment.

Most importantly the clock has thermometer and hygrometer that ensures the accurate temperature and humidity which calculated by the sensor. Moreover, the clock is stunning and elegant because of its classic metal frame and dial face.

You can adjust this noiseless smooth sweeping best wall clocks to your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, living room or any other place. The clock’s power mainly operated by one AA size battery which is not included and you must keep in mind that a good battery will save the energy of the clock and can be used for a longer time.

The best part of the clock is you can easily install to any place of your home because of its traceless hook. The size of the clock is 10 inches (10 x 10 x 2.2 inches) and weight is 1.3 lb.


  • Size of the clock 10 inches.
  • Non-ticking clock easy to read.
  • Glass cover and metal frame.
  • Thermometer and hygrometer to show temperature and humidity.


  • Some users complained their clock stopped working after a few days of buying.

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Why Use an Analog Clock Over the Digital Clock:

No one likes extra noise that could irritate people and the digital clock is totally non-ticking and noise free but still, there are major differences between them that is the reason we still like the features of the analog clock. We always consider that the digital clock has a greater look and features than the analog clock because the digital clock comes with several features that analog clock doesn’t but it’s not true. Now a day’s most of the analog clock has such several opportunities and modern look that will make you consider choosing analog clock.

Most importantly some analog clock offers some extra opportunities that digital clock has such as calendar. Truly said I cannot remember the date every day and how much I see but in the last I forget but now my problem is solved because some analog has a built-in date option that changes automatically in the next day. So I don’t need to remember the days and dates. Whenever I need to know I just see in my digital clock.

List of best silent (quiet) wall clocks

Some analog clock has more extra opportunities than a digital clock. Most importantly it’s your decision whether you need a digital clock or analog clock.

  • Energy Saving:

Analog clock is energy saving than any other clock. It runs only one battery and sometimes with one battery it runs over years without any replacement. Every user wants a clock which will save energy and cost.

So you just need to find out the clock from the previous user reviews because you are a new user and you don’t know the features and cons of that clock.

  • Easy to Read and Learn:

The analog clock is easy to read for any type of user. Children can also learn time very easily from an analog clock. From children to older people anyone can use and read the time of the analog clock. Sometimes we make a mistake to identify between digit “8 and 0” in a digital clock because both of them look the same.

  • Easy to Calculate Elapsed Time:

It is easy to calculate and understand elapsed time very effectively and efficiently through the analog clock where the digital clock is failed because we can see all the numbers in analog clock together and that’s why it’s easy to estimate elapsed time.

  • More Reliable:

Most of the digital clock fails to show accurate time, you may see the time is running faster but the maximum time will run slower than the exact one. This is one of the major problems we must face earlier. If your clock is not reliable you have to check again and again and need to confirm through another clock or maybe use a mobile phone to see the time.

On the other hand, the analog clock is more reliable than the digital one. You may ask how? Well, I have discussed earlier that analog clock is energy saving and you may realize that most of the clock runs slowly because their battery gets damage or power became lower.

  • Long Lasting:

Whether it comes about long-lasting, you cannot think without an analog clock. Some analog clock that runs with a battery may last 4 to 8 years depending on the quality of the clock and battery used. The clock which is handmade survives for a longer.

  • Low Cost:

There are several luxury wall clock brands of a digital clock low to the high but analog clock is cheaper than the digital clock. Though it varies according to the brand and quality of the clock. You can get the best quality analog clock at a lower cost.

  • Smart Design:

Now a day’s most of the analog clock is well designed that you can use as a decoration to the wall. The design is eye catchy that it can attract any readers attention. There are many people who use digital clock because of their look, but they don’t know that there are several analog clocks which are good design than the digital clock.

Choosing the Best Quiet Wall Clocks:

There are several factors that can change the user experience of the clock. I know most of us to prefer for the look of the clock when buying but you have to choose a clock that will serve you for years or more.

It’s also true your clock will support you according to your home weather and environment. In the wet weather, the normal clock will not survive. So let’s take a look shortly the factors to choose a quite durable wall clock.

  • Silent / Noise free:

It is the most important factor to choose the large silent wall clocks from different types of clock. You can imagine how I have collected information about the non-ticking wall clock target after some research and generated reviews of different users. So it’s not so easy to find out the silent clock that doesn’t make noise.

  • Price:

Most of the analog clock offers high-quality products at a lower cost. But sometimes the price could be higher according to the material used in the product. So you don’t need to worry about the price of the silent analog clock it would be lower than the digital clock.

  • Room:

We need to consider our room space and place where to attach the clock because if our room space is smaller then we need to choose a clock that is small and fit for our wall. If we attach a large clock in our smaller room then it may look a bit strange.

  • Design:

The design is one of the important factors for choosing a clock. We use a clock not only read the time but also for decorating our room walls. If the clock doesn’t look good your room impression may be reduced to the viewers and create a bad impression. Some people judge a person by his/her using accessories. So choose a unique design that suits you best.

Final Words:

Congratulations, finally you have finished the article and now you know all the features that the best silent wall clock has. I hope you have already found your desired clock from my list. Though there is a lot of clock with different features, price range, and sizes of the clock.

We tried to show you a good quality clock at an affordable price. One thing you must remember that most of the clock doesn’t provide a battery with the clock and I have expressed with every product in the bracket if that has battery included or not. One of the biggest barriers of the clock is that you cannot see the time at dark, you need to use a lamp or light to see the time.

Choose the best clock which has different features with lower price and checks the pros and cons of the product that I included with every product before buying because I want you to know what people have experienced earlier with that product.

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