Stop Losing Time : Learn How to Fix Loose Minute Hand of Clock

We cannot deny the importance of a clock in your daily life. In fact, the clock helps you to maintain your daily routine.

But imagine the situation when your wall clock or hand clock doesn’t provide you with the exact time. It can happen for various causes. The minute hand loose is one of them.

This kind of situation is really unquiet for you. So you need to fix this problem. And to fix this problem, do you need a complete guideline on how to fix loose minute hand on time?

But the important question is, how can you find a proper guideline? Don’t worry. Here is a proper guideline on it. Let’s explore more.

How to Fix Loose Minute Hand

How to Fix Loose Minute Hand on Time of Clock?

Firstly try to find out the exact reason for this problem. Because without determining the exact problem, you can’t find a solution. To determine the exact problem, look at the clock very carefully. And check all of the potential facts.

After finding the exact problem, follow the described ways to fix it.


Tight Your Center Hex Nut

If your center hex nut is too loose, try to tighten it. Use your screw in this task. Follow the described steps.

  • Bring your minute hand up to the 12.
  • Down the flat surface.
  • Press the minute hand and hour hand down on the center shaft.
  • Tighten the center hex nut.
  • After tightening, your problem is fixed. You can try another option if you face the problem again.


Narrow the Hole

If your minute hand’s hole is too big, then try to narrow it. As the hole of the minute hand is too big, so it is not exactly matched in the hour hand. And it is too loose. So you have to narrow the hole.

To narrow the hole, follow the steps.

  • Sheet the hole with a piece of copper.
  • Fill in the hole.
  • After filling it in, drill it to get the exact hole.
  • At last, cut the hole with a square rat-tail.
  • Get an exact hole.

Now, attach the minute hand with the hour hand.


Replace Your Parts

After doing the same if you again face the problem, try to replace the parts of the clock. When the hour hand is all right but the minute hand is not, replace the minute hand. Use a new one.

When your minute hands are working well, replace the hex nut. Sometimes the hex nut can lose its durability. So use a new one.

To replace the parts of a clock, follow the described steps.

  • Remove the minute and hour hands from the center shaft.
  • Remove the center hex nut.
  • Now, use a new hex nut. Push it down to attach. Use the necessary instruments to do it perfectly.
  • Now push the minute and hour hands.
  • Finally, tighten it.


Reset the Minute Wheel

Sometimes the minute wheel can be damaged. When you find that the minute wheel is damaged, you have to reset it if possible.

Another way is, replacing the minute wheel. Though replacing is tough to do, it is the only way when it is damaged. To do this, follow the described process.

  • Remove the back cover.
  • Choose the exact wheel which is perfect for your clock.
  • Remove the damaged wheel.
  • Replace a new one.
  • Reattach the back cover.

Now the minute hand is all right. So you can easily use your wall clock or hand clock.



We all need exact time in our daily life. A well-performed clock can help us greatly. You cannot imagine a well-performed clock unless you fix the loose minute hand on time.

We believe that by following the described processes, you will be able to fix the problem. Try to maintain your personal safety while working with a clock.

We hope you got an easy and clear concept now on how to fix loose minute hands on time. The described processes are not tough to apply. So you can apply these ways very easily.

Actually, there are no set rules or ways to fix this type of problem. But, never forget to determine the exact problem. If you are able to determine the exact problem, then you can understand which way is suitable for you.

So follow the ways very carefully and fix the loose minute hand on time.

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