How Long Should A Sump Pump Run After Rain

A sump pump is a device generally used to remove the water from your house. It is also used for a wide variety of purposes. You can shift water from your shower, washing machine, dishwasher, and rainwater.

Now, the question is, how long should a sump pump run after rain? Well, you will get the answer to this question after reading this article.

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How Long Should A Sump Pump Run After Rain

How long should a sump pump run after rain?

Generally, a sump pump can run after rain for two to three days constantly. This period can be varied from pump to pump. At the same time, it depends on the soil condition of the house.

However, there are specific reasons behind this running process. You have to know these reasons as a user of a sump pump.

Let’s explore more.


You need to use a sump pump for a lot of reasons.

Firstly, you need to install a sump pump to avoid water flooding conditions. Especially when you are a citizen of an area that gets flooded frequently, you must use a sump pump.

Secondly, it extracts the moisture of the soil. 60% of American homeowners have basement moisture. The American Society of Home Inspectors has shown this statistic. However, you must need a sump pump if you want to eliminate the moisture of your house.

Finally, you need a sump pump to avoid structural damage to your house. Keep in mind that the stored water can damage the basements of the house.


The working process of the sump pump

A sump pump has a very easy working process. The pump starts to work when the water gets stored and reaches a certain level. After getting stored, the water will start to flow through the pipes and reach your pump.

Now, the pump gets a signal from the pressure sensor. Then it starts to send the water outside of your house. And most interestingly, you will hear a humming sound when the pump starts to work.

However, when the cord of the pump is unplugged, then your pump doesn’t run. So, make sure that the cord is plugged into the outlet correctly.


Why does a sump pump run after the rain?

Imagine the situation if there is no sump pump in your house. So, after heavy rainfall, what will be held? Undoubtedly, you will face a flood situation. To avoid this kind of situation, you need to install a sump pump in your house.

A sump pump works for various reasons. But, when the water gets stored after a rainfall, it will need to drain. For draining the water, the pump starts to run.

So, it is clear that the pump will run after high water pressure.


The soil condition and sump pump working system

Sometimes, the working process of the sump pump depends on the soil condition of your house. It happens because the water may be drained very quickly or slowly.

However, the wet soil contains excessive moisture. Hence, the pump can’t remove the water very quickly. So, the sump pump can run for a very long time after a heavy rainfall if your soil is not very permeable or very wet.

On the other hand, permeable soil lets a sump pump remove the water very quickly. It happens because of the low moisture of the soil. So, the sump pump will run for a short period, even after heavy rain, if your soil contains low moisture.


Some necessary tips

  • Check the pump regularly so that any issue can’t take place.
  • As it is an electrical device, it can face various problems while removing the water. So, regular maintenance is highly required for a sump pump.
  • Keep in mind that the sump pump has a specific dimension for removing water.
  • If it needs to drain more water than its capacity, it can take more time. So try to install another pump if needed.



There is no specific time for running a pump after rain. But your pump should run a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 3 or 4 days.

However, I hope you have got your answer to the question of how long should a sump pump run after rain. And I believe that you will be able to measure the running period of your sump pump.

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