How to Fix a Clock That Runs Slow Solve Quickly

How to Fix a Clock That Runs Slow


Wall clock becomes valueless if it fails to show the exact time when it needs badly. Some of the clocks start showing wrong time and left behind than other clocks.  I know you are facing the same problem that’s why you are looking for the solution.

Don’t worry about that because you will get your valuable information here. You cannot stay a single moment without looking at the time of the clock. But when you see your clock stuck in a place after using a new battery then it really hurts. And if the clock is your favorite one, then this pain cannot be explained.

You don’t need to be an expert to repair a wall clock just need to know how to fix a clock that runs slow. I think you got the perfect matching clock that suits your bedroom, living room or dining room. It may be one of your favorite clocks that someone special gifted to you and you don’t want to lose that at any cost.

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How to Fix a Clock That Runs Slow & Solution:

So let’s move to the causes of why the clock losing time in the first place:

There may be several reasons for the stuck of hands or losing the time of a clock. You have to find out where the problem is happening. If you got the exact point then your clock can be fixed.

1. Battery-Operated:

If your clock is battery operated then it’s possible the battery is too old or battery running for a few days and lose its power. So make firstly make sure its power is good that can run the clock.

Most of the quartz clock starts losing its time because of the end of the power of the battery. If your battery is damaged then it will be good news for you. Just replace the battery with newer batteries and the battery does not cost enough.  So take a chill pill…hehe

2. Electronic Clock:

If your clock is electric and operated by cable and electricity then possible its wire is affected and you can try by replacing the cable with a new cable. If the electric clock doesn’t work after replacing the cable then possible it gets damage from inside or the clock hand could be the reason for running slow the clock.

Try to free the clock hands from each other or make them straight if it’s rotated. Don’t pull the clock hand until you get to confirm the problem in its hand.

Final words:

It’s really irritating when you, again and again, change your clock because of having the wrong time and some of the clocks also irritate with its ticking sound. Nothing to worry take a look at our non-ticking silent wall clock that will not make noise while you are sleeping or relaxing with taking tea in your living room.

When our batteries get too damaged, it is possible the clock is also damage after long time use. So make sure you change your batteries before it gets too older.

Change the batteries before its power end absolutely. An inactive battery will damage your clock. If your clock is damaged then it is difficult to fix the clock again. Hope this article helps you to fix your favorite clock again and you enjoy every moment.
Have a nice day. Thank you!

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