10 Best Portable Laptop Stand 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

best portable laptop stands

Most of the laptop users get disappointed with their continuous use of laptops because after long time use maximum user feels eye strains along with neck pain.  This is one of the continuous problems for them and they don’t get any proper solution even after going to the specialist. And they also can not stop using the laptop.

Nothing to worry, portable laptop stand is the best solution to your problem. The portable laptop stand also helps you to carry it with you everywhere. It is also important to keep your laptop equal to your eye level to prevent eye strain and neck pain.

Our expert has reviewed several laptop stands based on their style, durability, price, features, and customer satisfaction. Hope it will help you to get your desired one.

So let’s take a look at the table view of the best portable laptop stand.


Laptop Stand Name 

Roost Portable Laptop Stand

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Avantree Portable Laptop Table

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Rain Design Laptop Stand

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Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser

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AmazonBasics Laptop Stand

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AOOU Cool Desk Laptop stand
AOOU Cool Desk Laptop stand

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Vented Laptop Table Stand Riser

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Desk York Adjustable Laptop Stand

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Nexstand Laptop Stand

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TriGear x Wing Adjustable Stand

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Best Portable Laptop Stands Review:



1. Roost Adjustable & Portable Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stand is an easily adjustable and best portable laptop stand that is popular to the people and features made in the USA. This portable laptop stands weight is just 5.8 ounces.

The lightweight adjustable laptop stand is perfect powerful formation, portable, a sturdy and flexible design, as a result, it fits almost all laptop and MacBook. For the ideal computing, it will be the best.

Are you worried about carrying your laptop stand? Don’t worry here is your solution, you can easily carry because it is 0.75 inches thick that fits perfectly anywhere with your backpack, briefcase or laptop bag.

In addition, you can also set portable mouse and keyboard which is optional and height are also adjustable from 6 to 12 inches for eye level laptop viewing to get the ultimate ergonomic workstation on the go.

This strong stand carries all the weights of laptops and features quality products, including rubber insets to secure your laptop. When you are surfing the internet or doing business, work and rest assured that your laptop is safe because of rubber insets holding the roost perfectly in position.

This ergonomic laptop stands reviews show for themselves and serve witness to the many happy customers. Product dimension is 1.2 x 13 x 1.3 inches.


  1. Easy to carry.
  2. Adjustable height.
  3. Lightweight 5.8 ounces.
  4. Easy to open and close the stand.


  1. Price is higher than another portable laptop stand.

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2. Avantree Adjustable Portable Laptop Table

Avantree adjustable laptop table can be used as a laptop stand, a portable standing desk, a sofa breakfast tray as well as a book reading stand. The most pathetical factor of this portable stand is quickly and easily adjustable.

It is also a portable laptop stand, in other words, you can easily carry it with you to work anywhere comfortably.

This is an innovative solution when you need a multi-functional laptop workstation. This adjustable laptop stand is perfect for 15-inch laptop computers or smaller with the mouse and for 17-inch laptop computers without a mouse.

Above all, it is perfect for your home, office or home office. When you are working with a regular desk by accumulating it will help you to work standing firstly it will decrease the chances of the back pain, neck pain, similarly stiffness caused by sitting for a long time in the same position.

You can change the height of this table easily from 9.4 inches to 12.6 inches and also there are auto-lock buttons on both sides. Pull the lock button to change the surface angle 0-30 degree and release it to get the desired angle.

This best portable laptop stand is lightweight to carry somewhere, ergonomic as well as strong and durable.

Beside lightweight it’s also easily foldable, that’s why you can keep it with you in any place and make your workstation anywhere you love to. The weight of the table is 3.28 pounds and the dimension is 20.5 x 0.3 x 11.8 inches.


  1. Quality material used
  2. Portable and adjustable easily.
  3. Heights are adjustable.
  4. Comfortable for the eye, neck, and spine.


  1. Space is not good for working.
  2. A screw from the leg of the table comes out.

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3. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

Rain Design Laptop Stand is designed to uplift and made with a single sturdy piece of aluminum. This stand will transform your laptop into a stylish workstation with its polished curves and silver-anodized finish.

The unique design solidly holds the laptop while the aluminum panel works, for instance, to keep the laptop cool. There is 2 inches hole in the back of the stand to way for the wire to reduce clutter.

Above all its ergonomic style refers to the long-term use of the laptop as the main computing device can strain the body as well as user hunches down to view the screen properly as it needs to. It raises the screen 5.9 inches / 150 mm to fit the user’s eye level to enhance better posing. However, its tilt designs the screen of the laptop closer for the best view.

You can set an extra keyboard and mouse to make an ideal ergonomic desktop setup with your laptop. This stand is compatible for all sizes of Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and other laptops that fit 14 inches standard PC and 15 inches widescreen PC which depth is not more than 10.4 inches.

The net weight of the mStand portable laptop stand is 3 pounds and the dimension is 10 x 9.3 x 5.9.


  1. Increase the screen up to 5.9 inches.
  2. Single sturdy piece aluminum design.
  3. Raises screen to meet eye level for a better
  4. Compatible to Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and other laptop devices.


  1. The rubber strips designed to hold the laptop come out itself after a few days.

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4. Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser

Laptop table stand adjustable riser got an extraordinary feature that helps to reduce the temperature of your laptop, in other words, it allows for steady airflow for unmoved airflow around it with two silent fans. It conducts active cooling methods to serve air quietly and evenly under the base of your laptop or notebook.

Power supplied from your laptops USB port which is included with stand and consumes less energy, as a result, it will not impact on your laptops battery life.

This best portable laptop stand holds a unique leg which has adjustable auto-locking joints, as a result, it can rotate around 360 degrees as well as hold things in a different figure.

When you use it, take it on your desk, sofa or your lap. Pwr laptop table gives most comfortable typing, therefore, it reduces your neck and shoulder stress.

On the other hand it is perfect as a breakfast tray, book tray, writing desk, tablet holder, stand up desk, gaming table, notebook stand, keyboard lift, keyboard riser, laptop tray, foldable laptop desk, cooling pad, computer stand for laptop, adjustable pedestal fan, folding tray, standing desk converter, laptop base, ergonomic laptop riser, desk raiser, laptop cart, laptop holder etc.

The stand is lightweight and made with sturdy aluminum. The weight of this table stands 3.9 pounds and the dimension is 20 x 11 x 3 inches.


  1. Unique design.
  2. Adjustable locking joint, rotate up to 360 degrees.
  3. Conduct active cooling methods with two silent fans.


  1. Some user complained that the fan stops working soon
  2. The product is too lightweight.

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5. AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand 

AmazonBasic Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand helps to keep laptops running cooler to help minimize crashes. This laptop stands mixed of metal-mesh ventilated panels that draw heat away from the laptop.

Heights are adjustable 12 to 35 degrees and provide a better experience for better conditions of your laptop. You can raise the stand tilt slightly forward to create a comfortable angle for reading or typing and also improve airflow around the laptop.

The stands tilted position and the mesh-metal surface of the stand work together to prevent from getting hot as well as slower performance and system crashes from overheating. It has a cord organizer with 6 slots prefers a tidier desktop.

The dimension of the stand is approximately 13 by 11.5 by 7.2 inches (L x W x H) at max height. Its pack of 6 is Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) certified. This laptop stand is made with fine gauge metal mesh panels, the sleek, sturdy laptop stand retain laptops cooler.

There are also six slots on the back of the ventilated laptop stand to keep the cord fairly organized and securely out of the path. The cord organizer included all from the power cords and USB cables to Ethernet cables, audio/video cables, and others. Item weight 2.4 pounds.


  1. Best for the cooling
  2. Adjustable view angle.
  3. Good for any type of laptop.
  4. Prevent system crashes and getting too hot.


  1. No rubber bridge for a better grip to attach the laptop.

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6. AOOU Cool Desk Laptop stand For Bed

AOOU Cool Desk Laptop stand

Are you looking for lifetime support with a laptop stand, and then Cozy Desk Portable Laptop Stand is the one you looking for. The cozy desk is one of the best portable laptops stands you ever met before.

These are the combination of two features in the laptop stand. You can carry it anywhere easily and will support you longtime.

Adjustable heights ensure you to adjust the height as your eye level and work while working. That means you don’t need to look down on your laptop for a long time and this will save your neck from the damage or pain.

It can use both home and office purposes. It is also usable as a self, desk and any other decoration. You can use this lightweight portable laptop stand in your home, dorm, and office or as a side table.

Cozy Desk support to the laptop as a best friend because there are two built-in CPU cooling fans attached which keeps your laptop cool and safe while a long time use, it doesn’t get hot.

It got a durable design that is made with high strength aluminum tray across 2 non-slip buckle and 6 adjustable ASB auto-locking joints.

The dimension of the stand is 17.1 x 10.9 x 2.5 inches and weight is 3.26 pounds.


  1. Made of sturdy aluminum.
  2. Adjustable height and portable stand.
  3. Built-in 2 CPU cooling fans.
  4. Easy to carry and lightweight.


  1. Difficult to adjust to older laptops.

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7.Vented Laptop Stand Riser & Computer Desk 

Vented laptop table is one of the best portable laptop stands that has a multi-functional laptop workstation, TV tray or put food and snacks.  The material used in the laptop table is vented grade “A” aluminum to provide extra strength though lightweight and portable.

The features consequently vented hole designed to minimize the overheating of the laptop. On the other hand, it has a remarkable button that can be fixed in full 360-degree angles as a result that fits any body position however laid back to a sofa or bed.

The opportunity is great that you can set it anywhere as you feel comfortable. You just need to hold the switch of the joint first then shift the position and release the button to your likely place.

To prevent the slippage of the laptop has grooved surface in addition to the collapsible frame, therefore, storage and bearing.

On the other hand, the wrist guard provides additional comfort. The table stands weight 5 pounds but conveys up-to 30 pounds. It has a built-in fan, therefore, to keep the laptop or tablet cool while using longer. Fans are controlled by USB.

There are multi-functions of this best laptop stand for the couch also as a standing table, projector desk, dinner tray, laptop bearer, and many others. The dimension of the stand is 19.5x11x2.5 and weighs 3.65 pounds.


  1. Vented “A” grade aluminum material used therefore much durable.
  2. Lightweight and adjustable 360-degree angle.
  3. USB controlled a built-in fan.
  4. Reasonable price.


  1. Some users complained it is not so sturdy and stable.

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8. Desk York Portable Table for Computer

Desk York table for the computer is one of the light portable laptop stands contain modern style vented and adjustable legs make easy to carry as well as bear your computer/Laptop strong and steady. The stand can be rotated 360 degrees and also adjust the lock at a different angle and reclining position.

You can use it and quickly close when work is done. The adjustable laptop desk stand is portable on the other hand it is also durable and flexible that meets the user’s requirement. It has foldable legs which are 3-360 spring lock button joints in every part to make any side or the positions.

This laptop stand is also called as mini transformers. This lightweight portable laptop stand also used as Breakfast tray, sound equipment, TV, dinner, projector, book tray,  notebook standing desks, reading and writing desk, tablet holder and most importantly laptop stand.

It ensures that your laptop will not get so hot because it has a cooling fan that can be connected via the USB port of your laptop and that does not consume enough battery power.

You will feel much comfort because of the typing angle as well as reduces chances of neck and shoulder forces. That will remove your back pain caused by using a laptop longer.


  1. Reasonable price.
  2. Cooler fan connected with USB and easy to use.
  3. Lightweight, height and angle adjustment.
  4. Quality material used.


  1. Some users complained legs can’t extend fully.

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9. Nexstand Laptop Stand – Portable Laptop Stand

Nextstand features a portable and foldable Laptop, MacBook and a PC stand. This is the best portable stand that has an adjustable height setting and universal fit for an ergonomic laptop stand.

The stand is ideal for bearing most of the laptops. You can take anyplace from 5.5 inches to 12.6 inches with Apple or PC laptop. It has 7 setting adjustment opportunities that will make your laptop screen adjustable at your eye level for best comfort.

Therefore you are able to sit with your laptop for a long time because it has better ergonomic control.  However, the adjustable laptop stands almost all laptops which are 11.6 inches larger and front end less than 0.75 inches thick and keyboard 11 inches or above.

Above all the laptop stand is best for Asus, Samsung, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Surface, ThinkPad, and Apple MacBook laptops. This laptop stand will help you to improve posture for a long time working with pc or laptops.

It is capable of holding up to 20 pounds, 2 to 6 times mean a load of a laptop because it is made with industrial grade reinforced nylon. The stand is durable, stable, compact, lightweight, and foldable. Weight is just 8 ounces. Best for a gift any favorite person.


  1. Affordable price.
  2. Sturdy and stable because made of grade reinforced nylon.
  3. 7 setting adjustment.
  4. Adjustable almost all types of laptop.

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10. TriGear x Wing Adjustable Phone Stand Desk

TriGear provides its innovation always a step ahead of most importantly serving better services to the consumer. It is one of the best portable laptop stands in today’s era. The stand has 12 adjustment options and that’s really easy to install.

If you are right or left-hander there is no problem because you can use the mouse both sides. The stand is compatible with up to 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and up to17 inches Sony, Lenovo, Microsoft PC notebook, Samsung, Apple MacBook, Chromebooks, Touchscreen tablets such as iPads, in addition, reading books, writing stand and reading table also.

There is a slot on the stand for wire organization to make stand chaos free. Moreover, the stand is made of solid metal and x frame that makes it sturdy and stable. It includes 2 support tab clips that will keep electronics together.

With this laptop stand for couch/bed/table you are capable of making ergonomic standing desk station as well as a posture corrector and also back pain.

Don’t need to work more as sitting like crook back because this stand will reduce your pain of back, neck, and shoulder as well as boost your hygiene and productivity.

Adjustable angles from 6.7 to 19.4 degree. Dimension of the stand -Closed 7×3.5×2.5 inches / Open 11.25×8.4×3.5 inches / Height 3.4, 4, 4.75, 5.4 inches.


  1. Affordable price.
  2. Made of solid metal and x frame that is so sturdy and strong.
  3. 12 adjustments option and adjust laptops 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and up to 17 inches.

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Importance of Portable Laptop Stand:

You must appreciate that a long time sitting on a laptop makes you feel the uncomfortable and bitter experience. So you just need to ensure your height and angle at the correct position when you use it on couch, bed or table and it will give you a proper ergonomic view.

By using a laptop in proper posture will reduce the chances of spine and neck pain. So the portable stand is the best solution for your work because it will take your laptop to your eye level and also keyboard and mouse are adjusted with the stand which makes it easier to use.

Beside this a portable laptop stands to ensure that your laptop remains protected while you forgot to keep up after using it because most of the laptop contains a rubber grip, as a result, it reduces the chances of slipping your laptop from the stand and keep it safe.

The laptop may be varying from their stability and features. Different stand got different features like a portable, height adjustment, adjusted fan, size of the tray, keyboard and mouse option, and USB port. You will also able to use your stand in another day to day work.


What are the Benefits of a Portable Laptop Stand?

1. Better for the view:

Sometimes you got bored looking at the same angle and you cannot get the proper view. The portable laptop stand will give you a better view from a different angle. You can adjust the position of the monitor while you sitting or lying on the bed.

2. Ergonomic:

A good laptop stand ensures that your screen of the laptop remains at the eye level. That helps you to make the proper ergonomic view and properly align with your body shape.

Proper sitting posture will reduce the chances of your spine, neck and shoulder pain after long use of the laptop.

There are several stands that have a tilt option which will make you feel comfortable while typing on the keyboard and this will reduce the chances of arm pain. So forget about the bad past experience of getting pain.

3. Portable:

Most of the laptop stand is portable as a result you are able to use your laptop fold up easily and rotate to any angle as you want to use. A normal stand has to keep the same as it is and it uses space. With a portable laptop stand you are free to use as you feel comfortable because it is quick to assemble.

4. Cooling system:

Isn’t it better too if you get cooler with your portable laptop stand? Yes, some of the stands offer the cooler option that will make your laptop cool during long use and stop getting your laptop so hot.

The cooler gets power from your laptop port and it doesn’t take enough power from the battery, as a result, there are fewer chances of damaging your battery after long use of cooler.

It is built in with the stand but you can use it when you need it by connecting it or disconnecting. If there is no cooler system that means they made a little hole in the middle of the stand for air flow.

5. Easy to set up and storage:

The portable laptop stand is very easy to set up. Some of the stands don’t need to set up. You just need to open the leg of the stand and that’s it you are ready to use. On the other hand, the portable laptop doesn’t take enough space to store.

When you need it open and after use close and keep in a suitable place. You can store a laptop stand in your drawer, bag, under the couch or the bed.

6. Height adjustment:

One of the best features of an adjustable laptop desk stand is that you can set its height as your requirement. Height can be set to your eye level and also you can set low position while you are laid on your bed. Different laptop stand has different height adjustment features.

7. Versatile ability:

Some of the laptop stands have a versatile ability to turn your stand around you. You are able to use them at your couch, bed, table, and floor. You can use a big monitor, DJ equipment, tablet and other.

8. Easy to carry for travel:

It’s not possible to take your normal stand while you travel for a long place but when it’s about the portable stand you are really free to carry it with you. It will easily fit your travel bag because of folding legs.

9. Lightweight:

The portable laptop stand is so lightweight that you will never feel discomfort to carry it. You can easily move it from one place to another.

10. Workstation:

Make your workstation anywhere anytime with your ergonomic portable laptop stands. It’s easy to install and get ready. Make people surprise by showing them your portable stand.


What to Consider Choosing the Laptop Stand?

1. Material used:

The material is an important factor to consider a good laptop stand. Sometimes used material on a stand depends on the durability of an adjustable laptop desk stand.

Most of the stand is made of metal or steel. Some of the stand made of plastic or wood. I am saying that plastic or wood is not good. But you have to choose which one used good material.

2. Sturdy and stable:

This is another important factor needs to consider whether the stand is sturdy and stable or not. You must check each and every joint of the stand.

3. Cooling fan:

The cooling fan will keep your laptop cool even after the use of long hours. So you should consider taking a stand adjusted the cooling fan.

4. Load capacity and display size:

You are choosing your stand for your laptop but if your stand cannot capture the capacity of your laptop weight all of your money will be a loss as well as display size matter. Your stand size must be bigger than your laptop. So it’s better to judge before buying the stand.

5. Price:

Different laptop stand has a different price. You will go for a stand according to your budget. Don’t take pressure for getting a costly stand. There are already lots of tables which are in your budget. But if you find a good one with a higher budget then never mind to get it.

How to Take Care of Your Portable Laptop Stand?

  1. Try to wrap your laptop stand after using it.
  2. Don’t get it to drop to the floor because there is a possibility to broken of legs or parts.
  3. If you purchased stand which has built-in cooler then clean the cooler from outside regularly using a soft brush.
  4. Don’t put excess pressure in the stand through your body, the possibility of broken.
  5. Don’t rotate stand excess of its capacity which is mentioned to the product description. Though the maximum is capable to rotate 360-degree angle some are not or less than 360-degree capacity.

Hope this article helped you to found your desired laptop stand. Start your laptop experience energized with your new laptop stand. Use safely and avoid the long use of the laptop if possible.

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