How to Install Exhaust Fan in Bathroom Window

How to Install Exhaust Fan in Bathroom Window

Bathrooms are the wettest place in our house. From taking hot showers to make ourselves fresh, we go to the bathroom. As a result, the place has humidity as well as a damp and odor there.

It is not hygienic and pleasant as well to have wet bathrooms. It can cause a bad impression to the guest if they find a damp and smelly bathroom.

So, if your bathrooms do not have any ventilation system already, don’t worry. You can install exhaust fans in the windows to ventilate the humidity and odor.

Here, I will talk about how to install exhaust fan in bathroom window.


How to Install Exhaust Fan in Bathroom Window

When you are thinking of installing an exhausting fan in your bathroom window, you need to be careful about a few aspects. In this content, we will focus on the matters that we should be concerned about.


  • Select the Right Bathroom Fan

Selecting the right bathroom fan is an important step. That’s because you do not want to install an exhaust fan blocking the entire window. You should consider two things while choosing the fan.

First, whether the certain bathroom fan is suitable for your bathroom or not, and secondly, you have to make sure that the window is not blocked because of the fan.

Considering all these aspects, choose your preferable exhaust fan which will serve your purpose properly.


  • Measure the Window Size

As we are talking about installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom window, measuring the window size is a must.

If you do not measure the window first, you will not be able to make the right choice. So, for this, you need to find out the bathroom’s volume first.

Then find out the cfm measure for the fan. Now you can easily find the perfect exhaust fan for your bathroom. Also, remember to measure the sound. Because the larger the cfm value, the louder the sound of the fan will be.


  • Determine the Electrical Option

You need to determine the electrical option for your exhaust fan. If you have an extra switch, then it is easy to use the existing switch for your fan.

Some exhaust fans come with lights. These lights can function separately. For this, you need to install new wiring to operate a double switch for your fan and light.


  • Make the Proper Installation Choice

Exhaust fan installation needs to be done properly. An exhaust fan requires vent installation and extensive electrical wire as well. So, it would be better if you take help from someone professional.

Professional electricians will make the vent running to the roof for the exhaust fan. Besides, they can easily fit the electrical wires for the fan. Thus, you do not have to think much about the installation project.


  • Make the Right Use of the Fan

Do not run the fan for a long time. Try to use it whenever you are using the bathroom. For instance, turn on the fan when you are taking shower and then turn it off. Or, you can turn off the fan after 15 minutes.

This is important because it will drive away from the humidity from the bathroom. Humidity is bad for health as we use chemicals to clean our bathrooms. It can react with these chemicals and cause hazards to our life.

You can install an automatic sensor for the fan as an alternative. It will automatically turn on the fan if the humidity level gets higher.


  • Some Cautions you Should Follow

The puddles or the water on the bathroom’s surface is very hazardous. We often tend to wipe this off, but it should not be done. Let the exhaust fan do its work. Dry the surface so that it does not cause any harm.

Besides, you should maintain the exhaust fans properly. As it is set with the window, it can get dusty. So, you should keep it clean for better performance.



If we do not install any ventilation system in our bathrooms, it will cause odor and sweaty effects to the bathroom which is very unpleasant. And exhaust fans are the perfect solution to this.

So, you can easily install an exhaust fan in your bathroom window following these steps.

I hope this content on how to install exhaust fan in bathroom window was helpful to you. Thank you.

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