How to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

how to make your kitchen look bigger

Every housewife want’s a bigger and comfortable kitchen for cooking because they spend maximum time in the kitchen. A bigger kitchen is best for movement and decoration. But there are lots of people who cannot afford a big house with a big kitchen. So they cannot expand the walls to make their kitchen big. But there are several tricks that will help you to know how to make your kitchen look bigger.

Don’t be sorry for your smaller kitchen because there are some benefits also with a smaller kitchen. You just remember one thing, be happy what you have because some people cannot afford what you have. But with some creativity and knowledge, you can make your kitchen look bigger without taking help of others and this will not cost much.

Steps You Need to Know How to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger:

1. White paint:

The white color is always preferable to any home because it reflects the light of a room. So the room looks shiny and bigger. But remember one thing, when you add white color to the wall you should try another color to the furniture, cabinet and other appliances. If the entire items remain the same color, it may cause the illusion.

2. Lighting:

You use light in your kitchen just to remove darkness but you may wonder to know that lighting is also part of our decoration and helps the kitchen looks bigger. There might a question to your mind that how could light make the room appear bigger? Well, you can try it once after adding white color to the wall add a bright LED ceiling or floor lamp (according to space you can add two or more) and get the instant result.

3. Remove Clutter:

The clutter-free kitchen looks more cozy and comfortable. The clutter-free kitchen appears bigger because of the openness of the space. Maintain a cupboard and keep the appliances to the cupboard. If you maintain the clutter-free kitchen your kitchen will look more beautiful.

4. Make an Open Shelve:

When your small accessories don’t need you can keep them easily through the shelves and take them when needed. So it will save some spaces that too before the accessories, on the other hand, you can keep them in the shelves for decoration. You can also color shelve to make it more adorable and attractive.

5. Use Smaller Furniture:

In a smaller kitchen, you need to adjust sacrifice several of things. Obviously bigger furniture will not fit properly in your kitchen and you should choose smaller furniture which will adjust properly and save some space. For example, If you are using the chair in the kitchen you can add small and flexible chair which can also movable or if you use a laptop stand you can use a portable laptop stand, portable table and so on.

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