How to Remove Black Mold From Home

how to remove black mold

Black mold can be created in any household. it is one of the common problems that most of the house owners face. It is also called as bad building syndrome. Besides damaging our house, it is also harmful to our health also.

So when you see the symptoms like this you must take steps to clean black mold from home properly as soon as possible. Mold can be produced in wall, ceiling, doors, windows, kitchen basins and bathroom also.

Generally, mold grows in wet places and gradually increases. You will see the symptoms of black mold if there is any leak, inappropriate ventilation or bad drainage system. If you do not remove black mold completely then it will come again and again. So you must root it out from its base and it does not cost much.

Steps to Remove Black Mold from Home:

1. Detect the Area of Black Mold:

First, detect the area affected by black mold causing damage in your room walls, doors, windows, bathroom, and kitchen. Try to find out where the mold coming from and what is the reason. It can be for drainage or water leaking or having an older house.

2. Wear a Face Mask:

To clean out black mold you need to cover your face so that it can not get into your nose through your breath because it can be dangerous for you and your family. Black mold can create different breathing problems. So you need to take protection first. You can also cover your whole body so that it can not harm you.

3. Clean Those Mold:

The next step is to clean the black mold from its start. Keep in mind that there should not remain a little amount of mold because if a small amount remains then it will come again. So remove them very carefully and put them in a heavy plastic bag to collect wall material.

4. Add Heavy Plastic:

Seal your doorways and other areas with heavy plastic and place duct tape over the plastic to secure the plastic. Then adjust a fan to spores remaining mold from the floor and wall. If any molding area remains dry then add there water with spray.

5. Mold Removal Products:

Now use mold removal products which will find in the nearest hardware store or you can get it through online. You can also use bleach but make sure that bleach couldn’t harm your accessories or it could be damage the surface color.

6. Repaint the Affected Area:

After getting the area dry then it’s time to paint the affected area and of course anti-mold paint so that it couldn’t come back again. If you have checked and covered all the leaks properly then it will not repeat for a few years.

7. Remove Carpets:

Remove your carpets to check if it is also affected or not. If you find black mold under the carpet then you have to remove those carpet and completely clear the area and bring a new one.


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