How to Make a Slipcover for a Sectional with Attached Back Pillows

Bored with that dated sectional slipcovers? Maybe it’s time for a bright refurbish of your sectional sofas. However, with the household and other day-to-day expenses, you would surely want to spend the least of your money on this extra cost.

But don’t worry about the expenses when if you come up with the right ideas and manage to cover up your plans, it’ll be a go for brand-new slipcovers. So, how to make a slipcover for a sectional with attached back pillows?

 Let me give you some awesome propositions on it.

How to Make a Slipcover for a Sectional with Attached Back Pillows

How to make a slipcover for a sectional with attached back pillows

Believe me; you won’t even realize how cheap it is to make a slipcover with these ideas. Thus, let’s go ahead in further of the content to transform your dull sectional into a cheerful one.

Have a look at the given ideas to make your slipcover in a quick, jolly, and affordable way.


  • Measuring sectional & back pillows

First of all, you need to take the measurements of your sectional sofas and the back cushions. And this is the most important task as without a proper measurement you won’t be able to make a fitting sewed slipcover.

So, just take measurement tape and good scissors to do the job. Correctly lay down the chosen fabric on the sectional and evaluate the size of the sofa and pillows with the tape.

However, just keep in mind that doing slipcovers for sectionals is not as easy as for traditional sofas because they have several independent sections to cover.


  • Choosing & cutting fabric

Choosing the perfect kind of quality fabric is another important task to do. Since you can discover a variety of fabrics for slipcovers to choose from, you might find it tricky.

Anyway, usually denim, twill blends, canvas, and cotton ducks are the preferred alternative for slipcovers and cotton or linen for the cushions. That’s because they are not only reasonable in price but also long-lasting as well as effortlessly washable too.

After that, choose a color from those fabrics according to your taste. However, after choosing the fabric cut down those clothes in proportion to your sectional sofas measurement. By doing so, half of your task will be settled.


  • Pinning & sewing

With the fabric laid on the sectional or cushion, start pinning the corner or the edges with the cloth. Therefore, it will not only hold the layers of the cloth but also will secure the cut edges with the sectional or cushion.

So, after pinning the corners or the edges of the fabric, now you can begin sewing. Always try to sew the cloth from the back corner to the top corner where you have pinned them.

Therefore, grab a sewing machine for the job and keep pinning, sewing, and testing the fitting. When you are done with the edges start the same procedure for the arm of the sectional and cushions slipcover.


  • Piping & adding a skirt

Finally, dealing with the measurement, fabric, cutting, and sewing, it’s time for piping it. With the same piece of cloth, make the piping to define the polished design of the linings of the clothing.

Thus, the piping improves the seam robustness as well as provides stability to the cushion cover or slip cover. However, if you prefer the skirt on the bottom of your sectional slipcovers, just sew them with the cover where the cushions join.


Lastly, don’t forget to add zippers to your cushion covers.



Hopefully, you might be able to implement the given suggestions as now you have the idea of, how to make a slipcover for a sectional with attached back pillows.

So, why wait anymore for the expensive tailored slipcover when you can make your own?

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