How to Re-stuff Couch Cushions Without Zippers

How to Re-stuff Couch Cushions Without Zippers

Coach cushion is one of the most common pieces of furniture. The matter is, the futon couches may become down after several years of use. Moreover, the down couch cushions may not be comfortable to use. If you are in such a situation, you need to restuff them.

There is a type of couch cushion that has a zipper. This kind of furniture is easy to restuff. But some are sewn. They have not zippered. So re-stuffing them is a critical process.

Now the question is how to re-stuff couch cushions without zippers? Although it is a crucial process, it may seem very easy to you if you just know the process. You must pursue a process to restuff them. Maybe your question is where you can find an easy process?

Never be worried. Here you will find a complete guideline on restuffing your cushions. Moreover, you will get some tips for a better experience. Let’s follow the described steps carefully.


How to re-stuff couch cushions without zippers?

Re-stuffing your futon sofas cushion or couch cushions will get them back to life. Moreover, the cost of restuffing is more affordable than replacing a new one.

However, you need to have a clear concept of restuffing couch cushions without zippers. Let’s jump to the process of restuffing.


  • Prepare Your Couch Cushions.

Before starting the restuffing process, prepare your cushions. You need some tools to accomplish this process. The tools include:

  • Scissors,
  • Stapler,
  • Safety Pins,
  • Needle
  • Tape Measure
  • Stuffing

Arrange these tools to accomplish the whole process. Now, start restuffing.


  • Cut the crack.

Go to the behind of your cushion. Remove the staples. Start to cut the stitches on the couch frame. Split the cushion from insides attachments. If you find unnecessary materials inside of the cushion, remove them. After completing this process, It is high time to fill up the cushion.


  • Fill up the cushion.

Fill up the down or blank coach with foam. You can use feathers or other materials which are suitable for you. You have to fill the cushion as much as you need. When you decide to use foam, cut it with the proper size. Now push the foam in the cushion. Make sure that it is adjusted properly.


  • Purchase new fabric.

To make your couch cushion more attractive, you need to use a piece of new fabric. The new fabrics can be placed instead of old fabrics. Measure the size while cutting the new fabrics. And never forget to maintain the size measurement. New fabrics will help to get your cushions more comfortable.


  • Attach the new fabric.

After cutting the new fabric with the proper size, you have to wrap your couch cushion. To attach the fabric to the frame, use safety pins. Make it easeful with the frame.  After attaching, you need to sew the cushion. Use staples on every piece of fabric.


  • Sew the fabric.

Now, sew the attached fabric with a needle. You have to thread the needle. And of course, never forget to make a knot at the end. Maintain the gap while sewing the fabrics. A stitch can be placed after 3 to 4 inches.

Sew each part of the fabric. And as it is the final step, so be careful about it.

The lasting of your couch cushion depended on better sewing.

Now your couch cushion is ready to use.



The described process is highly effective to restuff couch cushions without zippers. Try to follow the whole process very carefully. If it still seems difficult for you, contact a professional one.

But you know it is a very simple process. I hope you can do it without any trouble. However, I hope you understand the whole process clearly. And I strongly believe that you are now able to restuff your cushion.

Apply the process and get a comfortable couch cushion.


Good luck!

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