How to Turn Dresser Drawers into Shelves

How to Turn Dresser Drawers into Shelves

You just installed your new dresser, and unfortunately, the old one doesn’t quite fit in your room anymore. Besides, what is the point of keeping an old and chipped dresser table?

And so, the most common thing that comes across our minds is to dump that off into the garage until it rotten completely or entirely throw it away. But, what if I tell you that your dresser can still serve you by making amazing shelves out of it?

That’s right. All it takes is some time and patience. Therefore, I’m going to tell you how to turn dresser drawers into shelves in a smart way. So, let’s get to the main points.


Making the Transformation

For better understanding, we are going to pull out the entire process into several easy steps. So, let’s take a look at the steps below and discuss furthermore.

Grab what you’ll need

You cannot certainly transform a dresser into a shelf only by your hands, right? That is why you have to make sure that you have all the tools and accessories ready before starting anything.

Likewise, grab some drillers, paints, brushes, angles, screws, scrap papers, wooden boards, saws, and all the other tools as per your requirement.

Make a layout

You can consider this step as the most important one. So, make sure you pay a nice amount of time figuring out all the details that you want from your shelves.

Again, you will more likely forget a lot of things if you don’t keep proper notes. Therefore, it is a good practice to write down all your thoughts before making anything.

Dismantle your dresser

Start your transformation process by dismantling your dresser table. Be careful not to break or damage any of the pieces. You can also use pliers, screwdrivers, and drillers as you proceed.

The duration of this step depends on the shape, size, and type of dresser. Therefore, stay patient and try not to waste much while opening up the joints.

Prep all the pieces

The bulky slabs or drawers that you just separated from your dresser might not be in the exact measurements that you need. Therefore, you are going to cut or trim them off as per your design.

The preparation of the pieces also includes cleaning, scraping, priming, and a few other steps. Although it might not seem that important at first, you will eventually notice a huge difference that a well-prepped slab makes.

Assemble as needed

Now that you have all the components ready by your side, it is time for you to shape it according to your plan. See? Your layouts have become a lifesaver now. Again, use all the tools you need to gain maximum precision.

Paint and polish

You are all done with all the difficult steps, and now, it is time for the fun part. Grab your brushes and rollers, and start painting and polishing the masterpiece that you just made. Feel free to add on any texture you like and leave it until it dries off completely.


Some Innovative Shelf Ideas

There are a lot of varieties of shelves that you can try making. So, check out some of these superb ideas that you can use.

Wall hanging shelves

You can use the wall hanging shelves to store decorative pieces in general. So, pay much attention to finishing and polishing while making it.


Bookshelves need more storage. Also, make sure that your shelves are durable enough to hold books, and store only the amount it can take.


Whether as cabinets or just some floating ones, kitchen shelves are a brilliant way to reuse your dresser drawers. However, prim the drawers evenly, and don’t forget to put on a water-resistant coating on it.



No more throwing away wrecked up furniture. Now that you have learned how to turn dresser drawers into shelves, you can make yourself tons of interesting stuff out of it.

Don’t worry if the results are not that astonishing as you expected it to be. Everything needs time, and you will also get the hang of it very soon. So, go ahead, grab your toolbox, and start creating some useful shelves out of your old dresser.

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