10 Best Dressers for Small Bedroom : Maximizing Space

The dresser is one invaluable storage unit with a superb accent to the bed. It lets you organize & store essentials to impart maximum cleanliness. Limited floor space often makes it difficult to get a suitably sized dresser. In fact, finding an acceptable solution for practical bedroom storage is tricky.

So, what to do for storage for smaller bedrooms? There are several models in compact sizes. Offering sufficient storage capacity, the dressers are likely to satisfy your demand. Among lots of dressers of different specifications, we got the righteous ones. We enlisted the best dresser for a small bedroom for a detailed review.

Best Dressers for Small Bedroom

10 Best Dressers for Small Bedrooms:

There are lots of variations available in the market. It’s not easy to find the most suitable one concerning indoor space. After spending hours, we managed to enlist the best dresser for a small bedroom for you. Following the guidance, let’s explore the ultimate choices to meet satisfaction.


1. ROMOON 4 Drawer Fabric Dresser Storage Tower

ROMOON 4 Drawer Fabric Dresser Storage Tower


Committed to bringing in superior quality, Romoon is ready to feel comfortable. The multifunctional dresser with tower storage is suitable for every household. For the sleek profile, it ensures a modern look to match the interior décor. Despite its lightweight body, the best storage tower dresser unit withstands up to 50 pounds of load.

The basic steel framework features cross-supporting bars. Obviously, it imparts great sturdiness & strength. Thanks to a high-quality fabric cover, the dresser is quite eco-friendly. There come wooden handle attachments on the MDF board front. Opening & closing the drawers remain easy even under full loading.


  • Easy cleaning & operation
  • Stable, lightweight frame
  • Excellent appeal for home
  • Assembling tools included
  • High capacity for storage


  • Assembly takes a bit long
  • Sharp corners of wood top

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2. Sorbus Nightstand with 3 Drawers Dresser

Sorbus Nightstand with 3 Drawers Dresser


It’s time to get a cozy storage spot for all the bedtime essentials. The thoughtful design of the Sorbus nightstand can surely tuck away household clutters. For the best nightstand dresser, the assembly features a sleek profile. The decent style meets modern functionality here. The gray appeal easily complements most décor.

Apart from steel, the frame includes MDF wooden top having a black finish. Through non-woven, breathable fabric drawers, the durable chest initiates one lightweight accent. The drawers are removable & therefore, foldable for convenient carriage, and storage. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, opening & closing drawers are incredibly quiet.


  • Lightweight yet durable frame
  • High portability, easy relocation
  • Understated appeal, nice décor
  • Foldable fabric, closing storage
  • Minimal assembly requirement


  • Not suitable for heavier loads
  • Tethered drawers may fall off

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3. DEVAISE 7-Drawer Chest Dresser

DEVAISE 7-Drawer Chest Dresser

Product Description

Let’s get to something reasonable with superior versatility & premium quality. Regarding the best dresser chest, Devaise imparts modern style, practical design & excellent functionality. Using 7 drawers, you can keep everything in a perfectly organized manner. Its quality build allows a maximum of an 18-pound load for each one.

Through selected particleboard, the craftsmanship ensures optimum durability. It can resist scratches, water & moisture. The eco-friendly frame is ready to serve you for a long. All you need is one damp cloth to clean & maintain the assembly. These come with 4 removable casters to let you enjoy stationary or dynamic placement.


  • Particle board, durable service
  • Simple design for practical use
  • Removable & lockable casters
  • A quite spacious drawer storage
  • Easy cleaning, quiet operation


  • Assembly is somewhat tedious
  • Poor quality of plastic casters

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4. Black Sonoma Tall 6 Drawer Chest

Black Sonoma Tall 6 Drawer Chest


No more traditional chests with the functional & stylish RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) dresser. Prepac introduces a tall storage facility with many offers for its users. The Monterey style features highly beautiful & quite enduring cherry laminate. The drawer sides, it has solid pinewood to induce further sturdiness.

Apart from curved top edges, the best chest for a small bedroom includes side moldings. The scalloped base panel triggers higher stability. Pulling & pushing remains easy using the dark pewter knobs,.

In addition, there are integrated metal glides for all 6 drawers. You’ll even receive a tipping restraint along with its built-in safety stops.


  • Sturdy MDF backer included
  • Higher storage, easy to clean
  • Great appeal, smooth finish
  • Quiet & safe drawer running
  • Easy assembly for RTA frame


  • Wood quality seems basic
  • Full assembly takes time

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5. ROMOON Dresser Organizer with 5 Drawers for Bedroom

ROMOON Dresser Organizer with 5 Drawers, Fabric dresser tower for Bedroom


Start a new lifestyle without the mess using a high-end multifunctional organizer. Romoon proudly introduces one unique yet essential dresser to satisfy all storage needs. There come five drawers with shelving tops to hold your belongings. The featured drawers have two different sizes & dual-row arrangements for further convenience.

A durable, sturdy steel frame features an MDF board. The best dresser for small spaces will not shake even under its full capacity. Apart from crossing bars, additional supporting shelf induces greater stability.

For its simple design, the diversified color matches the room décor. Full assembly is reasonably easy, requiring no extra tools or expertise.


  • Multipurpose cabinet design
  • Stylish & fashionable appeal
  • Quite large storage, shelving
  • Supportive & durable frame
  • Greater stability under loads


  • Somewhat tedious assembly
  • Drawer surface seems flimsy

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6. ROMOON Dresser Organizer with 5 Drawers

ROMOON Dresser Organizer with 5 Drawers


Induce the perfect combo of functionality & fashionable dresser style. As it happens, Romoon brings in a colorful modification of the previous model here. Likewise, the best Romoon dresser for a small bedroom features 5 drawers in a convenient pattern. In fact, 2 different sizes are organized in a dual-column arrangement.

The combination of MDF board with steel delivers a sturdy frame. Crossbars with shelving support increase their stability. In addition, the wooden handle allows easy opening & closing. Saving lots of space, the system offers great appeal for the overall décor. The package has everything you need to complete the assembly.


  • Larger space for overall storage
  • Multifunctional organizer design
  • Eco-friendly & quality materials
  • Durable frame, supportive base
  • Stylish, gorgeous exterior color


  • Noticeable wrinkles can appear
  • Assembled size seems smaller

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7. ROMOON Nightstand Chest with 3 Fabric Drawers

ROMOON Nightstand Chest with 3 Fabric Drawers


Organize your place in an orderly manner ensuring quality, value & style. The nightstand chest by Romoon delivers an accommodating solution to your storage needs. All the 3 fabric drawers are collapsible here. For the lightweight frame, it easily fits into narrower spaces. The spacious top board lets you have increased storage.

Combined MDF with commercial steel to initiate stability for the best nightstand chest. There come adjustable feet to protect the floor surface. The wooden board can take up to 50 pounds of loads at once. Its assembly is incredibly easy with detailed instructions, and included accessories.


  • Breathable fabric drawers
  • Steady standing on the surface
  • Lightweight, portable built
  • Simple running mechanism
  • Anti-tilting lock for safety


  • Fabric bins have a slight odor
  • Poor quality of its welding

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8. 7 Drawers Dresser Tower Unit

7 Drawers Dresser Tower Unit

Product Description

An ultimate organizer is ready to store all the things inside one unit. Seseno comes with the perfect storage tower to hold your daily belongings. The system has seven drawers of two different sizes. You will have an incredibly high storage space there. Its black/charcoal is sure to give an impressive appeal.

Apart from the steel framework, the best tower dresser unit features a wooden top for additional shelving. The high-quality fabric induces superior durability with a rather easy opening & closing. The useful solution for storage suits household & commercial places quite well. The built-in feet include a height-adjusting facility for further convenience.


  • Durable, eco-friendly built
  • Incredible storage capacity
  • Easy pulling for fabric bins
  • Steel has smooth finish
  • No wobbling/floor damage


  • The size seems slightly small
  • Comparatively cheap plastic feet

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9. Homfa Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Homfa Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Product Description

A versatile addition to home furniture with contemporary design & stylish appeal. Homfa brings in a functional cabinet to meet all your storage demands. Through a solid MDF material, the best multifunctional dresser for small spaces has supreme durability. The exterior features an elegant white finish to increase the décor.

Using 4 reasonably sized drawers, you can easily place your belongings. The multifunctional dresser is suitable for different spaces. Thanks to its open design, it allows simple pulling & pushing. The freestanding cabinet saves your space with ample storage. With all mounting hardware inclusions, the overall assembly remains incredibly simple.


  • Durable frame, higher stability
  • White finish for decent appeal
  • Space-saving size, large capacity
  • Open design, enclosed drawers
  • Easy assembly using hardware


  • Time-consuming assembly
  • Certain issues with bad odor

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10. Kamiler 7-Drawer Dresser

Kamiler 7-Drawer Dresser

Product Description

One convenient household organizer to make the living tidier & more orderly. With a practical design, Kamiler is ready to help you sort things out. The metal frame features an antirust coating. Through high durability, the best space-saving dresser ensures years of uninterrupted use. On the top, a solid MDF board adds further shelving space.

Using the built-in handles, opening & closing all 7 drawers is incredibly easy. Thanks to the adjustable feet, the dresser is sure to protect the floor surface. The lightweight design with a rounded corner lets you enjoy safe portability. There comes no hassle, whether it’s assembly or disassembly.


  • Practical design, enduring built
  • Greater storage with 7 drawers
  • Excellent appeal, perfect fitting
  • Wooden top for extra shelving
  • Higher stability, adjustable feet


  • Handle attachment is difficult.
  • Unsuitable for heavier things

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Buying Guide for Small Bedroom Dressers

Getting a rightful small dresser for a compact space is a confusing task. Knowing certain considerations, you can reduce the hassle. The concerning factors are likely to trigger a successful purchase. It will help you to narrow down the available options.

  • Type:

    You will often find the interchangeable terms – dressers & chests. Both feature some significant differences to fit particular user needs. For dressers, the system has a waist height with a considerable width. Providing greater storage requires more floor space.
    The drawers can have single or dual-rowed alignment. Standard chests have one single column of drawers at chest height. The width is incredibly low & so is its storage capacity on the other hand also low floor space requirement.

  • Style:

    Matching style is undeniably important to induce the perfect décor. There are different styles with color variations for modern dressers. You need to make your choice in accordance with the existing furniture appeal. Apart from the color, you have to consider the exterior finishing quality.

  • Size:

    Drawer dimensions decide the available storage capacity. Depending on the targeted belongings, you have to choose a suitably sized dresser. Larger or deep drawers are quite suitable for keeping clothes. Meanwhile, smaller or shallow drawers allow you to store accessories & items.

  • Space:

    Obviously, saving space is one major concern with a small bedroom. The overall assembly should possess a reasonably low/moderate area. Without leaving adequate space, the dresser will make your room congested. It’s important to determine the bedroom size. Also, you have to decide its best possible placement.

  • Material:

    Dresser craftsmanship features different materials. But you’ll particularly get wood & metal in most cases. The longevity of wood largely varies in accordance with its type.
    For smaller bedroom use, dressers mostly come in a compact size. in this regard, specific fabric provides better convenience. Organizers having fabric drawers supported by metal frames are quite popular.


Organizing the bedroom, and dressers can enhance beauty & aesthetics. With a reasonable style & high functionality, it is sure to help with your life. But the assembly doesn’t require a bulky & spacious size.

Within a limited space, you can manage it all. Arming with everything necessary, you should pick the best dresser for a small bedroom. All you need is to match the storage demand with your personal taste.

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