How to Clean Old Wood Furniture Naturally : Bring the Shine Back

You have a splendid collection of old wood furniture, and you’re very fond of them as well. And why not? There are so many memories related to each of them.

But, don’t you think these old fellows have gotten quite a bit rusty over time? Of course, you also have a busy schedule, and maintaining everything is never easy. So, how about I share some brilliant ideas on how to clean old wood furniture naturally?

Yes, you heard it right. I am going to cover up everything using simple and natural products that you can find easily in your home. So, without wasting any time, let’s crack all those techniques.

How to Clean Old Wood Furniture Naturally

How to Clean Old Wood Furniture Naturally

Take a look at the following steps and get the proper way of cleaning old wood furniture naturally.

Start with Milder Solutions

Using harsh substances like alcoholic sprays and other cleaners can hamper your furniture. Keep in mind that you cannot afford to use anything like that on its surface.

And so, try something milder like soap water, lemon oils, or even as simple as just a piece of wet cloth. Also, you can try homemade solutions made of liquid detergents or toothpaste.


Work it Up with Soft Brushes and Rags

You will need something like a brush or a rag to clean up the surface and apply different solutions. But, certain spots catch up more residues than others.

Take a look at the carved headboard for example. Therefore, to clean up these build-ups, you have to use a soft bristle brush.


Get Rid of the Stains

The old wood furniture has quite a sensitive texture and can easily get a stain. However, being so old, you cannot apply harsher substances to keep it away from all possible threats.

Therefore, use mild soap and water and work on the stain with a soft brush. Take your time and be gentle. And thus, the soap water will eventually take out the stain.


Bringing Back the Shine

Old wood furniture can be quite sensitive. And so, you need to handle it with utmost delicacy. Therefore, to bring back its shine, you can use lemon oil or even a black tea solution.

Mix the tea liquor or two black tea bags with equal parts of water, and you have your shiny solution. However, do not use anything harsh to apply it. Just take a soft rag or brush and apply it in furniture like an old dresser, or a vintage couch to bring back its youth.


Drying them Up

Now that you are done with the cleaning process, the next up is drying. Even the slightest ignorance about the moisture content can leave a direct impact on your masterpiece.

Therefore, after dealing with any moisture content like cleaning your sofa bed with a detergent solution, make sure that you thoroughly dry it up. Again, keep your delicate furniture away from the window.


Regular Dusting

Although it sounds like a pretty easy job to do, trust me, it’s not that simple. Leave those without any care or attention for a couple of weeks, and they’ll start accommodating all sorts of dirt along with insects. And so, maintain a regular dusting schedule and avoid such outcomes.



All the steps that I have discussed today were extremely simple and quick. What’s more, is that you don’t need any fancy stuff and can make all of these with basic and natural products.

Therefore, save up your money by applying these techniques and keep your old wood furniture all good as new.

However, these old wood pieces of furniture are absolute masterpieces. And so, if you see any possible threat, consult a professional carpenter immediately.


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