6 Best Headboards for Reading in Bed of 2019 – Buying Guide

best headboards for reading in bed

The central theme of the best headboards for reading in bed is so simple and consistent that will suit any type of home decoration. The headboard will change the look of the room without any difficulty as a result people can add it as an extra part of decoration and comfort.

People who suffer from neck and chest problem will definitely go to like the headboards. You cannot imagine how a headboard supports you while you are reading a book or sitting on the bed.

In a simple word, you can say that modern bed without a headboard is not complete. You can find your adjustable headboards like best King headboards and Houzz queen headboard and so on.


Headboards Name 

Dorel Living Lyric Button

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Modway Curl Linen Fabric

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Brookside Headboard

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Modway Lily Tufted Linen

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Pulaski Selma Camel

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Modway Emily Tufted Button

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Best Headboards for Reading in Bed Reviews:


1. Dorel Living Lyric Button Tufted Faux

Dorel Living is one of the slim and a contemporary headboard contains elegant diamond tufting button and arched silhouette boasts sleek design. In this modern designed headboard contains both style and comfortable because of padded faux leather fabrics which are good for reading, watching TV or sleeping on the bed.

In comparison with others, this headboard contains sturdy wood and makes extra styling to the bedroom with its soft and inviting structure. The overall combination of these makes the best headboard for sitting up in bed.

The king size white button-tufted leather headboard will give a new look to the room that is totally unique. The headboard weight is 35.2 pounds and dimension 4.9 x 80 x 54.8 inches and available in white color.


  • Elegant diamond tufting button and padded faux leather fabrics.
  • Sturdy, stable and inviting look.
  • Easy to fix and use.
  • The height is adjustable.

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2. Modway Curl Linen Fabric Headboard

If you are looking for delicately framed headboard with polished nailhead trim then Modway Curl is the one. Curl is one of the elegant and fashionable headboards that are great to update and make a bedroom unique.

Its solid frame made this headboard more strong and durable. On the other hand, it’s metal leg and board panel make it sturdier for the better and peaceful night.

You don’t need to think about the quality of the headboard because it is configured with linen fabric, as a result, it shows the luxurious appearance. For the relaxation while reading and sleeping in the bed boasting neutral hues and curl make a great experience.

The headboard is so balancing that are beautifully sophisticated and the curve shaped curl trademark is so appealing. The dimension of the headboard is 3.5×62.5×51.5 inches and weight is 21 pounds.


  • Strong and durable
  • Polished nailhead trim
  • Curve shaped curl trademark

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3. Brookside Upholstered Headboard

Considering the people’s choices Brookside Upholstered headboard is made with linen fabric and the buttonless diamond pattern makes it look more inviting and beautiful. There are few colors available like Charcoal, Stone, Navy, and cream color.

To make the frame more durable Solid Serbian Larch wood used in this headboard frame.  Parts and leg of the frame are hidden behind the headboard.  The headboard has pre-drilled legs, modification plate and wall mounted so that easily fits and suitable for any types of bed.

The minimum adjusted of the headboard legs to 46 inches and up to a maximum 58 inches. So compatible bedframe to adjust the height according to your need and secure it using the wall mount and drywall anchors. The dimension of the frame is 32x78x4 inches.


  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Suitable to almost all types of bed.
  • Heights are adjustable up to 58 inches.
  • Extra protection because of mounted drywall anchors.

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4. Modway Lily Tufted Linen Headboard

Modway Lily is the best value headboards that are good for instantly updating your bedroom. The elegant design of the headboard makes a sophisticated statement in your bedroom.

Boasting a hue add that make a cool and relaxing environment so that any user can read and sleep comfortably in the bed without any disturbance.

In the headboard high-quality polyester fabrics used, as a result, this will make you feel soft touch. The updated design of the headboard contains the pattern and the tufted design will make an attractive look that will never go outdated.

The headboard is so elegant and perfect for any bed frame styles to make more luxurious and reading and sleeping. It is made with fiberboard and plywood that make this headboard more durable and lightweight as a result it can be used for a long time and peaceful night.


  • High-quality polyester fabrics used.
  • Fits any bed frames.
  • Soft, lightweight and sturdy.


  • Some user complained that they figured out bed bug after few days purchasing.

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5. Pulaski Selma Camel Headboard

A best-upholstered headboard that is an elegant silhouette and appealing to make your home more beautiful. The headboard is constructed with thick padding wonderful nail head that makes it classic and sleek design best for any type of home.

Because of the padded and stitched board, it lasts for longer. The board is available in two size standard king and California king for the maximum versatility. Leg of the board is covered behind the board.

For safety and stability, the board is best to use against the wall. To make it softer and inviting curved silhouette used. Linen used in the frame is soft to touch and durable and also easy to clean. Neutral color mixed with any types of home decoration.


  • Soft to touch and durable.
  • Classic and sleek design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Available in two size standard king and California king.


  • Some user complained the frame is not sturdy enough.

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6. Modway Emily Tufted Button Faux Leather 

Modway Emily is elegant and timeless tufted designed best headboard for reading in bed. The headboard adds chic sophistication that creates an ideal backdrop for any kind of bedroom styles.

Slanted headboard for reading is made of long-lasting fiberboard and plywood and sturdy frame which will last for a longer time. This charming headboard is made of quality vinyl fabric.

Best headboards for adjustable beds boasting a tranquil hue that makes the bedroom more ideal, calm and relaxing. The deep inset button is really beautiful and it will never go outdated.

Whether buying a headboard is not so easy and choosing is also important but this bed frame is the perfect choice for updating a kid’s bedroom because it is so elegant and unique everyone going to like this. The dimension of the frame is 3.5 x 39 x 52.5 inches and weight is 14 pounds


  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Elegant and timeless tufted designed

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What are the Benefits of using Headboard?

Benefits of using a headboard are not so big deal but it is connected to your bed and your bed is connected with your comfort. So in this regard, we can say that the bed frame is also essential for extra comfort.

While you sitting or reading something and most importantly for the people who suffer from neck and shoulder pain and pregnant women a headboard can be an important part of your bedroom.

A soft and sturdy headboard will make you feel awesome on the other hand it can be the best part of your decoration. So let’s check out the benefits of the headboard.

  • Additional Style:

A headboard brings additional style to your bedroom and highlights your bed as a part of the decoration. You don’t need to change the whole bedding if it is not suitable or doesn’t go with your decoration. Just simply add an attractively designed headboard to change the whole room looks.

  • Provide You Support:

If your bed has no boundary to put your shoulder for rest then you can buy additional headboard that will provide you support when you need. When you sit on a bed or chair for a long time without any support you must feel back pain and neck pain.

So using a headboard will reduce the chances of getting back pain. On the other hand, the frame will also support you while you are reading a book on the bed.

  • Comfortable:

A bedroom is a place where you get relaxed after long time working but if you don’t feel comfortable in your own bed it will be very sad.

For the additional comfort, you can use a headboard which is soft and make you feel comfortable while you are sleeping, reading a book or reclining. Using a pillow while you are reading in the bed will provide the best support.

  • Space Efficient:

Using a headboard is not take so much space because of the headboard will remain attached to the wall so that it doesn’t take so much space. The plus point of adding a headboard is that it will make you feel your small room bigger and open feel.

Most of the frame made by the manufacturer is much thinner. So you don’t need to think about space for the headboard.

  • Cost Effective:

You may think that headboards are so costly that you break your budget but it’s not true. There are several headboards which are costly but believe me there are lots of huge headboards that you can buy brand new within your budget.


How to Choose a Headboard for your Bedroom?

Choosing a headboard is an important decision because you have to use it for a longer time. You don’t need to take stress because most of the bed frame is made to adjust easily on the bed but therefore you need to be more conscious while selecting the headboard.

  • Choose Frame According to Bedroom Design:

Most of the time your bedroom design may not suit with bed frame you purchased. According to color and design variation, it may differ. So pick up the frame which will suit to your bedroom configuration.

  • Comfortable:

You must choose a headboard that will make you feel comfortable. Avoid selecting the hard foam and material used headboard. Most of the company manufactures using the soft foam which will make you comfortable.

  • Strong and Sturdy:

The strong and sturdy headboard will support you for a longer time and you don’t need to change it regularly. Some of the low-quality headboards will be affected by insect and bed bug. Before taking any decision to think twice it is really good for you or not.

  • Right Size of Frame:

There are several sized frames found in the market but you have to pick the right size according to your bed size. Don’t worry it is not so difficult task. You just need to know your bed size and choose the size that is the same as your bed.

Final Words:

Now you know the requirement for choosing the best headboards for adjustable beds. Most of the people get confused and think about what color headboard should I get and do decorating mistakes but I think this problem is not so big deal. As I mentioned above you just need to pick color and design according to your bedroom configuration.


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