How to Purify Water in Home Naturally

Purify water naturally

Nowadays purify water is easier that anyone can do it without any experience. You just need to know the process of how to purify water at home. Clean water is vital for people and animals to maintain a healthier life.

We use water normally in different work but when it comes to drinking water then we must consider for purify water first. If we drink poisonous water without purifying it then there are chances of occurring several diseases and illness. But honestly speaking it’s tough to recognize which water is pure and which are affected or poisonous.

There are several ways to purify water:

1. Boil Water:


One of the simplest and best ways to purify water is to boil the water. Though it is a lengthy process that boiling needs wood or fuel. Also, you can’t drink boiled water immediately because it remains hot for a while, you have to drink after water temperature becomes

2. Chlorine Drops:

You can use Chlorine to purify the water because Chlorine has the ability to kill bacteria in the water. It is also available to any medicine shop and lightweight and easily accessible. But you have to wait 30 minutes after using Chlorine drops used to drink the water. And over a drop of the Chlorine is also poisonous.

3. Using Ultraviolet light:

Ultraviolet light is the same as a small flashlight. It is very easy to carry out for filtering water. You just need to swish it in the water and all the bacteria will be killed. But the battery used in the light has a lower life that ends soon.

4. Purify Water With Iodine: 

Iodine also used as a water purifier that kills pathogens in the water but most of the people are turned off by their taste. To make water pure just add two (2) percent iodine to the water you will use and deliberate four drops of bleach per liter of the water and let sit for thirty (30) minutes.

5. Use Water Purifier:

The water purifier is used to remove bacteria and other dirty things related to Water purifier can supply water for the whole house when you need it. With this, you can get rid of chemicals and terrible testes. Though its little bit costly and heavier than the iodine and chlorine and needs to manual pumping.

6. Solar Power:

Solar power is a natural water purifying process. Though it takes sometimes a really affordable process. Just use the power of the sun to vaporize dirty water. Vapor will clean water while contaminants will get behind. You just need two bottles and a PC pipe to make a solar water purifier. You need to place dirty water in one bottle and let it vaporize to another bottle.

7. Slow Sand Filtration:

Slow sand filtration is another way for water purifying. Commercial farmers are using this process for many years. Sand filtration is a very efficient way that consists of simple term several layers of sand that dismiss suspended solids from water. It is simple and accessible to everyone.


Above information is about to water purification for an easy and short way for home. Hope this will help you to gather knowledge about the full process of getting pure water. Don’t drink water without verifying that is safe or not. A lot of diseases are occurring daily by drinking polluted water.

So you have to identify safe water if not possible then you must filtering it into clean water by applying one of the processes given above.

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