How To Polish Stainless Steel Sink To A Mirror Finish

How To Polish Stainless Steel Sink To A Mirror Finish

Is your stainless steel sink looking opaque? And are you thinking of getting it enduring good looks? Or maybe you’re searching for the ways to make it more gorgeous as your sink reflected your smiling face.

For that, you must know how to polish stainless steel sink to a mirror finish. And trust me, the processes are not to follow at all.

However, by following described steps of polishing your stainless steel sink you not only get pleasure but also other benefits, depending on your working systems.


How to Polish Stainless Steel Sink?

To get a gorgeous and clean sink, you can follow the following polishing steps. Before starting the steps, let’s see the materials you need for your polish.


Needed Materials:

  • Dry cloth
  • Clean water
  • Brush
  • Soda
  • Vinegar


Step 1: Clean the sink with water.

Your stainless steel sink has to be cleaned by water so that the food materials can be removed. If there is any other grime in the sink, you should remove that. Make sure it is coherent enough from any dishes, food debris, or grimes.


Step 2: Greasing the sink with sandpaper.

Brush the sink with the cleaning materials. The cleaning materials may be soda, soap, dish detergent, etc. which can be used by the cleaning pads or cloths, handy brush, or sponges, etc. Spread the soda onto all sides of the sink so that it can remove the toxic chemical perfectly. By following this step, the toxic chemical will be removed.


Step 3: Scrub the sink with water.

After brushing, it is high time to scrub the sink with water. For better performance, you can use warm water. You have to scrub until the original color is back and the discoloration removed. And make sure, the sink is free from all kinds of scarps.


Step 4: Sprinkle the vinegar.

In this step, use vinegar to clean the sink more gorgeously. Sprinkle the vinegar onto all sides of the sink. It will remove the natural infection.

If you think, soda is enough for your cleaning process, you can skip this step. But for better performance, this step is essential too.


Step 5: Buffing the sink.

After completing the above steps, if the sink still looks dirty, then you can introduce the buffing process. In this step, dry the sink and then use enough flour. Now buff it with a handy brush. This will remove all the remaining grimes.


Step 6: Erase the sink and keep it dry.

In this step, you have to erase the sink with a clean cloth and keep the sink dry for a while.


Some additional tips for you:

  1. Try to keep it dry after using. It will give you amazing results for long-term use.
  2. Never mix the cleaner materials.
  3. After using the sink each time, try to keep it clean from any food debris.
  4. You can wear hand gloves to protect your hands from any kind of danger.
  5. Clean up the food debris before it dries.
  6. Don’t use any steel wool pads.
  7. Don’t use the sink as a cutting board.
  8. After using any cleaning materials, you have to keep that away from the sink.



A clean and polished sink always provides you amazing service for a long time. So, you have to polish the sink when it is looking dirty. Moreover, you can clean it up regularly for long-term use and better performance.

Hopefully, you have a clear concept now on how to polish stainless steel sink to a mirror finish. Now it is your turn. Follow these steps and get back the original look of your sink.

Good luck!

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