How to Use Electric Hot Plate For Cooking

how to use electric hot plate for cooking

Electric hot plate is the most common kitchen tool at this time. You will be able to cook any kind of food without any problem by using this. This kind of cooking appliance is used in a situation where the gas burner or stove is troublesome.

Yes, you can use this as an alternative to a gas burner or stove. But If you haven’t used this before, it will be difficult for you to use this.

Now, the question is how to use an electric hot plate for cooking. Well, it is not difficult to use. But you have to follow the exact process. Here you will find the whole process which you need. Let’s jump to the process.


How to Use Electric Hot Plate for Cooking: Detail Processes

Using an electric hot plate is very easy. If you have experience using an electric stove burner, then this process will not be difficult for you. But what if you have not? Never be worried. Just follow the described processes carefully.


  • Prepare the Hot Plate.

Before starting to cook, you have to prepare your hot plate. Make it clean and suitable for use. Moreover, you should prepare your pan to start cooking. Choose a heat-resistant pan for cooking. Never use a metal pan on your electric hot plate. The metal pan can damage it.

Place your pan on the hot plate. Don’t forget to dry the lower bottom of your pan. Otherwise, danger can take place.

After accomplishing the primary tasks, let’s jump to the next process.


  • Turn On the Hot Plate.

It is time to plug in the hot plate. Now set it as a medium-grade setting. It can take a few minutes to heat. Start to add your cooking materials to the pan. Never keep the plate plugged in without a pan. It can be dangerous for you.

After adding cooking materials, start to cook.


  • Turn Off the Hot Plate.

When your cooking is completed, unplug the plate. Shift your pan from the plate. Never touch it while it is hot. Now allow it to be cool. After cooling, you can store the hot plate for further use.


Some Important Safety Tips:

  • Never use liquid oil while cooking on a hot plate.
  • Try to use heat resistant-gloves while cooking. It will protect you from unexpected dangers.
  • Follow the user manual very carefully. It will help you for a better experience.
  • Don’t use a cracked or damaged plate.
  • Try to maintain the allowed temperature while using this.
  • Make your pan completely dry.
  • The electric hot plate may not be used to cook butter or something like that.
  • Try to use cooking spray instead of liquid oil. It is safe.
  • Never use a metal pan on the hot plate.
  • Keep your hot plate away from ardent materials.
  • Try to use your hot plate far away from combustible materials.



An electric hot plate can provide you with a comfortable cooking experience. On the other hand, it is safe for your pots and pans. This kind of cooking appliance is easy to use. Another favorable matter is, it is less expensive than any other appliances.

Though it cannot be used without electricity, it can cook more quickly than traditional appliances.

You have to check the plugs and cords of your electric hot plate regularly. So, never forget to maintain the safety tips. And if your hot plate or its parts are damaged, try to avoid using it. For your better experience, use this appliance very carefully.

However, I hope you understand the whole process clearly. And I believe that you are now able to use your electric hot plate. Now it is your turn. Use it by maintaining safety tips.


Good luck.

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