5 Best Battery for Sump Pump Backup in 2023 – Detailed Guide

The sump pump draws attention right after the basement starts to get flooded. It’s one unrivaled gear to remove water from the flooded basin/surface/pit.

Power outages or other interruptions can damage the internal mechanism. And that’s where backup battery support aims at aiding the issues.

Of course, not all backup batteries can support any standard sump pump. There, you’ll have to ask yourself – what is the best backup sump pump?

Check the essential points before buying the best battery for sump pump backup.

Best Battery for Sump Pump Backup

5 Best Battery for Sump Pump Backup

Minding the facts can help you to understand the overall acceptance of the battery. We have the preferably best sump pump battery enlisted right below. You better start scrolling to reveal the most important point of the picks.


1. Wayne ESP25 Upgraded Battery Backup System

Wayne ESP25 Upgraded 12-Volt Battery Backup System

Wayne develops the perfect backup system to support pumping action for hours. Its upgraded ESP25 eliminates cheap, non-durable & soft plastic integration.

USA-made structure imparts the highest built quality. A built-in thermoplastic impeller induces optimum water flow. In fact, the mechanical efficiency measures 2700 GPH at 0’.

Smart charging technology brings the best water-powered sump pump to its maximum level. Also, the 75Ah backup can support up to 10000 gallons on a full charge.

The epoxy steel exterior cover comes with a pitch iron base. Minimal maintenance will uphold the functionality all along. Extreme durability prevails to secure the basement.

Featured LED indicators reveal essential reading. An audible alarm sound lets you understand the active status. Both the sound & light can immediately detect any interior issue to the best battery for sump pump backup.


  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Improved quality & reliability.
  • Consistent pumping power.
  • No airlock for better suction.


  • Short float switch.

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2. PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup Pump System

PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump

PumpSpy outmatches almost all the cheap options with its advanced technology. The featured PS2000 system comes ready to serve hours of uninterrupted pumping.

The highest-quality components make up the frame from the inside out. The USA-assembled structure remains intact against intrusion. There are sealed circuit boards with waterproof epoxy coating.

You can get 2990 GPH flow at 5’ height with the best backup sump pump water powered. A full charge can initiate 2000 cycles to allow 13000 gallons of water.

The design remains compatible with all standard 120V primary sump pumps. Both installation & operation are pretty simple; requiring a simple plugin into the outlet.

Free monitoring is included without any additional charges. You just have to install the Free PumpSpy app. It becomes easy to check out the pumping action from anywhere.


  • Superb longevity, WiFi control.
  • Instant alerts on backup issues.
  • Real-time information monitor.
  • Automated mechanical testing.


  • Poor app connectivity.

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3. Weize Deep Cycle Battery for Sump Pump Backup

Weize 12V 75AH Deep Cycle Battery for Wayne

Weize develops one versatile backup system for certain regular applications. The featured battery comes ready to support the power requirement for hours.

The primary structure includes a heavy-duty grid made of calcium alloy. It enables the system to work in an extensive range. You can get it to use for either cyclic or float applications.

Sealed lead acid inside the frame function on 12V 75Ah input electricity call. Valve regulation controls the interior mechanism to generate the necessary output.

The covered range is pretty impressive for the maintenance-free sump pump battery. Numerous electronics, vehicle mobility, medical utilization, and light & portable tools.

Without any maintenance requirement, efficiency prevails for a satisfactorily long. Enclosed, indoor, careful use can withstand the damaging elements.


  • Premium alloy construction.
  • Deep recovery of discharge.
  • Superior backup versatility.
  • No internal leakage is to occur.


  • Faster charge consumption.

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4. MK Deep Cycle Gel Battery Backup for Sump Pumps

MK Deep Cycle Gel Cell 12 Volt Battery for Backup Sump Pumps

MK Battery can definitely take pride in its designed backup system. It’s one of the best batteries to handle severe marine situations.

Durable polypropylene casing keeps the interior chemical intact. No leakage or outside intrusion can take place. Durability seems limitless with certain care on occasion.

The marine battery for the sump pump outlasts all cheap-quality backups with sufficient power. Higher charge holding capability can immediately get the equipment to work.

The intended gel can refill, hold & serve the charges without interruption. Not to mention, the power rating is 88Ah to provide further output.

Integration of a self-sealing vent induces maximum protection for fluid. Likewise, the gel remains almost the same in its amount after years of use.


  • Enduring polymer exterior.
  • Secure operational design.
  • Reservation of capacity.
  • Immediate power backup.


  • Quick charge draining.

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5. Pump Sentry – Emergency Power for Sump Pumps

Pump Sentry 822 PS- Emergency Power for Sump Pumps

Sec America seems set to relieve your anxiety about basement flooding. The intended 822 PS can immediately back up the pump in action.

It’s one interconnected interface between the AC wall outlet & pump. The capacity measures 1200W to support several popular sump pump versions.

You can install the system anywhere you like, thanks to wall & surface mounting options. It just needs proper installation. Then you can skip worrying about a sudden power outage of the best battery for sump pump backup.

Supporting the power of the small sump pump battery backup seems to work with ½ HP systems. it’s possible to tackle the requirement with full satisfaction.

The automated simultaneous command allows the system to recharge itself. Following the restoration of the powered back up, the mechanism starts recharging.


  • Intact construction from the core.
  • Variable options for mounting.
  • Immediate backup of energy.
  • Automated recharging action.


  • Slight battery overcharging.

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 Guide – Best Battery for Sump Pump Backup

Not everything can provide satisfactory backup, specifically with batteries. And your choices start to get narrow for sump pumps. Poor backup systems can eventually lead to the problem of the pump itself.

Therefore, you strictly need to invest in the righteous model. The following facts can help with the best battery backup for the existing sump pump. Check in the perfect combination for your purchase.

  • Power Output
    The most essential fact has to start with power generation. Sufficient power on the outlet is a must to support the pump. Of course, you have to check the best battery for certain pumps.
  • Supporting Time
    There is no hard & fast rule with the battery running time. It seems to vary significantly with the model specs. Of course, one full charge has to last reasonably long to support the pump.
  • Overall Usability
    Certain batteries can even power up other regular equipment. You better get something useful to back up specific electronics. But you can’t compromise the ability to sump pump backup.
  • Recharging Facility
    Definite recharging is one integral task of keeping the battery functional. You’ll have to look for the supporting time closely. Automated recharging can save you lots of unwanted troubles with the best battery backup for the existing sump pump.
  • Flow Rate
    One underrated yet effective fact concerns the water flow. Likewise, the GPH rating plays a reliable role in the conservation of energy. Always remember to check the possible amount of flow rates.
  • Frame Design
    The Covering frame holds everything inside in the intended position. A strong, coated, durable metal exterior is preferable to plastic. You should look into the possible mounting or placement options.


Final Words

The sump pump isn’t exactly the most essential homeowner item, neither is its battery backup. Once you install the pump, you better get it supported by a backup.

Power interruption can reduce the efficiency, speed & workability of the pump itself. And getting the best battery for sump pump backup promises to ensure help.

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