How to Update Laminate Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them

How to Update Laminate Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them

Are you bored looking at your old or worn-out laminate kitchen cabinets?  But you don’t have the funds to replace them or you don’t want to deal with the bother in the first place. This article may help you in this concern.

Laminate kitchen cabinets are necessary components of every kitchen. It is commonly used to store groceries and cooking utensils.

People tend to upgrade rather than replace their outdated laminate kitchen cabinets.  Giving them a fresh coat of paint or making some modifications to the cabinets are viable options in this circumstance.

Continue reading to learn some tips on how to update laminate kitchen cabinets without replacing them. You might get some awesome ideas here.


How to Update Laminate Kitchen Cabinets without Replacing Them?

Here is a list of simple ways to accomplish the task of updating your laminate kitchen cabinets using common tools and simple setups.


  • Paint the cabinets:

You can easily update your laminate kitchen cabinets by giving them a new look. Painting them a fresh color is the best way to go about it.

The finest approach to give them new life is to paint them in a color that is totally different from the kitchen walls. For instance, if your kitchen walls are brightly colored, mild shades can be used on your cabinets.

Moreover, you can add different styles while coloring. Color may transform the look of your cabinets from plain to antique or modern with a little panache.

Applying a cracking glaze or a high-gloss finish to your cabinets may make them sparkle even more.

The good news is that most cabinets can be painted without being removed.


  • Install lighting under the cabinets:

You can easily update the cabinets by installing new light bulbs under the cabinets. The lights which are very simple to install behind upper wall cabinets will flood the tabletop with luminous light.

If you’re concerned about power, you may use low-wattage lights.


  • Change the cabinet doors with new ones:

The doors themselves are sometimes more worn or uninteresting than the cabinets. So you can replace the doors with new ones. It’s surprising what new cabinet doors can do to liven up a weary area of the cabinets.

If your kitchen walls are dark-colored, translucent glass cabinet doors may look well with this combination. In case of lighter colored walls, dark-tinted glass provides a truly sophisticated effect.


  • Add a cabinet shelf with a pull-out function:

You should install a pull-out shelf using a particular place in your base cabinets to make the most of your kitchen’s current storage space. The shelf is designed to seem like a small drawer that slides out to provide quick access to goods kept in the cabinet’s rear.

This will save you time while also giving your cabinets a more contemporary appearance.


  • Adding cabinet molding:

Molding is a lengthy strip of ornamental wood or fabrication that surrounds the topmost layer and sides of a cabinet to add visual interest. You should try adding molding to update your laminate kitchen cabinets. It’s simple to use and less expensive than buying waterproof paint.

Moreover, you can mount molding on a wooden frame that rests above cabinets to add more flair to your cabinets. However, if you become tired of it, it can be simply removed, especially if you applied it with self-adhesive nails.


  • Include a plate rack:

Including a plate, the rack will actually give a new makeover to your kitchen cabinets. If you have an intriguing and colorful plate collection, you might make a display out of them, freeing up storage space while also providing a dash of color to your kitchen. Using this approach, you may simply update the look of your kitchen cabinets.


  • Other additions:

You may need to build some structures to update your laminate kitchen cabinets. Building sideboards or islands may ease your efforts of updating your cabinets.

When compared to the cost of purchasing a widely accessible cabinet, you may make simple modifications for a fraction of the price. This will save you money and allow you to make a significant modification to your laminate kitchen cabinets without replacing them. You can also install a liner to protect the kitchen cabinet.



Out of all the ways we discussed, painting your cabinets is the most efficient and time-saving. Moreover, other methods are also worth trying.

Now you know how to update laminate kitchen cabinets without replacing them.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and update yours. All the best.

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